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Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables

The race for renewable energy has passed a turning point. The world is now adding more capacity for renewable power each year than coal, natural gas, …


Taking Dutch Housing From Energy Hog to Net Zero in Less Than Ten Days

What if you could change your decades-old house into a modern, comfortable, energy-efficient home in less than ten days without having to move out or …


Grid Power Will Survive Clean Energy Challenge, Stem CEO Says

Utilities will continue to play a vital role in delivering power amid calls from clean-energy proponents including Al Gore that consumers turn away …

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Is Jim Rogers Out of Touch With Utility Transformation?

In his former role as CEO of Duke Energy, Jim Rogers was largely seen as a forward-thinking leader, encouraging his industry to support U.S. climate …

Jim Rogers

Are Electric Vehicles The Best Choice For Teenage Drivers?

Are electric vehicles the best choice for teenage drivers (assuming that upfront costs aren’t an issue)? That’s an interesting question, one where …

EV battery costs declining faster than expected

The cost to make lithium-ion battery packs used for plug-in vehicles dropped by about 14 percent a year between 2007 and 2014, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. That means the average cost per kilowatt hour fell from about $1,000 to $410 during that time …


Why Corporate Power Purchasing is Poised to be the Next Big Thing in Renewable Energy

Utility-scale solar and wind power is the best source of cheap, large-scale renewable energy. If you’re just reading the 2015 headlines it can seem …


The Finance Industry on DERs: Solar and Batteries are Coming

If you want to see where the grid is heading, follow the money. And by that measure, the banks have spoken loudly.

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Solar power plus battery could supply most electricity needs in 10-15 years

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Homer Energy released a report, “The Economics of Load Defection,” detailing where and when grid-connected solar …


Report: ‘Load Defection’ From Customer-Owned Solar and Batteries Is Already Here

Forget the threat of solar- and battery-equipped customers defecting from the grid. The real threat for utilities unwilling to adapt to …

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Why utilities could soon face massive load defection, and how they can prevent it

Two roads are diverging for utilities. One leads to huge opportunities if they take the initiative to transform the grid and their business models. …


Is America's electrical grid fading to black?

Are you prepared to live "off the grid," independent of major electric utilities? Many people who live in Washington, D.C., may be ready for a change …


What if companies and their buildings actually enhanced ecosystems?

What if building codes actually required new projects to enhance a certain number of ecosystem services — such as sequestering carbon, building …


Amory Lovins: Freedom From Fossil Fuels Is a Possible Dream

'Our energy future is not fate but choice...And that choice is very flexible,' clean energy visionary says in a Harvard Climate Week speech.By Lisa …


Solar-Plus-Battery Systems Could Significantly Reduce Grid Loads

April 9, 2015 By Karen Henry

Grid-connected solar-plus-battery systems could soon supply the majority of customers’ electricity needs, according to a …


Utilities May Lose More Grid-Connected Customers, And Billions of Dollars

A rebounding economy will lead to greater demand, rising electricity rates and falling costs tied to technology — especially energy storage devices that could facilitate the use of rooftop solar panels. For utilities, that means fewer grid connected customers and possible declines in revenue of $35 …

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Utility Sales Could Drop by Half as Homes Make Their Own Power

Utilities in the U.S. Northeast stand to lose as much as half of residential sales by 2030 as customers install solar and battery-storage systems and …


Report: The way we power our homes may be on the verge of a major change

In recent years, the growth of the rooftop solar market has been astounding. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the growth rate …


The Economics of Load Defection


Rising retail prices for grid electricity and declining costs for solar PV and batteries mean that …


Kaiser Permanente buys 153 MW of wind and solar power

Kaiser Permanente’s recent announcement that it would purchase enough renewable energy to meet half of its electricity consumption in California made


Bloomberg, Steyer: Think CA drought is bad? That's just a preview

As California continues to waffle on industrial-scale drought measures, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer and Hank Paulson urge businesses to take action …


Tesla Q1 Sales = 10,030, Mercedes Chairman Talks Tesla & EVs (Cleantech Link Drop)

Below is another cleantech link drop, my favorite cleantech stories from around the interwebs other than the ones we’ve covered. However, one of …


Obama Announces Plan to Train 75,000 Solar Workers

As part of President Obama’s plans to combat climate change, the White House announced a program on Friday for the U.S. Department of Energy to train …

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How to Deploy Solar as a Grid Resource

There’s an opportunity to use distributed PV to better utilize the existing electricity system, which not only makes that PV more valuable to the …

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Global Wind Energy Installations Grow By 42% In 2014

Navigant Research has published its 20th edition of the annual World Wind Energy Market Update report, and it shows that worldwide wind power …

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'Alarm bells should be ringing' for coal companies and investors

New Carbon Tracker analysis highlights a spate of bankrupticies in coal sector as sign of things to come for fossil fuels.


Tesla's Self-Driving Feature Leaves Insurers Idling As States Scramble

Tesla Motors’ plan to roll out a self-driving feature on some cars this summer has regulators, especially in its home state of California, scrambling to write new rules.

Current California law allows automakers to operate autonomous vehicles -- but not regular drivers.

“We have been trying to get a …


A Utility Business Model That Embraces Efficiency and Solar Without Sacrificing Revenue?

Our analysis shows that both municipally-owned utilities like Fort Collins Utilities and other member- or independently-owned utilities alike can …

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Costa Rica is now running completely on renewable energy

Costa Rica is running without having to burn a single fossil fuel, and it’s been doing so for 75 straight days.

Thanks to some heavy rainfall this year, Costa Rica’s hydropower plants alone are generating nearly enough electricity to power the entire country. With a boost from geothermal, solar, and …