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Waving, Not Drowning

The New Yorker writer on the politics of surfing, reporting from war zones, and the “weird game” of memoir.


The Unusual Mind of Clarice Lispector

Illustration by Ed Luce “Behold us nearly here, coming down the long path,” Clarice Lispector writes in the story “The Burned Sinner and the …


Tom Cruise: The Good Kind of Crazy

Tom Cruise, risen from the depths of his public-relations disasters of the last decade, seems to be back in full cultural favor. This past week, you could catch him engaging in today’s mass-market celebrity rite of passage: lip-sync battling alongside Jimmy Fallon on the “The Tonight Show.” Cruise, …

Tom Cruise

Why a Novel on War With China Has the Pentagon Talking

History may have played out differently if world leaders had listened to the warnings of an author in 1914. Problems the world would soon face were …


The Worst Wipeout Ever?

Niccolo Porcella recounts his trip over the falls at massive Teahupoo

Niccolo Porcella might not have been a name you recognized in the big-wave scene prior to last week, so here’s a little back-story about the man. Porcella was born in Maui, grew up in Italy, then convinced his parents to move back …


David Foster Wallace role finds Jason Segel in his own moment of transition

The role as author David Foster Wallace seems to have come at just the right moment for Jason Segel.

The casting of Jesse Eisenberg as a brainy New York writer-type probably struck no one as a surprise, but from the moment it was first announced to the Sundance premiere, the casting of Segel as a …

Jason Segel

The truest writers are those who see language not as a linguistic process but as a living element. ~Derek Walcott

Where to Submit: August + September

Summer lives on! Enjoy our newest list of presses, lit mags, fellowships, and residencies to submit to over the next couple months. As always, email


Autism in the insular world of ultra-Orthodox Judaism: “There were superstitions and things that God knows how many other mothers had to deal with”

Salon talks to author Judy Brown about her new memoir, "This Is Not a Love Story"

Using a pen name, Judy Brown wrote the controversial young-adult book “Hush,” fiction that took on sexual child abuse in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of Borough Park. It’s easy to imagine that Brown’s next book …


Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Tips on How to Write a Good Short Story

// it came to giving advice to writers, Kurt Vonnegut was never dull. He once tried to warn people away from …

Kurt Vonnegut

INFOGRAPHIC: What age do writers publish their most famous works?

Writers often worry about not publishing earlier enough. Our culture fetishes youth, even in literature. We talk about 5 under 35 and 20 under 40, …

Jack Kerouac

Lee Baldwin - Tennessee Arts Commission

Photographs of Black Americans in the South on Exhibit July 31–September 18, 2015

The show is a compilation of seven years worth of photographs that …


QUIZ: How Many English Words Do You Actually Know?

So you speak English, we know that. But do you know the meaning of all these English words? Let's see if you're a real vocabulary expert!


Jason Isbell Discusses Southern Storytelling, the Nashville Scene, and Singing About Race

When it came time to write and record his fifth solo album, 36-year-old alt-country singer-songwriter Jason Isbell had an unenviable task: following …


What Can Browne Do For You?

Sir Thomas Browne, the 17th-century English physician and man of letters, has always been too varied a writer to achieve lasting literary fame. …


Proof That Forrest Gump Is a Work of Art

If MoMA says so, it must be true.

Were you one of the people infuriated when Forrest Gump made the BBC’s list of the 100 greatest American films? Then you might need to lie down for a moment before processing this latest news. Robert Zemeckis, director of the upcoming vertigo-nightmare The Walk, will …

Forrest Gump

Photos from Miss Amazing, the Pageant of the Special Olympics

When Jordan Somer started the Miss Amazing Pageant in 2007, she envisioned an event where women and girls with disabilities could walk onstage and carry themselves with confidence. Now, the two-day event is staged alongside the Special Olympics and includes over 100 contestants from across the …


9 Books to Read by the Time You're 30

The concept of required reading flew out the window after someone handed you a diploma, but...what if it hadn't? Wherever you are in adulthood, the below books are a do, but make them a for-sure priority if you're approaching or past your 30th. By that milestone, it's likely that your career has …

Joan Didion

A thriller with a bisexual male hero? American readers can't handle it

In the wake of the US supreme court decision on gay marriage, one might think that Americans now feel comfortable with homosexuality.

I have evidence to the contrary.

When my thriller My Name is N came out this month in the US, it got very positive reviews and even led the book section in …


We’re hiring a writer to cover video games and gadgets

VentureBeat and GamesBeat is hiring a writer to put a magnifying glass on video games and gadgets — and how technology intersects them.

The games/gadget writer leads the coverage of gadgets for both sides of the site and also is the face for GamesBeat in San Francisco, taking meetings with game …

Bachelor's Degree

What It Was Like to Work With David Foster Wallace

One of the writer's one-time editors looks back on their work together

This post is in partnership with the Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin. A version of the article below was originally published on the Ransom Center’s Cultural Compass blog.

In 1995, Jay Jennings, a former

David Foster Wallace

How to Be a Prolific Writer

If you follow me on social media and note the number of blogs that I write for, you may be surprised to discover that it’s quite a lot. As a writer, …


Attacking Our Tendency To Feel Too Little: An Interview With Ben Marcus, Editor Of New American Stories

The first anthology Ben Marcus edited—The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories—was my textbook in my first undergraduate creative writing

Focus on Structure Rather Than Style to Write Better

Writing is a hard medium to grasp. Good writing is self-evident, but the reasons it’s good may not be. While an interesting style or a clever …


Bethany Hamilton’s Make A Wish Surf Camp Will Melt Your Heart

Simply put, Bethany Hamilton is a great human being. When she didn’t let losing an arm in a shark attack slow her down, Bethany became a role model …


Shorepound Lost and Found

Mark Cunningham and Jonathan Steinberg turn lost-at-sea objects into art

Bodysurfer and veteran North Shore lifeguard Mark Cunningham and Santa Cruz mat-riding legend Jonathan Steinberg have recently teamed up with the Great Highway Gallery in San Francisco to create an exhibition aptly named …

Water Sports

You’ll Never Walk Alone: On Traveling the World with Books

I can usually remember exactly where I was when I read any given book. Here’s what I mean: when I look to the shelf before me, The Spell of the

Books (India)

Where to Start With David Foster Wallace: A Primer

Never read the beloved cult author? Here's where to start.

In 2010, two years after the death of David Foster Wallace, Rolling Stone editor David Lipsky published "Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself," a chronicle of the revered novelist's cross-country press tour for Infinite Jest in …


Is Obesity a Psychological or Physical Problem?

Carl Thompson was Britain's fattest man. Earlier this year, the 910-pound 33-year-old died in his home. It took emergency services several hours to remove his corpse from his flat in Dover, Kent. How did Thompson get to this point? The simple answer is that he ate a lot. Why do people like Thompson …


Art as a Form of Active Prayer and What Writers Really Labor For

“Immerse yourself in the common ground of the universe so that your true voice — not the egoistic voice that clamors vainly for power (for it will ruin you if you listen to it) — your authentic voice … may be heard.”

Why do we humans create — why do artists make art, why do writers write? Pablo …