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Antidote for opioid overdoses now available without a prescription

California pharmacists can hand out an overdose antidote to patients on powerful painkillers without requiring a prescription under new rules aimed at curbing drug-related fatalities.<p>Pharmacists in the state will also be able to distribute the antidote to heroin addicts.<p>Patients and addicts may …


Using Its Database Of Genes, 23andMe Will Start Developing Drugs

No word yet on what diseases it will target<p>Personal genetics company 23andMe will soon start developing pharmaceuticals, according to <i>Bloomberg</i>. After the Food and Drug Administration ordered the company to stop selling its direct-to-consumer spit tests in 2013, 23andMe has been figuring out where …


Epilepsy drug may treat early Alzheimer's - Futurity

A drug used to treat epilepsy also reverses minor memory problems that can foreshadow Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's Disease

Homeopathy's lack of effectiveness is no surprise

Homeopathy began in the 18th century with a German doctor called Samuel Hahnemann. Peeved that medical treatments, such as blood letting, were not as kind to patients as they might be, he began the search for alternatives. He struck on cinchona bark. The Peruvian plant product was taken as a remedy …


Stem Cell Test Screens For Dangerous Drug Side Effects

Animal tests can only get you so far<p>A new test could help researchers understand how patients might respond to an unpredictable type of drug called a biologic. The test uses stem cells to give a more accurate prediction for how the drugs will affect a person's entire body, not just specific cells, …

Stem Cells

Psychedelic drugs like LSD could be used to treat depression, study suggests

Psychedelic drugs could prove to be highly effective treatments for depression and alcoholism, according to scientists who have obtained the first brain scans of people under the influence of LSD.<p>Early results from the trial, involving 20 people, are said to be “very promising” and add to existing …


Why media coverage of alternative cancer cures is dangerous

Last week the Mirror Online reported on the story of Kelly Logan – a 34-year old breast cancer patient who has refused the surgery and chemotherapy her doctors advised, electing instead to try and treat her condition with an intense regime of raw food and supplements.<p>While nobody would dispute …


Cats suggest drug may treat 'childhood Alzheimer's' - Futurity

Scientists have found a compound to be effective for cats with a version of Niemann Pick Disease. Will it help children with the rare, fatal disorder?

Alzheimer's Disease

Alligator Antimicrobials May Help Us In A Post-Antibiotic Era

Scientists are zeroing in on two promising compounds found in 'gator blood<p>Among all the animals captivating our collective attention, one of the most prevalent has been the alligator. Historical records reveal these ancient creatures have caused fascination and fear since the 16th Century. More …


GAO Report Urges Fewer Antipsychotic Drugs For Dementia Patients

Older adults with Alzheimer's Disease or other forms of dementia are at risk of being prescribed dangerous antipsychotic medication whether they live in nursing homes or not. That's according to a study from the Government Accountability Office published Monday.<p>"They blunt behaviors. They can cause …


Bavarian Nordic vaccine helps prolong life in prostate cancer trial | Reuters

(Reuters) - An experimental therapeutic vaccine from Danish drugmaker Bavarian Nordic helped significantly extend survival in patients with advanced prostate cancer, according to results of a small early-stage trial conducted by the U.S. National Cancer Institute.<p>Shares of Bavarian Nordic closed up …


The HPV vaccine works. So why aren't more girls getting inoculated?

While parents who eschew MMR out of fears of autism might be the most frequently discussed "anti-vaxxers," they’re not the only ones who are letting misinformation dictate choices about their children’s health. In fact, far more parents are neglecting to immunize their children with Gardasil, a …

Doctors 'should snoop on antibiotic prescribing'

<b>Doctors should snoop on their colleagues to ensure they are not prescribing too many antibiotics, the NHS in England suggests.</b><p>It is one of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommendations to avert the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance.<p>Its draft guidelines also …


Could an injection stop brain damage in minutes? - Futurity

Researchers hope an injection of nanoparticles soon after an injury, such as a stroke, can mitigate further brain damage by restoring normal oxygen …

Brain Damage

Dementia 'linked' to common over-the-counter drugs

<b>A study has linked commonly used medicines, including over-the-counter treatments for conditions such as insomnia and hay-fever, to dementia.</b><p>All of the types of medication in question are drugs that have an "anticholinergic" effect.<p>Experts say people should not panic or stop taking their …


Taking contraceptive pill for five years doubles risk of brain tumour, warn scientists

Female sex hormones used in the contraceptive pill may increase the risk of some cancer types, scientists think<p>Taking the pill for at least five years more than doubles the risk of developing a brain tumour, a study has shown.<p>Scientists say that hormonal contraception, particularly progestogen-only …

Women's Health

New 'microcapsules' have potential to repair damage caused by osteoarthritis

A new 'microcapsule' treatment delivery method developed by researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) could reduce inflammation in …

Stick-On Tattoo Measures Blood Sugar Without Needles

Sweet news for diabetics<p>Diabetics often prick their fingers up to eight times a day to check their blood sugar. Researchers have long looked for a solution that provides constant monitoring without being so invasive, and researchers at the University of California San Diego have come up with a new …


Treatment for flu possible as scientists find healing protein

Scientists at Washington State University believe that a nasal spray could be produced which boosts a protein so sufferers could sleep off the flu<p>A brain protein which boosts the healing power of sleep to fight off flu has been found by scientists.<p>Researchers at Washington State University are …

Too many people take aspirin to prevent heart attacks, stroke, study says

Aspirin is a popular drug for people who've never had a heart attack or stroke and would like to keep it that way. But for more than one in 10 people who do so, aspirin could do more harm than good, a new study suggests.<p>Among 68,808 patients being treated by cardiologists around the U.S., 7,972 of …

Medical Research

23andMe to offer users' medical data to Pfizer for research

Following hard on the heels of its $60 million deal with Genentech, personal genetics startup 23andMe has announced an agreement to share its user data and research platform with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Although 23andMe is still languishing under FDA restrictions (the company is only permitted …

Drug works with omega-3s to prevent diabetes - Futurity

A new drug can prevent diabetes in obese mice if they have genetically increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids.


Could cell 'backpacks' deliver inflammation drugs? - Futurity

Giving a type of white blood cells "cellular backpacks" could be a way to carry medicine to the site of inflammation.

White Blood Cells

New Antibiotic Could Help Fight ‘Superbugs’ of the Future

Scientists have discovered a new antibiotic that may help turn the tide against the rise of drug-resistant bacteria, or “superbugs”.<p>By using a method …

A New Antibiotic That Resists Resistance

The British chemist Lesley Orgel had a rule: Evolution is cleverer than you. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have repeatedly proven him right.<p>Since humans started making antibiotics for ourselves in the 1940s, bacteria have evolved to counteract our efforts. They are now winning. There are strains of …


Medical Inhalers To Track Where You Are When You Puff

Every breath you take, they'll be watching you<p>Tracking miles run and calories eaten was just the beginning. An inhaler made by Propeller Health, used for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, records the time and location each time a patient takes a puff of medication.<p>The inhaler’s …

Top 10

Delivering "The Pill" Wasn't Easy

Author Jonathan Eig talks about the hard labor of designing the first birth control pill.<p>In 1957, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new drug called Enovid for menstrual regulation. On the bottle was a warning label stating that this drug had another function—it also prevented …