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Scientists disappointed Jurassic World dinosaurs don’t look like dinosaurs

Paleontologists have been sneered at over their criticism of the Jurassic World trailer, but such a stance is misguided<p><i>The trailer for the latest big screen outing of the</i> <i>Jurassic Park</i> <i>franchise is causing delight and consternation in equal measure over the appearance of the extinct stars. Here,</i> …

Nasa's Orion launch: first test flight postponed for 24 hours – as it happened

Wind and misfiring valves scupper today’s first test flight for Nasa’s Orion spacecraft which the agency hopes will eventually take astronauts to Mars

Coronal loops

The biggest sunspot region in more than two decades produced many impressive solar flares. Just before it disappeared, it also gave us this beautiful …


New rocket findings might change definition of galaxies

Galaxies might not have such discreet boundaries as we imagined. Instead, they might stretch out to great distances, forming a vast, interconnected …

​Half of the stars in our universe live in the space between galaxies

Hubble's deep field imagery is breathtaking, but what lies between those thousands of spiral-arm galaxies? More stars, of course. Data collected by CIBER rockets (Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment)show that as many as half of the stars in the universe are orphans -- suns that spun out of their …

Passing Comet Peppered Mars With Shooting Stars, Scientists Say

By Irene Klotz<p>CAPE CANAVERAL (Reuters) - The comet that sailed by Mars last month spawned thousands of shooting stars per hour and created a new layer of ionized particles high in the planet's atmosphere, NASA scientists said on Friday.<p>At twilight, the Martian skies likely took on a yellowish hue …

A hamster in a sweater. I repeat, a hamster in a sweater

22 Adorable Before And After Pictures Of Animals Growing Up

Pets and people share a very special bond when they grow up together, which is why we’ve compiled a list of pictures of people and their pets growing …

Surreal Dog Photography by Sarolta Ban - Dog Milk

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” The saying couldn’t be more apt than in the case of shelter animals looking for forever homes: it has been …

This Photographer's Dog Is More Patient Than I Am

There is little information available about Instagram member <b>ma_hovina</b>. He may be Samuel Jurcic, but I cannot confirm it. What I do know is that his …

Watch What Happens As Photographer Comes Face-to-Face with Deadly Leopard Seal

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen has an incredible face-to-face encounter with a leopard seal, one of the most deadly creatures in …

Hey,..hey,..hey,...what did the paw say to the face?

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Booboo And His Friends Are The Most Adorable Guinea Pigs On The Internet

Meet Booboo, an adorable guinea pig that is the muse of a photographer who goes by the nickname “Lieveheerbeestje.” Her photos of little Booboo and …


31 Problems Only Dog Owners Understand

You love him so much, but you put up with a lot for your pup.<p>Interior design by Ruthie Sommers.<p><b>1. Early-morning walks in freezing weather.</b> You have to put on so many layers just to go around the block, and he'll be sure to stop and sniff every single tree, fire hydrant, and trash can as you</b> …


Cute Overload on Twitter: "Hello there on a Monday Morning! Please say hello to MR. WAFFLES!"

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13 Dogs Who Are Going To Stand Up To Cats... Tomorrow

It's been well documented that dogs are mercilessly bullied by cats. Their friendly disposition being easily manipulated by their calculating feline overlords. However, the day has finally come for dogs to put their paws down and stand up to cats tyranny once and for all.<p>That day is not today …

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