There is a Robot in my Kitchen!

By Rod Fowler | News Stories about Robotics in the Foodservice, Hospitality and related industries edited by Food Industry Foresight.

Zume Pizza lands $48 million in funding for robotic pizza delivery

If the Uber of pizza is successful, it will change the way fast food chains operate<p>A robotics startup called Zume Pizza, which is automating en route …


AgBot II: A New Generation Tool for Robotic Site-Specific Crop and Weed Management


Robot Farming and the Future of Food: Hard Work on Wheels

Robot chefs are taking over China's noodle bars


Food robotics market value set to rise

A global long-term switch to automation, amid increasing pressure to cut costs and bolster efficiency, is likely to spur growth in the food robotics …

Asia Pacific

Top 5 Ways Robotics Is Changing the Food Industry

Robotics is affecting every link in the food supply chain. Here are five ways it's changing the industry.The food industry is changing. As the global …


Fast-Food Workers Could Face Robot 'Armageddon'

For three decades now, the idea that robots will replace fast-food workers has been more of a pipe dream of tightwad business owners than a reality. …


Welcome to the future of work

With advances in information technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence developing at a rapid rate, workforce dislocations are happening now and are here to stay. As existing trends accelerate and irreversibly change the workforce as we know it, the question to be answered is–what will we do …


Sally, The World’s First Salad Robot – Meet Sally, The World’s First Salad Robot – She’s Fresh. She’s Customizable. She Works Hard and Has a Lot of Fun.

Offering 20 fresh ingredients, Sally can customize over 1,000 salads.<p>Recipes from chefs Charlie Ayers and Kelly Olazar increase energy and …


Twitter invited a robot chef named Sally to cook for employees in its cafeteria

Twitter invites guest chefs to cook at the company cafeteria periodically. The latest was a salad-making robot called Sally from Chowbotics, a food …

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O-R3 Outdoor Security Robot

Autonomous Drive<p>Ground-Aerial Collaborative Surveillance<p>fleet control centre<p>augmentS SECURITY operations


Join Rod Fowler, Director of Food Industry Foresight, as he reviews Robotic Applications in Foodservice. Rod will look at a number of applications …

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What future-proof jobs can you train for now that won't be threatened by the rise of robots?

With the rise of automation, artificial intelligence and the use of robots in the workforce, what future-proof jobs can you train for now?<p>It is …


Want the pizza without the personal touch? Domino's may have a solution

Soon, you may not have to tip your pizza delivery driver anymore but not because the fast food industry is going tipless — rather, because it’s going …



AURA the Autonomous Service Delivery Robot

Millennium Hotels and Resorts introduces a new guest service associate, AURA the Relay Robot, South East Asia's first Front-of-House Autonomous …


Meet the robot that delivers fresh towels and coffee at hotels across Silicon Valley

At first glance, Botlr might be mistaken for a glittering garbage can on wheels.<p>It sits in a docking station in the lobby of the Aloft Cupertino, a high-end hotel located steps from the Apple headquarters, charging patiently until a guest calls it to duty.<p>The robotic butler is part of a fleet of …


Robots Could Redefine Hotel Room Service

Room service is one of the many luxuries of staying at a hotel—whether it’s having breakfast, fresh towels, or the daily newspaper delivered to your …

This room-service robot is a real hit with hotel guests

A room-service robot called Relay is wowing hotel guests to such an extent that they’re ordering stuff just to have an encounter with the autonomous …


Service Robot for Restaurant

Live Trial of Service Robot in Restaurant : Infinium Move

Fully Autonomous Intelligent Flying Robot (Infinium-Serve) in restaurants

400 Burger Per Hour Robot Will Put Teenagers Out Of Work

McDonald’s Is Days From Opening Restaurant Run Entirely By Robots - NETV

How Food-Bots Are Changing How We Eat | Robots & Us | WIRED

Robots are hurting middle class workers, and education won’t solve the problem, Larry Summers says

Two weeks ago, the famous economist Larry Summers sat in a chair on a stage at the National Press Club, talked with several other smart people for an hour and briefly upended a major debate in economics.<p>The occasion was a forum, hosted by the Brookings Institution' Hamilton Project, on …


Meet Flippy the Burger-Flipping Robot (and He's Hungry to Steal Your Fast-Food Job)

The robots are coming -- and they want your job! It's just a matter of time before they get it.<p>One of my first jobs out of high school was working one summer at a busy Jack in the Box fast-food restaurant in Southern California. I'll never forget manning that flaming-hot grill during lunch hour, …

Why robots may soon replace fast-food employees

Imagine if the assembly line at your local McDonald's was as automated as the ones that make cars in Detroit.<p>Farfetched? A new report from financial …