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This summer is like no other summer. A long history of racism and police brutality has come to a head in the midst of a global pandemic. From cancelled camps to closed city pools and town parks, so many go-to plans that give kids joy — and that working parents depend on — are officially on hold. And as important as it's always been to make sure our kids are consuming media and playing with toys that stimulate them and bring them joy, we're being mindful as ever about also making sure those things teach them to be kind, inclusive humans in this world. You as a parent are trying to make the best of things for your kids, and the Romper team is committed to helping you do that. Summer plans may be one big question mark right now (they might not be able to have 10 friends over for a slumber party where the only snacks are spray cheese and crackers — feel free to pin that for later!), but our kids can still have fun. It’s all about adapting, and Camp Romper is here to help you plot out some summer magic.