Poetry that Speaks

By rmpWritings | Of all the poems I thoroughly enjoy, there are those that strike a chord that speaks volumes. (Note: most of the poets found here participate in an online community at www.dversepoets.com.)

Getting nostalgic with @dayna_g

Getting nostalgic with @dayna_g. To have your blackout poetry featured tag #makeblackoutpoetry to every piece you post to Instagram. #makeblackoutpoetry #blackoutpoetry #poetry

“Love is our greatest opportunity to find peace

“Love is our greatest opportunity to find peace.” 36x24 wheat paste I made to put up in Atlanta. #makeblackoutpoetry #blackoutpoetry #poetry #weloveatl #weloveatlstreetart

Spoken word sensation Shane Koyczan on the power of words

He's touring the country, selling out theatres, and dazzling millions with his talent, but <b>Shane</b> <b>Koyczan</b> is not a guitar-wielding rockstar. The …


“Right before the kiss,

“Right before the kiss,<br>the spark measures the distance<br>from your lips to mine.”<br>— Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson<br>#tylerknott

Used these words for a collaboration with @macstewartartworks months ago

Used these words for a collaboration with @macstewartartworks months ago. Just found the original and decided to throw some paint on it to escape a stressful day. #makeblackoutpoetry #blackoutpoetry #poetry

Typewriter Series #992 by Tyler Knott Gregson

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You are my melodies – for dVerse

You are the strings that resonate on emptiness,<br>the timpani that syncopate my beating heart;<br>you are conductor’s sheets of unplayed symphonies.<br>Together …

GENERATIONS (for DVerse Poets)

We rise<br>from the ashes<br>of those who fell before us.<br>Their bones frame our days<br>their blood fire the dreams<br>animating our souls.<br>Look!<br>We wear<br>their dignity …

Night Rain

night rain gently falls <br>seeping deep into the roots <br>healing the earth’s scars<br>~ <br>the dark skies open <br>an Old Testament deluge<br>washing away hope

A Living Poem–a Tribute to Stanley Kunitz

Photo: sylverblaque.com<p><i>A Living Poem</i> <i><br>a Tribute to Stanley Kunitz</i><p><i>The height of the beauty of a bloom</i> <i><br>is in its folded state…</i><p>…the roiling …

the secret life of books//a love affair (i think)

.<p>behind the paperback waits vibrant skin<br>a crackling fire&sheets long to be read<br>with ink-drunk letters, filled up to the brim<br>an all-in bungee jump …



Photo: V. Slotto<p>We peeked through the slant<br>of half-closed plantation shutters.<br>They wheeled her by,<br>the husk that used to house her spirit—<br>a whisper …

cancer has a long grasp – poem

I had my own run in with cancer recently – better so far, thanks. Cancer is a terrible foe without quarter or remorse. I read another blogger has a …

Point of View

Pains…sorrow…<br>each one like a needle<br>jabbing in, jabbing out of our lives<p>We look at these pains<br>and we wonder, <i>why</i><br>but we see no answer<br>and eventually, we …

Sweet Nothings. #makeblackoutpoetry #blackoutpoetry #poetry

Sweet Nothings. #makeblackoutpoetry #blackoutpoetry #poetry

transparency–dVerse Poetics

Image kindness of artist<br>Sunita Khedekar. Used with permission.<p>transparency<p>i.<br>from the tops of roofs<br>birds chortle their delight,<br>weave mournful …

Sindoor Sun

(Painting by Sunita Khedekar)<br>Veiled from the setting sindoor sunby a charcoal roof and shaded downcast eyes, I still feel your tears on my face—<br>what …

Typewriter Series #717 by Tyler Knott Gregson

Typewriter Series #713 by Tyler Knott Gregson