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After Ebola, Surf's Up Again In Liberia

"Wait for the next one!" a teenager yells, perched on a shaded rock with a group of his friends.

"That's it, that's it!" cries another, gesturing toward a swelling wave that's gathering speed as it heads toward a surfer about 25 yards offshore. When he lets the wave pass him by, bobbing over its …


What apps next? Publishers and developers embrace 'unprintable' fiction

Publisher Anna Gerber isn’t trying to kill off the printed book – she’d just like you to spend a bit more time on your mobile. “We don’t really think the point is to change the way we read,” she says, “but we do like the idea of trying to immerse readers in books on their phones.”

Gerber has been …


How a Lincoln High teacher gets all his students to pass the AP Calculus exam

Yom, as the students call their Lincoln High calculus teacher, is at the blackboard with marker in hand.

He can't be stopped.

Left to right he works, light on his feet, flicking out triangles, stacking towers of numbers, turning Room 754 into a gallery of cave art.

And here's the really impressive …


Amazon's retail plans could include a lot more than books

But the company doesn't have immediate plans to open 400 outlets.

Amazon is taking steps to make its brick-and-mortar dreams come true, according to Recode. Its sources confirm that the e-retailer aims to open not just more book shops, but also other types of retail stores in the future. They also …


Stephen King On What Hollywood Owes Authors When Their Books Become Films: Q&A

EXCLUSIVE: Josh Boone’s passion for Stephen King movie adaptations left me regretful I didn’t publish an interview I did with King several years ago, …

Helen Ellis: ‘Writing is certainly a gamble’

Helen Ellis published her first book, a comic novel called Eating the Cheshire Cat, to some acclaim in 2000. Her second book, American Housewife, is a collection of stories based on her wickedly funny twitter persona @WhatIDoAllDay. It was recently chosen by Margaret Atwood as her “cackle-making” …


How Pandora answered the most critical question facing every app maker

Pandora is dead-simple app to use, and its design team prides itself on being able to guess exactly what you want at a given time.

But it’s not always so easy to know what people want, and there was one point in particular that was hard for Pandora’s team to nail, the company’s chief of product …


How to Read People Like Sherlock Holmes: 4 Insights From Research

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just look at someone and tell what they’re really like?
Sherlock Holmes does this all the time and it’s incredibly cool. Check out this clip from the BBC show Sherlock.

Of course, Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character and nobody can read people quite that well. …

Sherlock Holmes

Christianity's Crisis in Medieval Japan Says a Lot About Cultural Dialogue Today

Shusaku Endo’s classic novel of faith, doubt, and intercultural communication, Silence, readies itself for a timely big-screen debut by Director …


Our Fairy Tales Ourselves: Storytelling From East to West

It’s Thursday and it’s Christmas Eve and I am reading three books to my six-year-old before he goes to sleep. There’s the requisite “Night Before …


In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri review – a Pulitzer prize winner gives up writing and speaking in English

There really are problems with winning the Pulitzer prize for your first book: as Jhumpa Lahiri, pictured, did, for Interpreter of Maladies. You are a shy, self-doubting young woman, daughter of Bengali immigrants to America. Your father is a university librarian on the east coast. You have always …


How To Be A Great Teacher, From 12 Great Teachers

Great teachers have two things in common: an exceptional level of devotion to their students, and the drive to inspire each one to learn and succeed.

At NPR Ed we're just about halfway through our 50 Great Teachers project.

We've profiled teachers at all levels, in all subjects, from all over the …


Are paper books really disappearing?

A more important question, perhaps, is what we stand to lose should the printed word become a thing of the past – it may affect how we think.

When Peter James published his novel Host on two floppy disks in 1993, he was ill-prepared for the “venomous backlash” that would follow. Journalists and …


Alligator in a meth lab? A place where crime is often stranger than fiction

Mark Lindquist needed just 66 seconds. That was all it took to persuade a judge to sentence William Grisso to prison for the next 31 years.

Grisso, 43, "had a complicated love life — a wife, a fiancee and a girlfriend," the prosecutor told the court. "He could have unraveled that web any number of …


A lonely story: the perils of writing in solitude

The life of the professional novelist is an agreeable one: you make your own hours, you do your best work in your pyjamas and Ugg boots, and no boss glares at you when you have crisps and Guinness for lunch. The only occasion when things can get a little tricky is when the dreaded writer’s block …


TS Eliot prize row: is winner too young, beautiful - and Chinese?

The boys appear not to be happy.

When the UK’s top prize for poetry, the TS Eliot Prize, was awarded to first-time poet Sarah Howe for her book Loop of Jade (Chatto) earlier this month, a whoop of joy went up in the room. Later at the party, I heard someone say: “I wonder how long it will be before …

TS Eliot

A Teenager Named Sam :) - Love What Matters

Is Your Favorite Novelist Writing For TV In 2016?

Is there any difference these days between curling up with a good book and tuning into HBO? Or FX, or Amazon? More and more each year, novelists are


Matt Haig: 'As therapy shows, words can be medicine'

Humans are a clandestine species. We procreate behind closed doors, and we get ashamed of our illnesses. I am not immune to that shame, despite being that weird modern phenomenon: a public depressive. Or rather, a public person who is susceptible to depression.

Not one to fear hubris, I wrote a book …


Liz Lochhead: ‘You’re stuck writing something until you go, “To hell with it, I’ll tell the truth”’

Liz Lochhead is one of nature’s talkers, asking as many questions as she answers, and her anecdotes are thick with mentions of friends: good friends; dear friends; oldest, closest, best. It’s impossible not to experience her conversation as an extension of her poetry; a looser, less structured …


As Terrence Malick releases his latest film, 'Knight of Cups,' his methods remain as elusive as the man himself

Terrence Malick has apparently mastered the art of hiding in plain sight.

Once known as a man who turned his back on Hollywood — following his masterful duo of "Badlands" and "Days of Heaven" followed by 20 years of silence until "The Thin Red Line" in 1998 — he gave no interviews and was …

Terrence Malick

Author of 13 Hours stands by account depicted in Benghazi film

“Stand down”, says the actor playing the CIA station chief in Michael Bay’s new film, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

The chief is speaking to the security team that wants to go help Americans under siege less than a mile away in a US diplomatic compound. His order keeps the team from …


How the ancient art of writing therapy can help you create a brighter future

British author Graham Greene, in his 1980 book, "Ways of Escape," put into words what most writers know: "Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human …


Lost script reveals what Orson Welles really thought about Ernest Hemingway

Orson Welles once described his relationship with Ernest Hemingway as “very strange”. The two men were friends, rivals and sometimes prickly antagonists. Now a previously unpublished manuscript has revealed just what the director thought about the novelist’s take on a common passion: Spain.

The …

Orson Welles

Hollywood blacklisted my father Dalton Trumbo: now I’m proud they’ve put him on screen

When Mitzi Trumbo was 15, she opened her front door to find one of Hollywood’s most famous actors standing outside. It was Kirk Douglas. A few days later, Laurence Olivier turned up. “He outstretched his hand for me to shake and the dog got in the way and he tripped over.”

Fifty-five years later, …


Is James Joyce's Ulysses the hardest novel to finish?

When James Joyce finished writing Ulysses, he was so exhausted that he didn’t write a line of prose for a year. I can believe it; I needed a nap after reading 40 pages.

For the last three months, I’ve glared at its fat, lumpen form on my floor with a vague sense of personal failure. I’ve opened …

James Joyce

David Bowie's list of 100 favorite books reveal his true inner nerd

We all know David Bowie as a music and pop culture icon. But if you are hoping looking for a crash course in must-read literature, look no further than Bowie's 100 favorite books.

Bowie's list is as dynamic and diverse as the Space Oddity star himself. His favorites range from classic literature like …

David Bowie

Hong Kong’s publishers keep disappearing. Its autonomy could be next

Critics of Beijing's political elite are being snatched off the streets, and local officials are taking notice

BANGKOK, Thailand — On paper at least, Hong Kong is a quasi-independent territory of China where people are free to dish dirt on the Communist Party — a privilege denied to 1.3 billion …

The Nobel Prize nominees from 1965 are some of the most distinguished losers in history

You know what they say: "It's an honor just to be nominated."

This week, the Swedish Academy — the group responsible for selecting the Nobel Prize for Literature — released the list of nominees who were in the running for 1965's prize. As a rule, the Academy keeps the list of prize nominees …

Nobel Prize

As Writers' Wages Wane In Digital Chapter, Authors Pen Demands

The Authors Guild has started the new year with a bang. First, the group, which represents the interests of writers, asked the Supreme Court to review an October appeals court ruling, which upheld Google's right to digitize out-of-print books without an author's permission. A few days later, the …