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On The Fast Track: 25 Ways to Learn a New Skill Quickly

Whether you plan to become fluent in a new language or finally tackle that home improvement project, picking up a new skill can seem …

Six Items That Should Never Be On Your To-Do List

Classic to-do lists don’t provide context or give a timeline, and they’re easy to ignore. Here’s how to make a better list.<p>Writing a to-do list seems like a tidy little way to keep track of what you need to accomplish, but it can fall short or even derail your success. To-do lists don’t provide …

Time Management

The Missing Link in Golf’s Mental Game – Part 2, Relaxed Concentration

Two simple mindful meditation exercises for teachers

Mindfulness can help teachers reduce stress and boost confidence. Clinical psychologist Erin Olivo shares her handy guide for getting started<p>Teaching can be hard, and reports tell us those in the profession feel under increasing pressure. A BBC investigation earlier this year found that …


The Handshake Foundation

Of the 10 million children and teens who play golf, 70% reported higher confidence in schooling. Support the 2015 West Coast AAU Jr. Olympic Games …

Fitness Friday: Stronger hips = Longer drives

Watch Rory McIlroy hit a tee shot (<i>see below</i>) and you can't help but notice how fast his hips rotate counterclockwise when he starts his downswing. They look like they snap toward the target, leaving his upper body and club in the dust. This lag between lower-body and upper-body rotation generates …

How He Hit That: Ian Woosnam's little-man power

Not only is Ian Woosnam 5-foot-4 (as he's certainly tired of hearing by now), he's also 57 years old. But even with his relative smallness and oldness, Woosnam averaged 275 yards off the tee last week at the Insperity Invitational -- and more importantly, shot weekend rounds of 66-68 to win his …

James Corden and Tom Hanks Act Out Tom's Filmography

Tom Hanks

A college degree in golf from Royal Dornoch?

OK, so it's not a degree from Royal Dornoch per se, but close enough. There are, in fact, two college degrees in golf available in a joint venture of the University of Highlands and Islands and Royal Dornoch Golf Club in Scotland for aspiring golf professionals.<p>The campus is adjacent to Royal …

Nike Golf names Jordan Brand exec new president

Ashford is currently vice president, general manager of Jordan Brand for North America and is a 21-year Nike veteran. Daric has held senior management positions across retail and sales within the Nike brand. Jordan Brand is a subsidiary of Nike dealing primarily in basketball shoes and athletic …

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Swing Sequence: Chris Kirk

10 Phrases Great Speakers Never Say |

While it's really hard to immediately win over a crowd, it's really easy for a speaker to lose the room within the first few minutes of a presentation.<p>To make sure you don't lose your audience, here's Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, serial entrepreneur and founder of TwitterCounter and The Next Web, …

Public Speaking

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Watch Driving | Kyle Stanley: Keys To Go Long | Golf Digest Video | CNE

Kyle Stanley: Keys To Go Long<p>Don't rush the backswing, and be sure you make a full turn behind the ball. You're going to want to keep your upper body behind the ball through impact to use your power.<p>Released on 2/14/2014<p>Transcript<p>Embed

Watch Chipping & Pitching | Hank Haney: Wedge It In Tight | Golf Digest Video | CNE

Hank Haney: Wedge It In Tight<p>Try this: Feel like you're turning to a full finish with your body, but your arms, hands and club make it only to a half finish. You'll hit solid shots with better control.<p>Released on 2/14/2014<p>Transcript<p>Embed

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Fitness Friday: Don't arch your back

Many golfers are under the impression they should arch their lower back when addressing the ball, but instructor Dave Phillips of the Titleist Performance Institute says this can lead to back pain and a bad swing.<p>"It's known as 'S-posture' and is caused by players sticking their tailbone out too …

Our 10 Best Golf Tips For Kids

Playing beer pong by hitting flop shots looks like a lot of fun

<b>By Keely Levins</b><p>Flop shots are tough, but we all want to hit them because they're a useful shot to have in the arsenal -- and they just look good. Now, they can be used to win games of beer pong.__<p>__[#image: /photos/55ad77c8add713143b428482]|||NQDzaVm.gif|||<p>Viperboy97 posted this gif on Reddit - …

Junior Golf: A how-to guide for parents and juniors

From first swings to a college scholarship to tips from top Golf Digest teaching professionals, our Junior Golf section is dedicated to getting youngsters excited about the game of golf

Watch Setup Basics | David Leadbetter: Tune Your Tempo | Golf Digest Video | CNE

David Leadbetter: Tune Your Tempo<p>David Leadbetter's advice for a good backswing? The hands reach the top at the same moment the body stops turning.<p>Released on 12/10/2013<p>Credits<p>Starring:<p>David Leadbetter<p>Transcript<p>Embed

Watch the world's cutest golf rapper's best video yet

<b>By Alex Myers</b><p>If you're not familiar with Caleb C, you're missing out. The now six-year-old boy who gave us the adorable "I Love Golf" and "It's Humpday!" golf videos has returned with a third creation that might just trump his previous efforts.<p>In "Puttin' 101," Caleb Corsa continues to show his …

Digital Signals: Online putting advice

<b>By Keely Levins</b><p><i>From the Nov. 20 edition of Golf Digest Stix:</i><p><i>Watch this: SeeMore putting instructor Pat O'Brien and a (non-virtual) student.</i><p>The seemore putting institute, which counts Zach Johnson among its students, has created a virtual teaching experience to make its instructors more accessible …

Swing Sequence: Ian Poulter

The New Thing On Tour

This short-game secret will work even better for you<p>What you're about to read might seem like classified material. Until now, it has been discussed only sparingly and has gone virtually unnoticed by many of professional golf's most fervent followers. Although most talk about technique on the pro …

Lee Westwood wins incredible closest-to-the-pin challenge in Dubai

<b>By Derek Evers</b><p>Sure, Tiger Woods can hit a golf ball from Asia to Europe, but could he hit a ten-yard by six-yard green that's 300 below his feet? That was the task at hand yesterday for Henrik Stenson, Justin Rose, David Howell, Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer, who took part in a closest-to-the-pin …

Golf Swing Sequences: Tips, Instruction, Pro Swings

FRAME-BY-FRAME ANALYSIS<p>With a swing like his, put this 20-something on your watch list<p>Swing Sequences<p>The Florida native and former University of Alabama player had some of the best ball-striking stats on tour in 2017, finishing 29th in strokes gained/tee to green and 11th in strokes gained/approach …

Watch Shortcuts from Tom Watson | My No. 1 Sand Tip | Golf Digest Video | CNE

My No. 1 Sand Tip<p>Tom Watson shares his one simple key for hitting out of fairway bunkers.<p>Released on 11/1/2013<p>Credits<p>Starring:<p>Tom Watson<p>Transcript<p>Embed

Watch The Best of Sean Foley | Three Steps to Better Putting | Golf Digest Video | CNE

Three Steps to Better Putting<p>Sean Foley's quick tip to keep your vision quiet? Focus on a dot on the ball to avoid tracking the putter with your eyes.<p>Released on 11/1/2013<p>Credits<p>Starring:<p>Sean Foley<p>Transcript<p>Embed