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Can social scientists help tackle misinformation on Facebook? | Financial Times

This week, Facebook is embarking on a striking new experiment with the Social Science Research Council – an American non-profit organisation that …

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Poynter releases new study examining trust in the media

The Poynter Institute released original public opinion res

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This Connecticut publisher got 5 major foundations to support local journalism

Bringing community funders together allows newsrooms to do work with a bigger impact.


Gatekeepers or Censors? How Tech Manages Online Speech

Apple, Google and Facebook this week erased from their services many — but not all — videos, podcasts and posts from the right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars site. And Twitter left Mr. Jones’s posts untouched.<p>The differing approaches to Mr. Jones exposed how unevenly tech …


Journalists can change the way they build stories to create organic news fluency

When journalists talk about how they wish the public could recognize good reporting from bad reporting or even fakery, the subject often turns to …


Chicago Tribune’s owner considering bid for company, sources say

Less than two months after selling the Los Angeles Times, Tronc is weighing an offer to sell the Chicago Tribune and the rest of its newspaper holdings to a private equity firm, sources close to the company said Wednesday.<p>A bid of between $19 and $20 per share is on the table, according to sources. …

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Media boost security as Trump ramps up 'enemy' rhetoric

TV networks are employing security guards at the president's high-octane rallies.<p>Notebooks, mics, cameras, hairspray — those are all things TV reporters are used to having with them at political rallies. Now, in the age of President Donald Trump, they’ve added another: security guards.<p>The networks …

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Trump’s Tariffs on Canadian Newsprint Hasten Local Newspapers’ Demise

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration’s decision to impose tariffs on Canadian newsprint is hastening the demise of local newspapers across the country, forcing already-struggling publications to cut staff, reduce the number of days they print and, in at least one case, shutter entirely.<p>Surging …


How The Wall Street Journal is revamping its newsletters — and trying to add some whimsy

The Wall Street Journal is not exactly known for its sense of whimsy — but that’s what the folks revamping its newsletter system are aiming for.<p>When Cory Schouten and Annemarie Dooling (formerly of CJR/Indianapolis Business Journal and Vox Media, respectively) joined the Journal’s newsletter team …

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In Germany, a news site is pairing up liberals and conservatives and actually getting them to (gasp) have a civil conversation

If only online dating could go as smoothly.<p>As an attempted antidote to sociopolitical polarization in its country — particularly all the hateful logjams that play out online — the German national news site Zeit Online has developed a seemingly simple mechanism of matching up people who live near …


The Brazilian election is two months away. Here’s how fact-checkers are using tech to fight fake news.

Can Twitter bots and fact checks on WhatsApp slow the spread of fake news in Brazil?

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Cybersecurity Firm Finds Way to Alter WhatsApp Messages

SAN FRANCISCO — A cybersecurity company said it had discovered a flaw in WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging service with 1.5 billion users, that allows scammers to alter the content or change the identity of the sender of a previously delivered message.<p>By creating a hacked version of the …


Journalism Project Comprova Begins to Publish in Brazil

First journalism collaborative dedicated to tackling misinformation to use the WhatsApp Business API for managing communications with audiences<p>×<p>Add …


The number of fact-checkers around the world: 156… and growing

The number of active fact-checking projects around the world now stands at 156, with steady growth driven by expanding networks and new media …


O Globo apresenta projeto voltado à redação integrada

O Globo apresenta ao público nesse domingo, 29, seu novo projeto gráfico de jornal e site. A data aproveita a comemoração de 93 anos do diário para …

The billionaire who bought the LA Times: 'Hipsters will want paper soon'

Can we compete with the New York Times and the Washington Post? Not can, we must<p>My audience is the reader. I can engage you and you will pay for the value and you will come<p>Patrick Soon-Shiong has spent decades trying to cure cancer and made a biotech fortune in the process, making him one of …


We need a new model for tech journalism

<b>A lowly tech employee</b> was trying to do some simple task online and found out it was really hard. Inspired by that difficulty, he—and it was almost …


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admits platform not a place for 'nuanced discussion' as top 'New York Times' reporter quits after abuse

The CEO of Twitter has admitted the platform is no longer a place where nuanced or thoughtful discussion can take place, after a leading American …

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Internet será praça pública de debates com revisão da lei eleitoral - propmark

O homem é por natureza um animal político dotado de razão e poder de discurso. A máxima de Aristóteles também se aplica ao brasileiro, sobretudo, em …

Como é trabalhar na sede global do Facebook

<i>* Por Karina Balan Julio, de São Francisco</i>Embora tenham grandes campus com cafés abertos e outras características que remontam ao ambiente …

Trump confounds with double negatives

Donald Trump

@TheAtlantic @GrahamDavidA More clear proof of the "stable genius."

A new generation is born every four years due to age tech is introduced to kids, says MIT director

The age at which people are introduced to smart devices has dropped to four years old, meaning an entirely new generation is born every four years, …

Use of mobile devices for news continues to grow, outpacing desktops and laptops

Roughly six-in-ten U.S. adults often get news on a mobile device, 19 percentage points higher than the 39% who often get news on a desktop or laptop …


The Washington Post is starting a channel on Amazon-owned Twitch

The Washington Post is looking to Twitch’s livestreaming gamers of all places to reach new video audiences, with a new channel starting this week.<p>The …

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Are news-writing robots the new face of journalism?

Robot news writers, with artificially intelligent algorithms, promise to make media a more productive and efficient industry. As AI journalism …


Facebook protects far-right activists even after rule breaches

Leading far-right activists have received special protection from Facebook, preventing their pages from being deleted even after a pattern of behaviour that would typically result in moderator action being taken.<p>The process, called “shielded review”, was uncovered by Channel 4 Dispatches, after the …