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What California's cap-and-trade success means for the low-carbon economy

Despite warnings that adding transportation fuels to California’s cap and trade system would wreak havoc on the market and hurt the state’s economy, …


How Utilities Could Use Virtual Reality and Google Glass to Monitor the Grid

Someday, utility workers may be able to don a Google Glass or Oculus headset to enter a world where power outages are pinpointed with flashing icons …

Virtual Reality

Wind Turbine Blade Design Rapidly Evolving

Published on March 3rd, 2015 | by Joshua S Hill


March 3rd, 2015 by Joshua S Hill

A new report from Navigant Research has concluded that innovation and …


Could Southeast Europe Be the Next Growth Market for Energy Storage?

Southeast Europe faces a wide range of political and economic challenges, not least in the energy arena.

Infrastructure quality in the region varies …


PR giant Edelman cuts ties with oil industry

World's largest public relations firm walks away from the gas and oil industry, including the $327 million American Petroleum Institute account.

Public Relations

Tesla Hits New Milestone -- 2,000 Superchargers Installed Worldwide (Infographic)

Published on March 2nd, 2015 | by James Ayre


March 2nd, 2015 by James Ayre

Tesla Motors has achieved yet another new milestone, with more than 2,000 …


10,000 hydrogen cars planned for US northeast

Ready for the plans to bring hydrogen cars to the US Northeast? While we've heard the proposal from Toyota – that it will sell the Mirai fuel cell car there and build H2 stations with Air Liquide – a new series of 2015 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Development Plans from the Northeast Electrochemical …


Arizona Utility Gets Approval for High Monthly Demand Charges on Solar Customers

Arizona Republic: Utility Board Approves Large Monthly Solar FeesSalt River Project's elected leaders on Thursday voted in favor of a rate increase …

Solar Power

SunEdison donates $5 million to train low-income workers on solar jobs

In this powerful team-up, non-profit GRID Alternatives will use SunEd's cash and panel donations to get 4,000 low-income workers installing solar.


SolarCity To Partner With Google To Finance $750 Million In Residential Solar

American solar energy company SolarCity has announced the creation of a fund that is expected to finance $750 million in residential solar projects, …


Google Is Making Its Biggest Ever Bet on Renewable Energy

(Bloomberg) -- Google Inc. is making its largest bet yet on renewable energy, a $300 million investment to support at least 25,000 SolarCity Corp. …


Interactive Map: The Changing Arctic


Why EVs Are AND Aren’t Luxury Cars

Maybe no EV—despite critiques of their upfront cost premium—should qualify as a luxury car … at least not on the pure basis of sticker price.


Why New Electricity Pricing Approaches Are a Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

There is a looming disconnect between the rapidly evolving new world of distributed energy technologies and the old world of electricity pricing, …


Unlocking the Potential of Commercial-Scale Solar

With seemingly infinite rooftops and plots of land with unused space, why hasn’t the commercial solar industry boomed like other sectors?

Solar Power

Invest In Solar Farms With New Investor Program From Innovative Solar Systems

Would you be part of the solar boom for as for as little as $250,000 per project? Solar investment opportunities are getting better and better with …

North Carolina

Porsche's Tesla-fighter could have 600 hp and 300-mile range

Will this be the Ragin' Pajun? Some details on the all-electric "Tesla fighter" from Porsche have been revealed by UK's Car magazine, and, to put it bluntly, the model that has preliminarily been dubbed the 717 will be an absolute beast when it hits the road as early as 2019.

With some technological …


Big Solar

When it comes to innovation, businesses often follow the lead of government. Take large-scale renewable power—especially solar. Before the 2009 …


Tesla and the electric vehicle battery tipping point: Are we there yet?

The Silicon Valley automaker's new batteries for residences, which will work similarly to solar panels, will be available to the public in just a few …


Samsung Buys Austrian Battery Maker, Moves Deeper Into the EV Market

Venture Beat: Samsung Boosts Its Electric Car Credentials

Samsung is making bigger moves into the electric vehicle (EV) realm with news that its …


Wind - GM will deploy wind turbines to power its Mexico factory


GM will deploy wind turbines to power its Mexico factory

American car manufacturer General Motors (GM) is to deploy wind power for the first …

Wind Power

100,000 Florida Petition Signatures Secured For Expanding Solar

Floridians for Solar Choice has secured 100,000 petition signatures to obtain a place on the 2016 ballot after only one month of collecting …


Envisioning a future with less doom and gloom: opportunities for the next generation of optimists

Experts say that the developed countries needs to reduce carbon by 3% per year. Future 500 President Bill Shireman believes that’s a big opportunity for companies and the economy

When it comes to stories about the fate of the earth, headlines are usually dominated by tales of gloom and doom. And …


How the Solar Industry is Coming Together to Expand Community Solar


Community solar farms (made up of PV panels purchased by offsite owners) have been saviors for renters and apartment dwellers without control …

Solar Power

The great sustainable race: Around the globe without fossil fuels

Dutch entrepreneurs create a challenge that's a modern-day vision of Jules Verne's classic: circumnavigate the globe without the use of fossil fuels.

Jules Verne

China To Overtake US As Leading Wind Producer By 2016

Much has been made of the competition between the United States and China for the title of world’s leading wind energy country, with the former …


Can Big Data Help Us Get to a Carbon-Free Future?

This speeding avalanche of data—and all the information in it—can lead to great opportunities, especially in the areas we work in at RMI—electricity, …


NextEra, NRG pass health check

Kaiser Permanente signs PPAs at wind and solar projects in California

Renewable Energy

US health giant Kaiser Permanente signs deals with NextEra, NRG

Kaiser Permanente, among the largest private US health care providers, has signed a series of deals with NextEra Energy Resources and NRG Energy that …

Kaiser Permanente

Apple, Google and now Kaiser spend on renewable power

Following in the footsteps of Apple and Google, health care giant Kaiser Permanente will announce on Wednesday agreements to buy enough renewable …