Rside 2015

By Rside Showcase | Here are some of the awesome posts that Riverside students are sharing.

biodiversity project

THE CONGO TROPICAL RAINFOREST<p>the congo tropical rainforest is a biodiversity hotspot and home to unique animals and plant life!<p>LEarn more:


Dungeon of Bones (Scratch Project) – Aidan's Edublog

<b>Description:</b><p>You are trapped in a dungeon filled with skeletons that are ready to kill you. Use the WASD keys to move and the arrows keys to aim and …

Legend of Zelda

Grade 9 Cody Scratch | Cody's Blog

I learned how to use Scratch in one week. The purpose of my game is to dodge crabs and beat the final boss known as the Wolverine Crab. I made my …


IT10 Scratch Project – Connor's Blog

IT 10, Uncategorized<p>My game is The Doomed Blue Cat, you are the blue cat, trying to make it to the escape before you are caught by the fast moving, …

Explore Antarctica! | Julie's Blog

<b>Plants</b><p>The majority of the Antarctic continent is covered by permanent ice and snow which leaves less than 1% of available space for colonisation by …

Climate Change

Biome Project – 2015 – Maggie's Blog

Tropical Rainforests in South America<p>Table of Contents:<p>1. Meterology and Geography – Kaitlyn Malcic<p>2. Botany – Irina Petrova<p>3. Zoology – Maggie …

Amazon Rainforest

English Revolution Significant Events Time Line | Giovana's Blog

<b>English Civil War</b><p><i>Causes</i><p>Charles not ruling according to the law is the cause most responsible for the English Civil War. King Charles did not believe …

World History

Currents from the kitchen | Hannah's Blog

In our experiment we used a lemon, an orange and a potato to try and power an led light bulb.<p>1. A complete circuit will produce electron flow.<p>2. To …

Light Bulbs

Electricity Mind Map | Tessa's Blog

QUESTIONS<p>1. What kind of energy is lightning?<p>2. What is the fastest way electricity travels?<p>3. Are energy and electricity the same exact thing?<p>4. Why …


Currents From The Kitchen – Molly's Blog

Currents in the Kitchen<p>Observation: During this experiment, we noticed that it is possible to create electricity with fruits or vegetables. The items …

Light Bulbs

Space Learning With Tanya Harrison | Tessa's Blog

This is me asking Tanya my question: Which rover were you most involved with?<p>She answered with: I was most involved with the Curiosity rover.<p>This is …

Mars Rover

poco-opolis | Michael's Blog

Tanya Harrison- space discussion | Hannah's Blog

Hello, today we had a skype chat with Tanya Harrison, a scientist who worked on the mars rover curiosity.<p>Here is a picture of what happened :<p>A Summary<p>…


Science Skype Conversation – Christina's Blog


Alyson's Blog | Space Learning

<i>As we began a new unit and started to learn about outer space, we connected with Tanya Harrison who is a geologist and scientist that works in the</i> …

Mars Rover

Power Connections