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Sweet shot by Cédric Bezançon from @le_monde_des_helicos page! #Helicopter #Pilot

Dī´vʉrs´ - Chatham County Mosquito Control Air Unit’s Differing Services

Oct <br>31 <br>2016<p>Posted <b>1 years 182 days ago</b> ago by <b>jhadmin</b><p>If I mention Chatham County, Georgia, you might well ask, “Where’s that?” If I say Savannah, you …


GE hires 200 as helicopters take off - Daily Item

<b>GE hires 200 as helicopters take off</b><b><br>Daily Item</b><br>Two months after a local union hammered out an agreement with management to replace retirees with new …


Fleet Fly In showcases helicopters from all over the U.S. - Navarre Press

<b>Fleet Fly In showcases helicopters from all over the U.S.</b><b><br>Navarre Press</b><br>Navy, Marine and Coast Guard <b>helicopters</b> from throughout the U.S. descended on …

Coast Guard

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<b>Thank you for choosing to place your employment listing.</b><p>The JH Jobs Board requires a separate login from the JH Home Page. They …

ROTORwrench…Tips, Tricks, and Info - October 2016

Oct <br>24 <br>2016<p>Posted <b>1 years 189 days ago</b> ago by <b>ScottSkola</b> 0 Comments<p>Helicopter Maintenance Blog<p>October 2016<p>Battery powered helicopter*<p>Who would have …


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Industry Wide News

Articles for category Press Releases<p>[VICTORIA, BC CANADA — May 9, 2018 Latitude Technologies Corporation is proud to announce that Gulfstream …


CH-53K King Stallion Passes Initial Operational Testing

<b>[U.S. Marine Corps pilots maneuver the King Stallion as it delivers a 12,000 (5422 kg) pound external load after a 110 NM mission]</b><p>WEST PALM BEACH, …


Unmanned Aircraft Safety Team Holds First Meeting

People are captivated by the limitless possibilities the drone industry offers, but with them comes a host of safety challenges, as hundreds of …

Aviation Safety

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Police: Suspected drunk driver crashes into helicopter on highway - USA TODAY

Helicopter Flight Training Sponsors<p>Most Recent Top in 24hr 7 Days 30 Days 365 Days<p>Police: Suspected drunk driver crashes into helicopter on highway - …


Sheriff's Dept: Helicopter attacked by drone near protest site - WDAY

<b>Sheriff's Dept: Helicopter attacked by drone near protest site</b><b><br>WDAY</b><br>The Morton County Sheriff's Department reported two documented cases where an …


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What a cool shot of this descent @hoxyalater #Helicopter #Pilot


Latest news/articles/blog<p>Press Releases<p>SIKORSKY INVITES APPLICATIONS TO 9TH ANNUAL ENTREPRENEURIAL CHALLENGE May 01, 2018<p>2018 CHC Safety & Quality …

National Guard

Historic "Huey" Helicopters make their final flight at Yuma Proving Ground - KYMA

<b>Historic "Huey" Helicopters make their final flight at Yuma Proving Ground</b><b><br>KYMA</b><br>YUMA, Ariz. - It marked the of an era as the UH-1 <b>helicopters</b>, better …


NTSB Report Released: Waimea, HI

NTSB Identification: WPR17LA005<br>Scheduled 14 CFR Part 135: Air Taxi & Commuter<br>Accident occurred Tuesday, October 04, 2016 in Waimea, HI<br>Aircraft: …


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Lots of #helicopter maintenance going on here! Thanks for sharing @hbraviacao #pilot


Oct <br>17 <br>2016<p>Posted <b>1 years 195 days ago</b> ago by <b>jhadmin</b><p>Many references below are hyperlinked in Rotorcraft Pro’s digital editions. It’s another good …

Unmanned Aircraft

US Army Apache helicopters enter Mosul battle, military says

Fox News<p><b>US Army Apache helicopters enter Mosul battle, military says</b><b><br>Fox News</b><br>U.S. Army Apache attack <b>helicopters</b> have entered the battle for Mosul in …


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Sweet shot of this Sikorsky #S70i shared to us by @webinfomil #militarymonday

Understanding the H/V Curve: A Line Drive Analogy

Sep <br>19 <br>2016<p>Posted <b>1 years 223 days ago</b> ago by <b>RandyRowles</b> 1 Comments<p>The Height/Velocity Diagram indicates the combination of height above ground and …


The Future of Night Vision is Coming Into Focus

Oct <br>03 <br>2016<p>Posted <b>1 years 209 days ago</b> ago by <b>jhadmin</b><p>Imagine a future where helmet-mounted night vision goggles (NVGs) are replaced by light-enhancing …


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Now that is some great teamwork landing in that tiny spot! Nice job @mikeinthesky_

H145M, Tiger & H225M Caracal in action

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NTSB Report Released: Andover, NH

NTSB Identification: ERA16LA330<br>14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation<br>Accident occurred Tuesday, September 27, 2016 in Andover, NH<br>Aircraft: TATKOVSKY JAMES …