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Central Park’s 1,600 Lamp Posts Serve as Secret Navigational Devices

With approximately 40 million annual visitors, Central Park stands as the most visited urban park in the United States. Navigating its long, winding …

Sustainable cities: the nexus between resilience and resource efficiency

A new report explores how cities can increase their resilience and resource efficiency – but highlights possible tensions between these two …


@LondonNPC We plan to have a launch event on the beach June 11th to celebrate London’s forgotten resource - the Tidal Thames Foreshore

Excelente sesión sobre protección del patrimonio cultural y natural con delegados de ICOMOS y otras ciudades miembro de CGLU. #CultureSummit

World Parks Week

World Parks Week took place from <b>29 April - 7 May 2017</b>, showcasing events that celebrate the world's parks. It will be held every year in the first …

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The Sound of Evening Rush Hour in a Cycling City ~ Museumbrug, Amsterdam


PARKS CONNECTING CITIES, CULTURES, AND GENERATIONS<p>An International Urban Parks Conference<p>July 29, 2017 — August 2, 2017 · Minneapolis & Saint Paul

Urban Ecology

Best parks for Bay Area camping, in a great season for it

It’s been a cooped-up kind of winter. Yeah, we desperately needed the rain. We were drying up without the rain. Once rain arrived, we reveled in it, …

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Beijing Still Has a Massive Pollution Problem for Tourists and Locals Alike

<i>Editor’s Note: Skift launched a new series, Gateway, to broaden our news coverage geographically with first-hand, original stories from</i> …


What are your favorite city parks? = ¿Cuáles son tus parques urbanos favoritos? #RoofDog

City Parks on Twitter 03.2017

Celebrate spring at 8th annual Spring Festival at #SchabarumPark in Rowland Heights, Sat, 11am-4pm. Free family fun. @janicehahn

If you're interested in #greeneconomy, you need to learn more about #wastepickers - the workers keeping our cities clean. @GECoalition @IIED

What a phenomenal view of #Quito, its Andean highlands and nearby snow-capped massive #volcanoes! #ExperienceQuito

Love this diagram - what makes a great 'place' [diagram from @PPS_Placemaking].

Turismo y ciudades, ¿una relación sostenible?

Comencé la ponencia poniendo de manifiesto el problema que supone para muchos de nosotros, ingenieros, arquitectos, urbanistas, tecnólogos, etc. …

En la recta final para el @WorldBikeForum sexta edición

The promise and pitfalls of urbanization in India

The eye has never seen a place like it,” wrote Persian ambassador Abdur Razzak of Vijayanagara, capital of the Vijayanagara empire, “and the ear was …


Great to be at @Park_People's Sparking Change report launch! So relevant to @BuildingRoadsTO.

Why Cities Are Where They Are


MIT's 'Treepedia' tells you how green your spot in the city ranks

Trees are vital for cities: not only do they clean the air and make things prettier, but they can prevent floods and even lower temperatures. MIT …

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Llevo unos cinco o 6 años viajando por México desde su naturaleza y ANP. Me da mucha emoción que este sea el #IY2017. #TravelEnjoyRespect.

How One City Turned Industrial Zones Into Green Enclaves

Austin<p>A pioneer of the green building movement, Austin revamped its former airport and a defunct power plant into vibrant neighborhoods designed to draw residents back to the city.<p>This liberal-minded city likes to think of itself as unique in Texas, a blueberry in the tomato soup of red-state …


The Neighborhood Park: An Underused Oasis

In theory, a neighborhood park serves everyone, but the mere presence of a park does not guarantee people will use it. There’s a gender gap and an …


Ever wondered what nature in the city used to look like? My speed talk at #ESA16 about the greening of a city is in the Orion Room at 1520.