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6 Ways to Avoid Fading on a Long Ride

Everyone can start an endurance ride strong, but finishing strong takes some skills and smarts. Here's how to avoid fizzling out—or even bonking.<p>We’ve all been there, feeling chainless and amazing for the first 60 miles of a century ride. Then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, we feel... less …


Four Rides to Shed Pounds and Get Faster

Want to lose weight while still gaining speed? Don't diet, just pedal—these four workouts will help you get there.


How-To: Train the Most Important Core Muscles for Cycling

Don't let a weak core frustrate all the hard work your legs do on the bike. Here's how to make those important trunk muscles strong.


Your Best Cycling Body Ever

Get into Tour-worthy shape with these core, flexibility and high-impact exercises.

Simple Training Plan to Lose Weight, Ride Faster

Maybe you haven't pedaled a bike since you were eight and need a nudge to start up again. Or you're still finding your way on a bike—but looking to get serious about dropping some extra pounds. Either way, this six-week blueprint is guaranteed to help you shed weight, get stronger, and feel happier.<p>…


3 Interval Workouts for Winter

Ditch the long, slow (and cold!) rides for these quick and potent fitness boosters—plus how to decode training terms like tempo and VO2 max<p>There's a lot to love about winter, but most of us cut back on our riding as daylight dwindles, temperatures drop, and our motivation wanes. Who can blame us? …


Quick Cycling Workouts for Power and Endurance

This is gonna hurt. But it’ll be worth it. These innovative interval workouts will make you faster and stronger—by next month. (Yes, we’re serious.)<p>This is gonna hurt. But it’ll be worth it. These innovative workouts will make you faster and stronger—by next month. (Yes, we’re serious.)


Ask a Mechanic: Finding and eliminating mystery creaks

The Four Keys to Being a Trusted Leader

Self-aggrandizement and even plain old greed has become standard fare in the executive cafeteria. And yet CEOs wonder why their employees and the public exhibit such a high degree of mistrust toward business and business leaders. The truth lies in the way many CEOs talk and behave.<p>Real leadership – …

101 Cycling Tips to Completely Transform Your Bike Life

Ride better, get stronger, be happier, go faster, look nicer, stay safer, get fitter, smile wider, and lots more<p>Want to be a better cyclist? Just ride. Every time you turn the pedals, you naturally improve a little. Of course, one well-placed tip, trick, or nugget of wisdom can help you achieve …


Three Questions to Advance Your Career

In most organizations, professionals who want to move up get lots of feedback. Did you hit your numbers? Make your budget? How did you perform in managing a major project? Many companies provide you with so-called 360-degree feedback based on anonymous surveys from your boss, peers, and direct …

Perfect Pedaling: Get a Better Pedal Stroke

Get the most energy from each crank revolution with these tips for proper pedaling<p>Pedaling in a simple circle is a complex thing, but mastering it can save energy, says Todd Carver, biomechanist at Colorado's Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. He says that with proper ankling (shown here; not the …


Make the Most of Your Trainer Time with These Indoor Cycling Workouts

Riding indoors doesn't have to be dull—and it can put you on the fast track to fitness<p>Chances are your typical indoor ride goes like this: Hop on trainer, pop in Season 4 of <i>Mad Men,</i> fight off trainer boredom long as you can stand it. But spending hours on the trainer can be overkill.<p>Indoor workouts …

Mad Men

Easy Bottom Bracket Repair

How to find the source of a creaky bottom bracket—and fix it<p>In more than 10 years of wrenching for pros and even more years as a bike shop mechanic, I've learned a few things about bottom bracket repair. Most surprisingly, what often sounds like a bottom bracket creak is usually something else. …


Your Three-Month Plan to Going Huge

Get excited--and prepared--for your next 24-hour solo, or marathon, or 7-day, nonstop tour of the Alps.<p>To ride long events, you need very specific, rigorous training. For that, we turned to 2004, 100-mile national champion, Lynda Wallenfels, a 1990s NORBA pro cross-country rider who now coaches …

Extreme Sports

Ask a Mechanic: Replacing bearings and overhauling hubs

Boost Your Ride with Caffeine: A User's Guide

A cyclist's guide to amplifying performance with the stimulant<p>Caffeine may be the most widely used stimulant drug in the world, especially among cyclists. From roadies who sip espresso to downhillers who pound an energy drink before a race, the allure of a preride pick-me-up transcends cycling’s …


Faster Fitness

Nine short workouts that deliver big results.<p>The average pro cyclist trains 20 to 30 hours a week and logs 20,000 to 25,000 miles each year—farther than the average American drives in that time. Too many of us mere mortals mistakenly believe we need to approach that sort of volume to reach our …


How To: Update Shimano Di2 to Multishift, Customize Button Function & Change Shift Speed

We’ve seen some pretty crazy mods to Di2 over the years, from single button up-or-down shifting that automatically selects the best gear combo to …

15 Proven Ways to Get Faster

Here are 15 tips from top experts, recent scientific research and our own savvy staffers that will turbocharge your training without taking more time

Florida State University

CrossFit for Cyclists

The fitness craze can help you become a more powerful rider<p>If you’re any sort of exercise enthusiast, you’ve undoubtedly heard of CrossFit. The intense, gym-based program focuses on general fitness—endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, speed, coordination, and accuracy. In other words, …


Eat to Ride

Three nutrition tips every cyclist should live by<p>Whenever I advise athletes about bike nutrition, I tell them that they don’t need a special diet to fuel performance. The one that’s best for health is also the one that’s best for strong results. If you want all your systems firing at 100 percent, …


Ramp Up Your Training

Your fittest season ever starts now<p>Whether you've been logging big rides, or just hit the road again, there’s still time to take your riding to another level this season. I’ve created two training plans to guide you through these next key weeks. To figure out the one that’s right for you, ask …


How to Turn Your Road Bike Into Tri Bike

You don't need a whole new bike to go from road cycling to triathlons


Your Best Century

How to get ready for a long, rewarding day in the saddle<p>Riding 100 miles in a single day is a rite of passage for many cyclists. As long as you have a solid game plan, you’ll be able to attain your goal—whether you’re supporting a cause, enjoying a fun day with friends, beating your best time, or …


Forget Business Plans; Here’s How to Really Size Up a Startup

If you want to really understand a firm’s strategy—whether it’s a start up or Fortune 500 firm–you need only two documents: the compensation plan and the pricing plan.<p>Forget about business plans, PowerPoint presentations, executive speeches, media interviews, strategy memos, or org charts. Forget …

Which Lube to Use on Your Bike

How to choose the right lube for every component<p><b>Drip It</b><p>For most riding conditions, use a bicycle-specific Teflon-based oil, such as Park Tool CL-1 or Finish Line DRY Teflon Lube, to lubricate pivot points—any part that moves—on brakes, derailleurs, and chain links. Don't forget springs and …

Road Bikes

Bike Fit: How to Set Your Bike Seat Height

Boost comfort and power by dialing in the perfect seat position on your bike<p><b>STEP 1</b><p><b>Set cleats</b><br>Slip on your shoes, run masking tape along the instep, and mark it at the widest point of your foot. "Align the middle of the cleat with that line, or up to 2 centimeters behind it", says fitter Paraic …