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The Beatles

The Beatles' first record contract, signed in 1961 when the quartet served as Tony Sheridan's backing band "The Beat Brothers" for the single "My Bonnie," will hit the auction block next month. Heritage Auctions in New York will offer up this...

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Leaving festivals like Woodstock and …

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The Lost Beatles Photos: Rare Shots From 1964-1966 Pictures

The Beatles

The Real Story Behind the Beatles' Last Days

What led to Paul McCartney's announcement on April 10, 1970 that the band was breaking up

Sunday marked an anniversary most Beatles fans would rather forget: the day in 1970 when Paul McCartney announced to the world that the Beatles were essentially over. To promote his first solo album, McCartney, …

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50 Years Ago Today: The Beatles Released Their Debut Single, 'Love Me Do'

The surprise hit helped kick-start Beatlemania

Exactly 50 years ago today, on October 5th, 1962, a new single titled "Love Me Do" hit record stores all over England. It was the debut 45 by the Beatles – though, at the time, that name didn't mean much to many English fans outside of Manchester and …

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The Beatles' 'Love Me Do' Hits the Public Domain in Europe

Under a soon-to-be-revised law, copyright expires after 50 years

The Beatles first single, "Love Me Do," has entered the pubic domain in Europe, thanks to current copyright law in the European Union, Complete Music Update reports.

As the E.U. law currently stands, copyright for recorded music is set …

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The Beatles George Harrison's lost guitar solo

Hear an alternate take for 'Here Comes the Sun'

In this clip from Living in the Material World, Martin Scorsese's documentary about George Harrison, the late Beatle's son Dhani, along with George Martin and his son Giles, unearth a guitar solo that was recorded for "Here Comes the Sun" but was …

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Watch the Beatles Chow Down on Fish and Chips

The Fab Four enjoy a silly meal in new BBC documentary

Just when you thought you'd seen every video imaginable of the Beatles, the BBC's new Arena Hotel documentary series is offering up this clip of the Fab Four eating fish and chips in goofy style. It's from the new behind-the-scenes feature Magical

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Rare Color Photos of the Beatles Going Up for Auction

Collection documents the band's first U.S. tour

A collection of unpublished early color photographs of the Beatles are going up for auction in the U.K., the BBC reports.

The photos were taken in 1964 during the Beatles' first U.S. tour. They include stage shots of George Harrison with his red …

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John Lennon's Final Interview

Nine-hour discussion with 'Rolling Stone' took place three days before he died

On December 5, 1980, three days before he was murdered, John Lennon sat down with Rolling Stone's Jonathan Cott for a nine-hour interview. Select excerpts from the interview ran in Rolling Stone's tribute to John Lennon the …

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Rare Beatles Pictures Pictures

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Beatles' Deal Most Lucrative in iTunes History

Groundbreaking contract could set precedent for other big-name bands

The deal that brought the Beatles' discography to the iTunes store may be one of the most lucrative and groundbreaking contracts in the history of digital music, according to Reuters.

Industry sources say iTunes is paying royalties …


Inside the Beatles' Vinyl Album Remasters

Team of engineers took their time being 'fastidious'

The remastered Beatles catalog arrives on 180-gram vinyl in record stores tomorow (today in the U.K.). While engineers didn't have to spend as much time on them as they did on the remastered CDs, they ran into tricky problems that required weeks …

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John Lennon's Letters and Drawings to be Published in New Book

Yoko Ono has sold the publishing rights to over 150 letters penned by the late Beatle

Yoko Ono has sold the rights to a collection of letters penned by John Lennon. Ono was persuaded to publish the letters by Hunter Davies, the Beatles' biographer.

Photos: John Lennon and Yoko Ono in New York: The …

The Beatles

Ringo Starr, Confident and Sober

The former Beatle on his revitalized solo career

"Sometimes I can't believe that it's been twenty-two years since the boys were together," says Ringo Starr as he sits backstage at the Variety Arts Center, in Los Angeles, shooting the breeze with two members of the band Jellyfish as they wait to …

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Bob Dylan's Secret Recording Session With George Harrison and Friends

Bob, George, John, Phil, Ringo and Johnny . . . oh my!

New York — Bob Dylan snuck into Columbia's Studio B in New York on May Day and recorded for 12 hours with George Harrison, lead guitarist for a reportedly defunct British rock and roll group, the Beatles.

Denials that the session took place were …

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