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Sweet shot by Cédric Bezançon from @le_monde_des_helicos page! #Helicopter #Pilot

Dī´vʉrs´ - Chatham County Mosquito Control Air Unit’s Differing Services

Oct <br>31 <br>2016<p>Posted <b>1 years 0 days ago</b> ago by <b>jhadmin</b><p>If I mention Chatham County, Georgia, you might well ask, “Where’s that?” If I say Savannah, you …

Law Enforcement

GE hires 200 as helicopters take off - Daily Item

<b>GE hires 200 as helicopters take off</b><b><br>Daily Item</b><br>Two months after a local union hammered out an agreement with management to replace retirees with new …


Fleet Fly In showcases helicopters from all over the U.S. - Navarre Press

<b>Fleet Fly In showcases helicopters from all over the U.S.</b><b><br>Navarre Press</b><br>Navy, Marine and Coast Guard <b>helicopters</b> from throughout the U.S. descended on …


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Alaska the beautiful! Amazing shot @beemissbeautiful #Helicopter #Pilot

Justhelicopters.com Is The Helicopter Employment Site For All Helicopter Jobs Within The Helicopter Industry.

<b>Thank you for choosing Justhelicopters.com to place your employment listing.</b><p>The JH Jobs Board requires a separate login from the JH Home Page. They …

ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info - October 2016

Oct <br>24 <br>2016<p>Posted <b>1 years 7 days ago</b> ago by <b>ScottSkola</b> 0 Comments<p>Helicopter Maintenance Blog<p>October 2016<p>Battery powered helicopter*<p>Who would have …


Korean Pilots Fly SK76 Into Condo in Cloud


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Smokin' hot @md_fotos374. #Helicopter …

Industry Wide News

Articles for category Press Releases<p>OTTAWA, Canada (Nov. 9, 2017) – With the second largest commercial helicopter fleet globally (2,800 helicopters), …


CH-53K King Stallion Passes Initial Operational Testing

<b>[U.S. Marine Corps pilots maneuver the King Stallion as it delivers a 12,000 (5422 kg) pound external load after a 110 NM mission]</b><p>WEST PALM BEACH, …


Unmanned Aircraft Safety Team Holds First Meeting

People are captivated by the limitless possibilities the drone industry offers, but with them comes a host of safety challenges, as hundreds of …


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#MilitaryMonday brought to you by @mach.oficial. #Helicopter #Pilot

Police: Suspected drunk driver crashes into helicopter on highway - USA TODAY


Sheriff's Dept: Helicopter attacked by drone near protest site - WDAY

<b>Sheriff's Dept: Helicopter attacked by drone near protest site</b><b><br>WDAY</b><br>The Morton County Sheriff's Department reported two documented cases where an …


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What a cool shot of this descent @hoxyalater #Helicopter #Pilot


As an Air Ambulance pilot, when moving into a backup aircraft of another model, what’s the longest period you’ve gone without flying the backup …


Historic "Huey" Helicopters make their final flight at Yuma Proving Ground - KYMA

<b>Historic "Huey" Helicopters make their final flight at Yuma Proving Ground</b><b><br>KYMA</b><br>YUMA, Ariz. - It marked the of an era as the UH-1 <b>helicopters</b>, better …


NTSB Report Released: Waimea, HI

NTSB Identification: WPR17LA005<br>Scheduled 14 CFR Part 135: Air Taxi & Commuter<br>Accident occurred Tuesday, October 04, 2016 in Waimea, HI<br>Aircraft: …


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Lots of #helicopter maintenance going on here! Thanks for sharing @hbraviacao #pilot


Oct <br>17 <br>2016<p>Posted <b>1 years 14 days ago</b> ago by <b>jhadmin</b><p>Many references below are hyperlinked in Rotorcraft Pro’s digital editions. It’s another good …


US Army Apache helicopters enter Mosul battle, military says


What constitutes 'at fault' in an accident?

Ok, I'm curious if you kind folks know much about how the language regarding an 'at fault' accident plays into an employment inquiry. I'm not talking …


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Sweet shot of this Sikorsky #S70i shared to us by @webinfomil #militarymonday

Understanding the H/V Curve: A Line Drive Analogy

Sep <br>19 <br>2016<p>Posted <b>1 years 42 days ago</b> ago by <b>RandyRowles</b> 1 Comments<p>The Height/Velocity Diagram indicates the combination of height above ground and air …


Is 46 too old to begin a second career flying?

I am commercially rated with about 800 hours (R22/R44), pax and BFR current, but in the almost 20 years I've been a pilot I've only just flown for …

The Future of Night Vision is Coming Into Focus

Oct <br>03 <br>2016<p>Posted <b>1 years 28 days ago</b> ago by <b>jhadmin</b><p>Imagine a future where helmet-mounted night vision goggles (NVGs) are replaced by light-enhancing …

University of Michigan

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Now that is some great teamwork landing in that tiny spot! Nice job @mikeinthesky_

H145M, Tiger & H225M Caracal in action

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