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5 most incredible discoveries of the week

<b>(NEWSER)</b> – A cool new color and helpful information for those who indulge in marijuana were among the notable discoveries of the week:<p>Chemists Stumble Onto First New Blue in 200 Years: A professor and students at Oregon State inadvertently discovered a striking new shade of blue in the lab while …


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This Colorful Ingredient Turns Cocktails Into Litmus Tests

Long gone are the days of boring and basic cocktails. Today mixologists are stirring up drinks that include everything from smoke to foie gras in …

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How to Read Auras – What is the Meaning of Each Color?

To cleanse your aura, Sage, Incense, Sweet grass and Florida Water, I sell the products on my other site<p>Explanations Of The …


Want to Boost Your Creativity and Productivity? Try These Paint Colors.

Got writer’s block (or painter’s block, or are just in a general creative funk?) The color of your walls might be one of your culprits.<p><i>This article</i> …


How One Painter Sees Color in Music—And Turns it Into Incredible Works of Art


An NYU professor studied 'The Dress' for a year — here's what he learned

On a cold winter afternoon in February 2015, Cecilia Bleasdale took a picture of a dress that she meant to wear to her daughter’s wedding. A couple of weeks later, one of her daughter’s friends shared that cellphone snapshot on Tumblr, where it quickly went viral.<p>Some people saw the dress in the …


A British Artist Was Given Exclusive Rights to the World's Darkest Black

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Pop-of-Color Decor to Brighten Your Winter

We've reached that point in the winter when the monotony of gray days and frigid nights that start at 4:30 P.M start to take a toll. See for yourself how swapping a beige rug, platinum-color pillow, or ivory vase for pieces in vibrant, eye-catching hues can brighten and transform a space.<p>A …

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The One Thing In Your Home That Can Significantly Boost Your Happiness

Hint: It's not a bigger kitchen.<p>While organizing your closet and tricking out your bed can certainly lift your spirits, there's one thing that can majorly impact your mood that you probably haven't thought much about. Believe it or not, the paint colors you choose can change the way you feel in …

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FengShui: Optimize Positive Energy In Your Home

<b>Ready to choose your fengshui color?</b><p><b>This quick and easy fengshui color guide will surely help you creating the best possible choice concerning the</b> …

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Color Of The Year 2016 - Best Colors Of The Year

We're only a few weeks into 2016, but one color is already proving to be more popular than any other hue.<p>Forget Rose Quartz and Serenity, there's a new top color in town and we're crushing hard.<p>Marigold — a lovely tangerine-ish shade that mixes the best of yellow and orange — has been popping up …

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Minimalist Color Palettes of 2015

Italian Creative Agency Dumma Branding created this gorgeous Minimalist Color palette collection of most used color of 2015. When you think of …

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How to Choose the Perfect Color — The Feng Shui Way

Presented by<p>The meanings of the hues in this ancient practice are fascinating.<p>Choosing a room color is never an easy decision. Do the hues make you happy? Do they work with the size of the room? Do they flatter you? So, yes, you might balk at Feng Shui as yet another consideration in the paint …

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15 Fascinating Explanations for How Things Got Their Colors

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Style at Home

Read More<p>Read More<p>Read More<p>Read More<p>Despite building a brand new four-bedroom house, homeowner Remy Lang creates a whimsical room with a nostalgic …

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How To Create The Right Atmosphere With Colors For Your Home

Are you redecorating your home? Many people feel the psychological powers of different colors. They can influence your body, your mind and your …

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Living Room Paint Colors: 9 Top Picks from the Pros

Choosing paint colors for your home can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the living room. It's a space that is both an intimate …

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12 Paint Colors That Will Flatter Everyone in the Room

Conventional wisdom says pink gives you a glow, but that's just the beginning.<p>A room is only as good as how you feel it in (or we think so, anyway). For a wall color that makes you look and feel great, start with these hues, recommended by interior designers.

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50 shades of blue: Scientists say sadness affects color perception

'Feeling blue' or 'seeing things through rose-tinted glasses' may not just be melodramatic statements. New research suggests that emotions can …

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The psychology behind color

If you squash every scene from the <i>The Matrix</i> into one image you’ll get something that looks like an old fuzzy TV screen. Look a little closer though and you’ll see the entire movie unfold, all without watching a single scene.<p>As you scan from left to right and top to bottom the colors flip flop …

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Choose Paint Colors With a Color Wheel

Home>Ideas | More in Painting<p>How to pick a complementary color scheme for your next paint job<p>Next<p>IMAGE 1 OF 7<p>Courtesy of The Color Wheel Co.<p>Color …

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Montessori-Inspired Color Wheel Activities & Printables

| Crystal Paine<p>The Natural Homeschool has a post on <b>Montessori-Inspired Color Wheel Activities</b> with free printables.<p><b>Looking for more?</b> Read more posts …

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