Housing Heretic

By Rob Carrick | Globe and Mail personal finance columnist Rob Carrick brings you the latest in critical thinking on the housing market. Read this if you think house prices always go up.

Richardson GMP’s Hilliard MacBeth sounds the housing crash warning

The Globe’s Real Estate Beat offers news and analysis on the Canadian housing market. Read more on The Globe’s housing page.

Hilliard MacBeth is staking his reputation on the controversial idea that there will soon be a housing crash in Canada.

Mr. MacBeth, an Edmonton-based portfolio manager with …

Harper dismisses reports of a Canadian housing bubble

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada is not facing a housing crisis, despite analyst fears that the market may be on the verge of a serious …

Will The Chinese Corruption Crackdown Bring Canada's Housing Market To Its Knees?

In the Financial Times, Jamil Anderlini writes that the Chinese Communist party is turning to western governments – including Canada – to help in its …

Canadian watchdog says banks can withstand major housing downturn

By Jeffrey Hodgson

(Reuters) - A recent system wide stress test confirmed Canadian banks could absorb the hit from a significant downturn in the country's booming housing market, the new head of Canada's banking regulator said on Tuesday.

Jeremy Rudin, who took the top job at Canada's Office of the …


Survey show 80% of renters under 50 desire home ownership

The Globe’s Real Estate Beat offers news and analysis on the Canadian housing market from real estate reporter Tara Perkins. Read more on The Globe’s housing page and follow Tara on Twitter @TaraPerkins.

The vast majority of Canadian renters under the age of 50 would like to own a home, a new survey …

The dark side of Canada's renovation boom

(Photo by Maya Visnyei)

The hit Canadian TV show Property Brothers follows a formula as rigid as a newly sistered floor joist. Real-life twin brothers …

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What We Don't Know About Canada's Housing Market Could Sink Us

Is Canada in a major housing bubble? Without crucial data that lenders and government are withholding, it’s practically impossible to tell. In this

Can you really afford that mortgage? Know your Real Life Ratio

Someone ought to explain the facts of life to the nation’s bankers.

They’re handing out mortgages to people without any apparent understanding that today’s home-buying couple is tomorrow’s family of three or four. A lot happens to one’s ability to afford mortgage payments when kids come along, but …

Albertans see household debt soar as home prices surge

The Globe’s Real Estate Beat offers news and analysis on the Canadian housing market from real estate reporter Tara Perkins. Read more on The Globe’s housing page and follow Tara on Twitter @TaraPerkins.

Consumers in Alberta and British Columbia are taking on a surprising amount of debt, much of …

Charting Toronto's uneven housing bubble

It’s been said Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods. That’s particularly true when it comes to home prices. Toronto’s real estate prices have been on …

Bearish on Canadian Real Estate? Then Run Away From These 3 Stocks

The voices used to be soft and easily drowned out by the crowd.

Then, as fundamentals continued to look more and more out of whack, the voices got …


Toronto’s real estate market is so hot, investors don’t want to touch it

Scott Baker has a rarefied view of Toronto’s real estate market.

“We tend to look at it from 40,000 feet.”

Indeed, as the manager of a private pool of real estate assets, he looks at the broader housing picture in North America from that height.

Mr. Baker, a senior vice-president with Toronto-based …

How to protect yourself from the Canadian real estate bubble bust

You would think that Canada’s housing market was the champagne industry — there’s so much talk of bubbles. For the past couple of years it’s been …


What An Average Canadian House Will Buy You Around The World

The average house price in Canada hit $413,000 in June, an all-time record and a 7-per-cent jump from a year earlier. The average home in Canada …

Many Canadian lenders ‘concerned’ about housing ‘bubble’: survey

It’s been months since a big foreign bank has warned about massive overvaluations in the housing market, or another observer has blasted the sizable …


How the housing market has cooled in most of Canada

While the headlines from the Canadian Real Estate Association may highlight the nearly seven per cent spike in the average price of a house over the …

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Young urban condo buyers: Why not rent instead?

Question for all the young adults buying condos these days: What are you thinking?

Rent that little box in the sky and save your money for a house later on. Don’t buy something you’re going to grow out of in a few years.

“When you run the numbers, renting is probably a bit cheaper,” said David …

Can you afford a home in these cities?

Housing affordability is a national disaster that begs further investigation.

The average national resale home price in May: $416,584.

The annual gross income needed to afford that price based on a 5-per-cent down payment and a five-year mortgage: $89,363.

The estimated median family employment …