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Surface Book Review for Music Production

<b>Is the Surface Book suitable for music production and live performance? After two months of exhaustive testing I can finally give my view on the</b> …

Molten Modular 01 - Introduction to Eurorack Modular synthesis series


Where do you start with modular?

So you’ve moved beyond the inquisitive into a desire to get involved in this world of modular. Assuming you’ve thought about your approach (check out …

Trump: Making synthesis great again

<b>As Donald Trump becomes President of the USA I felt I wanted to reflect on how his plan to make America great again could do well to follow the</b> …

NAMM 2017: Robin's Modular round-up

Robin Vincent NAMM 2017 Modular Round-up · Source:<p><b>This year’s NAMM show was undoubtedly an overwhelming mass of patch cable chaos. There</b> …

A journey into Modular Synthesis

<b>If you are interested in taking steps into modular synthesis but you’re not a synth nerd or feel out of your depth on the various modular forums and</b> …

Robin's Picks 2016: Behringer, Screenforge, Make Noise

Editors Picks 2016 Synths Robin Vincent · Source:<p><b>I joined the team just after Christmas last year and so I’ve experienced a</b> …

Reaktor Blocks, Surface Pro 4 and Novation Circuit - noodling

Surface Pro 4

Running Virtual Instruments on the Surface Pro 4 featuring Arturia V Collection

Surface Pro 4

Tweaking Windows 10 on the Surface Pro 4 for Music Production

Surface Pro 4

Bitwig Studio 1.3 Review Part 2 - Multi-touch

This is part 2 of my Bitwig Studio review concerning the multi-touch features. For a general overview of the key Bitwig features check out part 1 …

Running PreSonus Studio One 3 on the Surface Pro 3

The new version of PreSonus’ Studio One brings a lot of class and finesse to the sometimes brash and noisy world of digital audio workstations. It’s …

Competition for country’s ‘coolest techie’ names Swanton Abbott man as East Anglia’s winner

<b>PUBLISHED:</b> 07:00 21 March 2015 | <b>UPDATED:</b> 10:58 23 March 2015<p>Robin Vincent from Swanton Abbott who is East Anglia's coolest technie. Picture: Daisy …

Online Education

Propellerheads Reason 8 Full Review


Surface Sessions 07-7 - Performing Live - Showtime!


Surface Pro 3 Vs iPad - Making Sweet Music Together

Surface Pro

Running Cubase on the Surface Pro 3

Now we all know that the Surface Pro 3 is totally capable of running desktop software – so it shouldn’t be remarkable that Cubase or Pro Tools as in …

Making Music on the Microsoft Surface

So, how well does Cubase run on the Surface Pro? What’s the performance like? How well does touch work? Is touch, the pen and the Dial useful in …

Multi-touch Music Software For Windows

What Windows music software works well with multi-touch screens, and what feels a bit out of touch? Find out in our in-depth guide.<p>Most of us now …

Music Production

Soul Circus - Night Vision thoughts behind the music


Composing Soundtracks For… Books?

The book publishing world is enjoying a fair bit of disarray at the moment. The rise of eBooks that everyone hates (but reads anyway), the closing of …


Will I Know You When I See You

Soul Circus - Peace Be With You


The Pro Tools PC - The Only Computer Designed For Pro Tools

Soul Circus - What is it?


There Is Such A Thing As Forgiveness - Molten Meditation


5 Things To Think About When Buying A New PC - Part 1

Review: Molten Meditation 3 - Robin Vincent

<i>Reviewed by Ben Martin</i><p>If you are looking for a way out from the stress of your busy, hectic life yet only have ten or fifteen minutes to spare in the …