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Settler Colonialism Still Defines Power In Hawaii

Community Voices aims to encourage broad discussion on many topics of community interest. It’s kind of a cross between Letters to the Editor and …


Your Town, Your Stories: Odessa Bush-Burton


Today marks Rachel Carson's 110th birthday! Her vital contributions to wildlife conservation continue to inspire and guide so many.

World Heritage USA

Trump appears to be threatening some of the West’s last best places

It’s not a traditional off-road vehicle, but with President Trump in the driver’s seat the steamroller appears to be the ride of choice in the …

Off-road Vehicles

Hawaii: The Stolen Paradise


U.S Imperialism: The illegal annexation of Hawai'i


Filming the path of totality across Oregon, meeting amazing folks along the way. Can't wait for #eclipse2017

Hei #Demonstration! April 12, 2017, 10am to 12pm #Kīlauea #Visitor #Center lānai @Volcanoes_NPS #inspire #connect #preserve #partners #HI

‘There’s a Smell of Treason in the Air’

The greatest political scandal in American history was not Aaron Burr’s shooting of Alexander Hamilton, and perhaps wasn’t even Watergate. Rather it may have been Richard Nixon’s secret efforts in 1968 to sabotage a U.S. diplomatic effort to end the Vietnam War.<p>Nixon’s initiative, long rumored but …

Donald Trump

Meanwhile, at today's meeting on feline healthcare...

Decoding Frame Sponsors - Decode the News

Podcast: Download<p>Frame sponsors, public relation events, and sassy representatives.<p>Also: Terry Gilliam.

Terry Gilliam

David Letterman on Life After TV, Late Night Today, and the Man He Calls Trumpy

Since retiring after 33 years on the late night television, David Letterman has kept a low public profile — aided by the growth of a truly impressive …


Remember: @realDonaldTrump's use of Twitter is strategic.

Study: Breitbart-led right-wing media ecosystem altered broader media agenda

The 2016 Presidential election shook the foundations of American politics. Media reports immediately looked for external disruption to explain the …


Media people in my feed (left) viewed Trump's Navy SEAL moment last night very differently from the veterans (right). A story in two images:

Russian flags handed out! #CPAC2017 #russiagate #Trumprussia

The War for Science

Make no mistake: There is a War on Science in America.<p>The White House not only denies obvious, empirical facts on a regular basis, but they have …

Largest outdoor gear show abandons Salt Lake City after 20 years to protest Utah Republicans’ conservation stance

The twice-a-year Outdoor Retailer show is the world’s largest trade exhibition for one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. It’s where companies such as Patagonia, the North Face, REI, Black Diamond and Polartec hawk their coolest winter and summer sports gear to retailers across the globe. …


Trump Can’t Build a Border Wall Without the Real Estate

The president’s plan would require massive, not to mention expensive, use of eminent domain.<p>President Trump stands behind his campaign promise to build a wall along the entire U.S.-Mexican border. On the campaign trail, he insisted he could get the job done for no more than $10 billion because he …

Real Estate

'Enemies of the people': Trump remark echoes history's worst tyrants

<b>At a different time, in another country, it was effectively a death sentence.</b><p>Being branded an "enemy of the people" by the likes of Stalin or Mao brought at best suspicion and stigma, at worst hard labour or death.<p>Now the chilling phrase - which is at least as old as Emperor Nero, who was called …

Enemy Of The People

Learn the Hawaiian Language

I am not Hawaiian nor have I been to Hawai‘i, so this presentation is an outsider’s introduction to the language. Suggestions welcome. Included are screenshots and fanart. You are welcome to adapt and reuse with the attribution-sharealike license. We welcome your interaction -- comments, questions, …


The Trump Travel Ban—an Early Impact Statement

(<i>Editor’s Note: As we were preparing to distribute this issue of the Inbound Report, a U.S. Appellate Court ruling sustaining a stay against</i> …


Every national park in America will see at least a partial eclipse on 8-21-17.

Hanauma Bay 1

Immigration ban not sitting well with America.