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AromaticScience, LLC Cinnamaldehyde—A potential antidiabetic agent

Subash Babu P, Prabuseenivasan S, Ignacimuthu S<br>Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology, 2007<p><b>ABSTRACT</b>:<p><i>Cinnamonum</i> …

Dr. David K. Hill, DC

Happy 4th of July everyone! Here are a few snapshots from my recent visit to Korea. It is incredible to travel the world teaching others about the …

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Ask Dr. Hill - Using Essential Oils During Pregnancy

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AromaticScience, LLC Lavender essential oil inhalation suppresses allergic airway inflammation and mucous cell hyperplasia in a murine model of asthma

Ueno-Iio T, Shibakura M, Yokota K, Aoe M, Hyoda T, Shinohata R, Kanehiro A, Tanimoto M, Kataoka M<br>Life Sciences, 2014<p><b>ABSTRACT:</b><p><b>AIMS:</b><br>Lavender essential …

The warm summer weather provides many opportunities for outdoor activities; however, it also increases the risk for insect bites. Essential oils allow us to naturally and safely protect ourselves from pests without the use of harmful products such as DEET. Try doTERRA's TerraShield Repellent Blend, which was specially formulated to deter insects .

It is a bittersweet day. Today is my final day in the original doTERRA office, as tomorrow we will be moving into our new corporate campus. I am excited for this new chapter and will fondly remember the experiences we have had in this building. Here is a picture of my education and training team gearing up for the move!

Dr. David K. Hill, DC

A few pictures from the AromaTouch Technique training in Anaheim, California. I was thrilled to have such an excellent turnout at this event. It is …

Here at doTERRA, we always discuss the importance of proper nutrition. Eating a balanced diet is supportive of proper physiologic function and efficiency of body processes. Find helpful tips for incorporating more healthy foods into your diet in this recent article by Dr. Tory Parker, PhD in Nutritional Science.

I love the InTune Focus Blend. This blend was specifically designed to enhance focus, but it also contains oils that are calming and soothing. As we are drawing nearer to the new school year, I suggest using this oil with school-aged children to help them stay on task both in the classroom and at home.

preserving efficacy

Karmakar S, Choudhury M, Das AS, Maiti A, Majumdar S, Mitra C<br>Natural Product Research, 2012<p><b>ABSTRACT:</b><p>This study examined the efficacy of …

AromaticScience, LLC Formulas of components of citronella oil against mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti)

Hsu WS, Yen JH, Wang YS<br>Journal of Environmental Science and Health, 2013<p><b>ABSTRACT:</b><p>The mosquito <i>Aedes aegypti</i> is an epidemic vector of several diseases …

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Vargas C, Pérez-Esteban J, Escolástico C, Masaguer A, Moliner Environmental science and pollution research international, 2016 ABSTRACT: …

Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Rats

Zari TA, Al-Attar AM<br>Journal of Medical Sciences, 2007<p><b>ABSTRACT</b>:<p>The effects of ginger and clove oils on some physiological parameters were examined in …

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