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Japanese police bracing for gang war as Yamaguchi-gumi mafia group splits

Police in Japan are bracing for an outbreak of gang violence after reports that the Yamaguchi-gumi — the country’s biggest crime syndicate — is about to split.

Japanese media reports said the organisation had been hit by rows over members’ divided loyalties toward the gang’s boss, Shinobu …


Incredible Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade

San Antonio, Texas based artist Scott Wade is always experimenting new ways to express his artistic views and known for his popular pieces of Dirty …

Archaeologists unearth ancient Greek palace near Sparta

Archaeologists in Greece have discovered the ruins of an ancient palace with important archaic inscriptions dating back to the Mycenaean Age, the …

Ancient Civilization

Scientists Reveal Secret To Dung Beetles' Impressive Navigation Skills

Credit: Andi Gentsch/Flickr Dung beetle brains are built so they can navigate day or night.

Dung beetles spend their days collecting other animals' poop to feed on. While they may not seem like the most elegant of creatures, it turns out their brains are impressively sophisticated.

A study published …

The Brain

His Drum Talked And Everyone Listened: Remembering A 'Human Treasure'

Senegal is stunned and in mourning.

The country's foremost traditional drummer, Doudou N'Diaye Coumba Rose, died at age 85 on Aug. 19. They called him the "mathematician of rhythm" and he brought local drumbeats to a global audience.

I first set eyes on this musical genius a quarter-century ago in …


New NASA research points to an “unavoidable” rise of several feet for the Earth’s oceans

New satellite research from NASA shows that not only are global sea levels rising quickly, but they could rise even more drastically than previous reports estimated. According to the US space agency, seas around the world have risen an average of three inches (7.6 cm) since 1992, and as much as …


Tesla's New Car Is So Good, It Literally Broke the Consumer Reports Scale

This score is kind of insane.

Tesla Motors Inc.’s all-wheel-drive version of the battery-powered Model S, the P85D, earned a 103 out of a possible 100 …


Cosmic rays: the search is on

High-energy cosmic rays from across the galaxy will be detected on the International Space Station, thanks to a new observatory delivered on Monday.

The CALorimetric Electron Telescope (Calet) was delivered by the fifth flight of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s HTV, or Kounotori (“white …

Cosmic Rays


Is our desire for genetic answers cultural rather than scientific?

The last few decades have seen what some describe as a “genetic revolution”. Advances in genetic science have seen genes become all-encompassing in political and scientific discussion.

Do a quick survey of recent stories, for example, and you will find research that claims “intelligence, creativity …

Scientific Research

7 Apps to Help You Get Stuff Done Around the House

Tackle your DIY projects with these tools

Pity the summertime. All year, we long for better weather, using this season as a repository for our plans. I’ll paint the house in the summer. I’ll plant a garden in the summer. I’ll reorganize the garage in — you guessed it — the summer.

But all those plans …

Home Improvement

Francis I – Big Boy and Larger than Life

This year France celebrates the life and times of one of its greatest monarchs, Francis I (1494 -1547). Here is a short introduction with recommended …

Ancient Rome

Sea levels are rising and show no signs of stopping

Sea level rise due to warming oceans and melting ice is by now unavoidable. According to new NASA research released this week, sea levels have risen an average of almost 3 inches since 1992. At that pace, oceans will have risen by 3 feet by the end of the century — and it may get worse with …

Sea Level

Quiz: do you know your bants from your manspreading?

How many of the 1,000 new words added to do you know?

Words, senses, and phrases that have widespread currency in English have been added to the the online dictionary in their latest quarterly update.

Fiona McPherson, senior editor of Oxford Dictionaries, said the addition of …


Life history trade-offs: why tropical songbirds have fewer chicks

It has been a long-standing ornithological mystery as to why tropical songbirds have smaller clutches of eggs and raise fewer chicks per breeding effort than do temperate songbirds. But today, a study published in the journal Science argues that life history strategies lie at the heart of this …

History of Science

Man found to have been shedding virulent strain of polio for 30 years

A British man with an immune deficiency has been shedding a highly virulent, mutant strain of polio virus for nearly 30 years as a result of childhood vaccinations.

The discovery has prompted scientists to warn of other patients who could unwittingly trigger fresh outbreaks of the disease in regions …


Study delivers bleak verdict on validity of psychology experiment results

A major investigation into scores of claims made in psychology research journals has delivered a bleak verdict on the state of the science.

An international team of experts repeated 100 experiments published in top psychology journals and found that they could reproduce only 36% of original findings.


Third party turns amoebae into farmers

In 2011, scientists reported a startling announcement in Nature Letters. They had been collecting single-celled amoebae of the species Dictyostelium


Fuzzy Nautilus Rediscovered and Filmed After 30 Years

By Peter Ward, National Geographic/Waitt grantee

It’s really nice to see an old friend after a long absence.

Thirty years after the discovery of the fuzzy, slimy, Allonautilus scrobiculatus, I returned to Papua New Guinea to see if this remarkable living fossil had survived the decades of shell …

History of Science

Cosmic neutrinos confirmed at South Pole

Illustration showing one of the highest-energy neutrino events of this study, superimposed on a view of the IceCube Lab at the South Pole. Image via …


Here's How A Mother Panda Cares For Her Newborn Cubs

With a little help from her (zookeeper) friends

It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a team of expert zookeepers and a patient panda to raise two giant panda cubs.

Twin pandas were born to panda Mei Xiang on Saturday, August 22 at the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation …


Physicist Stephen Hawking Explains How Information Escapes Black Holes

Famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking doesn't think black holes are so inescapable after all.

"If you feel you are in a black hole, don't give up," he said in a lecture on Monday night Stockholm, Sweden. "There's a way out."

He elaborated on his comments on Tuesday during a six-day conference …

Stephen Hawking

Why is heart disease still killing young women?

Heart disease deaths among older Americans have fallen dramatically over the past 40 years, but the same is not true for younger people—especially …

Heart Disease

High-Tech Bee Backpacks Could Help Track Hive Collapse

The world's honeybee population is faced with threats both natural and man-made, leading to a catastrophic collapse in population. In order to understand problem better, researchers are equipping bees with tiny location-tracking backpacks, allowing individual insects and, by extension, the …


The Bacteria That Turn Amoebas Into Farmers

Most people think of bacteria as germs, signs of filth, or unwanted bringers of disease. Slowly, that view is changing. It is now abundantly clear that the bacteria that live on the bodies of other creatures help their hosts by digesting food, providing nutrients, protecting against disease, …

Healthy Eating

Researchers inch closer to a universal flu vaccine

Someday, patients may no longer have to get a new flu shot each year, tailored to the particular strains expected to dominate in a given season. That's because scientists are homing in on new methods of formulating vaccines that will be able confer immunity against multiple varieties of influenza …


Why sunlight could protect against multiple sclerosis

A new study suggests that people with natural vitamin D deficiency, the chemical produced by sunlight, are more likely to develop multiple sclerosis

Spending more time in the sun could cut the chance of developing multiple sclerosis after scientists found that people with low vitamin D levels are at …


Thousands of microbes found in house dust

The dust in our homes contains an average of 9,000 different species of microbes, a study suggests.

Researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder analysed the dust found in 1,200 households across the United States.

They discovered that the types of bacteria and fungi varied depending on …


Broccotots Are The Genius Way To Get Your Kids To Eat Broccoli

In general, kids have a thing against broccoli. (At least American kids do -- in Japan, not so much.) Despite the fact that this green, tree-like veggie is often times covered in copious amounts of cheese, broccoli has one of the worst reputations amongst all the vegetables.

But because it's good …