Surface Pro for Music Production

By Robin Vincent | Making music on the Surface Pro and other multi-touch devices in Windows

Making Music on the Surface Pro 4 - Setting it all up

So when you think about making music on a Surface, or on any computer, it’s very easy to assume that we’re talking about electronic music – about …

Dealing with ASIO4ALL on the Surface Pro 4

While I was shooting the video about setting up the Surface Pro 4 for music production I hit an unexpected problem with the ASIO4ALL driver. We use …


Surface Pro 4 - First Impressions for Music Production

Welcome to the beginning of our Surface Pro 4 journey. I wanted to let you know what the plan is, rough out a bit of a schedule and introduce you to …


Wifo Corporation Remofinger G Wireless Foot Controller

When I first glimpsed this device in some of the NAMM show coverage I was immediately taken with it. The image of an iPad with what looked like patch …


Tweaking Windows 10 on the Surface Pro 4 for Music Production

The key tweaks you need to do to Windows 10 on your Surface to give you the best performance. Applies to all models and is even handy on your …

One Year Review of the Surface Pro 3 for Music Production

It’s been a year, a whole year since I embarked on this little journey of discovery. I bought the Surface Pro 3 for a couple of reasons, firstly I …

How to Backup a Surface Pro 3

Windows 10 is upon us so I thought it would be good form to be sensible and attempt to backup my Surface Pro 3 before I let Microsoft completely …


Installing the Windows 10 Upgrade on my Surface 3

This is sort of a friends and family guide to installing the Windows 10 upgrade – I’m going to get asked about it so I thought I may as well document …

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FL Studio 12 - Multi-touch, Performance Mode and the Surface Pro 3

Image Line FL Studio 12 Full, In Depth Review

Image Line FL Studio 12 Improvisation on the Surface Pro 3

The Surface Digital Pen is Awesome - here's why (featuring Toolbar Creator)

Microsoft Surface 3 - Full Review and SP3 Comparison for Music Production

Open Labs Stagelight 2.1 Full In Depth Review

Open Labs Stagelight 2.1 Improvisation on the Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 - 8 Month Review for Music Production

Surface Pro 3 Music Production Timelapse

Surface Pro 3 Vs iPad - Making Sweet Music Together

The Best Computer Music Bits From NAMM 2015

Microsoft’s mind-blowing vision of the future: 3D holograms, smart surfaces, next-gen wearables, and ‘fluid mobility’

What will the world be like in another 5 to 10 years? Microsoft is answering that question with a new installment in its “Productivity Future Vision” …


Performing Live with the Surface Pro 3

One of the key reasons behind my purchase of the Surface Pro 3 was to use it for live performance – and now that time has come. I’m performing both …


Running Ableton Live on the Surface Pro 3

Welcome to Surface Sessions number 8 and what must be the most requested session to date – Ableton Live. It’s one of the most obvious pairings but …

The Surface Pro 3 Pen Toolbar for DAW Software

Welcome to Surface Sessions number 6 and in a change from the usual look at some DAW software I’m going to take you behind the scenes of a couple of …

Running Reason 8 on the Surface Pro 3

Welcome to Surface Sessions number 5. Reason 8 has just arrived and so it seemed rude not to jump straight in and see how well it runs on the Surface …

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Running Cubase on the Surface Pro 3

Now we all know that the Surface Pro 3 is totally capable of running desktop software – so it shouldn’t be remarkable that Cubase or Pro Tools as in …

Running Pro Tools on the Surface Pro 3

Right then, Pro Tools – this is one of the more fussy bits of music software. Let’s see how it flies with the Surface Pro 3.<p>Here’s the YouTube …

Surface Pro 3 - First Impressions for music

The Surface Pro 3 has arrived and here are our first impressions. (text continues after the video version).<p>It’s a lovely thing to hold. It’s light, …

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Novation Audiohub 2x4 - the perfect Surface Pro 3 audio interface?

Just seen this cool video (below) about the Novation’s new audio interface, the Audiohub 2×4. I’ve always rated Novation’s hardware – I’ve had a Nio …