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How to Deploy Solar as a Grid Resource

When I pass through the residential and commercial areas of a city, it’s interesting to note which homes and businesses have solar panels on their …

Global Wind Energy Installations Grow By 42% In 2014

Navigant Research has published its 20th edition of the annual World Wind Energy Market Update report, and it shows that worldwide wind power …

Wind Power

'Alarm bells should be ringing' for coal companies and investors

New Carbon Tracker analysis highlights a spate of bankrupticies in coal sector as sign of things to come for fossil fuels.


Tesla's Self-Driving Feature Leaves Insurers Idling As States Scramble

Tesla Motors’ plan to roll out a self-driving feature on some cars this summer has regulators, especially in its home state of California, scrambling to write new rules.

Current California law allows automakers to operate autonomous vehicles -- but not regular drivers.

“We have been trying to get a …


A Utility Business Model That Embraces Efficiency and Solar Without Sacrificing Revenue?

Our analysis shows that both municipally-owned utilities like Fort Collins Utilities and other member- or independently-owned utilities alike can …

Renewable Energy

Costa Rica is now running completely on renewable energy

Costa Rica is running without having to burn a single fossil fuel, and it’s been doing so for 75 straight days.

Thanks to some heavy rainfall this year, Costa Rica’s hydropower plants alone are generating nearly enough electricity to power the entire country. With a boost from geothermal, solar, and …


Forget Utility 2.0—the Power Sector Needs ‘Regulation of the Future’

New technologies and financial innovation have launched an era of consumer choice and control in the power sector the likes of which the industry has …


IBM, Honeywell, CH2M Hill join White House on emissions cuts

The notion of confronting environmental risks embedded in complex global supply chains got a big endorsement last week; President Barack Obama made a …


Indian Banks Set $57 Billion Green Lending Targets By 2022

Citigroup had recently announced plans to lend, invest, and facilitate deals worth $100 billion by 2025, to support projects that will fight climate …


What Should Nissan's Next Electric Move Be? Electric Nissan Sway?

Published on March 22nd, 2015 | by Zachary Shahan


March 22nd, 2015 by Zachary Shahan

Below is another repost from EV Obsession. First, however, here’s a …

Electric Vehicles

Solar Panels Or Greenery For Every New Building Rooftop In France

A new law was approved in France recently that requires the rooftops of every new building in a commercial zone to be partially covered with either …


New Report Identifies 120 Significant Players in a Burgeoning Home Energy Market

According to GTM Research’s latest report, Energy in the Connected Home 2015: Technology, Evolution, Landscape, and Distribution Strategies, the …

Energy Market

Has this Singapore hotel uncovered the future of hospitality energy efficiency?

Retrofits at the Marina Bay Sands resort result in 11 percent energy savings and a two-year return on investment.


Nissan has now sold 75,000 Leaf EVs in the US

Somehow it doesn't surprise us that the 75,000th Nissan Leaf electric vehicle sold in the US would go to a guy from Portland, Oregon. Rishabh Mehandru, who first experienced the Leaf through a lease a couple of years ago, took the full plunge with a 2015 model and ended up being No. 75,000 (ding, …

Pacific Northwest

Mercedes-Benz F015 promises a luxurious future for self-driving cars

The (not yet fully) autonomous Mercedes-Benz F015 takes a different approach to exploring driverless automobiles by focusing on the human experience, …


How does the focus of climate activism in the US differ from that in Germany?

Survey analysis

In 2015, American climate activists want to focus on fighting fossil fuels, to enforce existing legislation, and most importantly to


North American Tractor-Trailers Can Be 50 Percent More Fuel Efficient

The global trucking industry produces 1.6 billion metric tons of CO2 per year, making it responsible for 5.75 percent of total greenhouse gas …


Is your city green? Why measuring sustainability matters

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities and that percentage continues to rise, making cities critical areas for adopting practices …

Sustainable Design

Study: Solar PV in the Built Environment Could Power California Nearly 5 Times Over

In 2007, when the cost of a rooftop solar system hovered around $8 per watt, engineer and solar advocate Bill Powers proposed an ambitious plan: …


Dubai Police Force Adds BMW i8

The UAE state of Dubai can claim to have the 6th highest number of millionaires per capita in the world, and many of them drive high-powered …


BYD to lease 200 E6 EVs to Uber for testing

Vehicles from Chinese auto brands are still a relative rarity on US roads, but if you hail a ride with Uber in Chicago, there's a chance you might sit in one. The ridesharing service is conducting a pilot program in the Windy City with BYD that could eventually include a test fleet of 200 of the …


Efficiency and Renewables on the Menu for McDonald’s

Not many people associate fast food with clean energy. But that’s exactly what one of the largest quick-service restaurants in the world is …


An 'Irish goodbye' to fossil fuels

Ireland's rolling hills may already be green, but the European nation is also making moves to green its economy.


BMW's plans for next plug-in i model, due after 2020

BMW entered the fight in the green car ring with gusto thanks to the one-two punch of the i3 and the i8. However, it seems that there could be a wait ahead before the German's i sub-brand is ready to land another strike at the market.

"We are still in the strategic research phase where we …


Data Center Energy Efficiency: Going Green Without Going Broke

Exact forecasts for electricity markets might be difficult, but the trend is clear: energy costs are the fastest-rising expense for today’s data …


You Don't Need An Energy Company When You Can Buy Power From Your Friends

Utility companies are getting disrupted as people sell each other their energy, without the middleman.

While communication networks have evolved a lot over the last century, the electricity grid has hardly changed at all. The system still uses the same basic technology and has the same general form: …


SolarCity Combines Its Skills to Finance ‘Microgrids as a Service’

SolarCity, the largest solar installer and financier in the U.S., is now offering "microgrids as a service" by integrating its existing expertise in …


The man illuminating how dirty your energy really is

Mark Z. Jacobson is director of Stanford University's Atmosphere and Energy Program, as well as a professor of civil and environmental engineering.


German Energy Grid Faces Crucial Test With Impending Solar Eclipse

Published on March 16th, 2015 | by Joshua S Hill


March 16th, 2015 by Joshua S Hill

On March 20, the moon will pass in front of the Sun, blocking 82% of …

Solar Eclipse