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HIV immunity: rare gene differences offer hope for treatment

“I believe it’s possible to develop a mass-market single-shot treatment for HIV,” says Dr Gero Hütter. “If we can overcome a few problems, our approach is closer to a complete cure than anything in the last 30 years.”

It’s now seven years since Hütter and his team at the Charité hospital in Berlin …


Ethiopia's election is a wake-up call on human rights and sound governance

On Sunday, millions of Ethiopians will line up at polling stations to participate in Africa’s largest exercise of political theatre. A decade-long campaign by Ethiopia’s government to silence dissent forcibly has left the country without a viable political opposition, without independent media, and …

UK Politics

Fertility treatments give birth to dilemma for parents

Brenda Loblein never wanted to be in this position. She didn’t want to be faced with a decision about what to do with an extra embryo – a potential child – sitting on ice in a sterilised storage facility.

Loblein was 35 when she walked down the aisle for the second time, and she was already a mother …


Could extinct species be brought back to life? Podcast

Beth Shapiro is an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her new book, How To Clone A Mammoth, takes us through the controversial process of de-extinction, from how you would go about it, which species might be restored and - if you got to that stage - where you'd put …


Cars Are Becoming Devices With Apple Watch Apps

Find your way, your car, or a bus with a tap of your wrist

Automotive enthusiasts have been lamenting lately that these kids today don’t want cars; they want devices. That may be true, but there is a way to have both: develop apps for the Apple Watch (and other soon-to-be-sold smart watch platforms) …

Apple Watch

Revealed: The Ocean's Tiniest Life At The Bottom Of The Food Chain

What's at the bottom of the bottom of the food chain? Well, think small ... smaller than you can see.

Tiny life forms in the ocean, too small for the naked eye to see.

There are (and scientists have done the math) trillions of microorganisms in the ocean: plankton, bacteria, krill (they're maybe …


How Do You Motivate Kids To Stop Skipping School?

It seems like a no-brainer: Offer kids a reward for showing up at school, and their attendance will shoot up. But a recent study of third-graders in a slum in India suggests that incentive schemes can do more harm than good.

The study, a working paper released by the Hong Kong University of Science …


Sports policies that exclude women with high testosterone must end, experts say

Last summer, Indian sprinter Dutee Chand was barred from competing against other women because of a testosterone policy. Track’s governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), told her that she could only return to the sport after she lowered her natural testosterone …

Women's News

Who Let The Dogs In? We Did, About 30,000 Years Ago

It looks like dogs might well have been man's (and woman's) best friend for a lot longer than once thought.

The long-held conventional wisdom is that canis lupus familiaris split from wolves 11,000 to 16,000 years ago and that the divergence was helped along by Stone Age humans who wanted a fellow …

Public Broadcasters

A Cellular Atlas Of The Human Body

New RNA sequencing techniques are revealing the unknown secrets of our cells

If science textbooks are to be believed, you have about 200 different types of cells in your body. But several teams of scientists are now debating that number, saying that the estimate is significantly larger. Using the …

Human Anatomy

Meet scientists' picks for the top 10 new species of 2015

Saturday is the 308th birthday of Carolus Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist who took it upon himself to classify all plants and animals on Earth. Taxonomists at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry celebrate the occasion by highlighting 10 fascinating species that were discovered in …


Obama promises Israel that 'America has your back'

US president tries to reassure Israel during address at synagogue in Washington

Barack Obama spoke at a synagogue on Friday in an effort ease strained relations with Israel and American Jews but also to warn that he has "a responsibility to speak out honestly" against Israeli policies that endanger …


Most people don't understand just how little we know about the human brain

Of all the physical components of the human body, the one we most associate with our "self" and our consciousness is the brain.

That fantastically complex organ is the main focus of several massive scientific research projects right now, including the more than $300 million Brain Initiative and the …

The Brain

California Approves Historic Voluntary Water Cuts by Farmers

The state already has mandated 25 percent conservation by cities and towns and curtailed water deliveries

(SACRAMENTO, Calif)—California regulators on Friday accepted a historic offer by farmers to make a 25 percent voluntary water cut to avoid deeper mandatory losses during the drought.

Officials …


Beijing: U.S. threatens peace in South China Sea

The Chinese government is calling U.S. surveillance flights over the South China Sea a threat to peace in the region and warning that they could lead to accidents in the air or at sea.

The message was delivered after the U.S. military on Wednesday undertook a reconnaissance flight on which a CNN …


The Netherlands approves partial niqab ban

Prime Minister Mark Rutte says ban on face-veils in public buildings and transport does not target religious groups.

The Dutch cabinet has approved a partial ban on wearing the face-covering Islamic veil, including in schools, hospitals and on public transport.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte told …


Beijing promises coal-free power by 2017 to fight pollution

BEIJING (Reuters) - Beijing will build four gas-fired power and heating plants by next year and shut the last of its coal-fired generators by 2017 as part of its campaign against hazardous air pollution, officials said.

However, while progress has been made in cutting major pollutants such as sulfur …


The Small But Mighty Seed

Gérard Depardieu discusses Russia in Cannes: 'If Crimea had been American it would have been a different matter'

Gerard Depardieu has expressed solidarity with both Russian president Vladimir Putin and former Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko at the Cannes film festival. Asked his feelings about the current dispute over Ukraine, Depardieu said: “I’m like everybody – I think conflicts are a terrible thing. …


UN investigates Briton on death row in Ethiopia

The detention of a British citizen held on death row in Ethiopia for almost a year is being investigated by the United Nations official responsible for preventing torture.

Andargachew Tsige was arrested last June while in transit through Yemen’s main airport and forcibly removed to Addis Ababa. He …


Edward Snowden: Rand Paul's 'Filibuster' Is a 'Sea Change'

The ex-spy answered Reddit users' questions about NSA reform Thursday.

With a little help from his friends at the American Civil Liberties Union, Edward Snowden conducted a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session Thursday afternoon. The ex-spy spoke about reforms to the National Security Agency and the …

National Security Agency

Scientists just realized a chunk of Antarctica is leaking trillions of liters of water into the sea

Things have been getting slushy on the bottom of the planet. But not the Southern Antarctic Peninsula, that tongue of ice and land that flicks up toward Chile. Or at least, that’s what scientists had thought.

New research, however, reveals that in the last five years, the peninsula has been melting …

Lake Vostok

U.S. says South China Sea reclamations stoke instability

JAKARTA (Reuters) - China's land reclamation around reefs in the disputed South China Sea is undermining freedom and stability, and risks provoking tension that could even lead to conflict, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken told a conference in Jakarta.

China claims 90 percent of the …

South China Sea

Senior Israeli diplomat: 'This land is ours'

Latest News


JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's new deputy foreign minister on Thursday delivered a defiant message to the international community, saying that Israel owes no apologies for its policies in the Holy Land and citing religious texts to back her belief that it belongs to the Jewish …

Middle East

Anger over EU's 'slave trade' rhetoric as naval operations begin in Mediterranean

More than 300 leading migration experts have denounced plans for military action against Libyan smugglers as reminiscent of the actions of countries that enabled the 18th century slave trade. Attempts to justify military intervention by comparisons with 18th century suppression of the slave trade …

Slave Trade

China Kicks Off 'Great Leap Forward' On The Soccer Field

At an elementary school outside the Chinese capital, Beijing, first-graders practice controlling soccer balls under the instruction of American coach Tom Byer.

"When I clap, everybody's going to dribble to the circle, pull it back and go to the right. Go!" he says.

Regular soccer balls would …


Large Hadron Collider Hits a Smashing Record and Gets Set for Science

Scientists operating the Large Hadron Collider say they have set a new energy record ahead of the full restart of the world's biggest particle smasher in June.

Europe's CERN particle physics center said it succeeded late Wednesday in smashing together protons with an energy of 13 trillion electron …

Scientific Research

Bronze Age Egtved Girl Found Buried in Denmark Was From Someplace Else

An iconic Bronze Age girl who was buried in Denmark about 3,400 years ago came from a foreign land, a new analysis of her hair and teeth suggests.

The Egtved girl was named after the village where she was found. All of her bones were missing from her remains, but her clothing, hair, nails and some …

Bronze Age

Prostate cancer breakthrough as scientists crack genetic code behind nine in 10 tumours

Nine out of 10 cases of late stage prostate cancer can now be linked to changes in the DNA of sufferers, the Institute of Cancer Research

Thousands of men suffering from advanced prostate cancer have been offered new hope of a cure after scientists discovered the genetic cause behind 90 per cent of …


Did Arctic heat cause extreme winters in US, UK?

Arctic temperatures are increasing two to three times faster than those at the mid-latitudes, and researchers say there’s fresh evidence suggesting a …