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The States With The Best Access To Great Craft Beer

Far and away the worst thing about being a craft beer fan -- worse than the weight gain, the expense and the DUIs* -- is how difficult it can be to get ahold of great beers.<p>The market for craft beer, you see, is very different from the market for books of poetry or video games. You can't just go on …

How to Pour A Beer: It's More Complicated Than You Think

More<p>BEER!<p>We love it. And you've voted. See which is the best American beer city.<p>How to pour a beer: it's a topic that produces a totally unreasonable amount of debate. Getting liquid into a glass isn't a complicated art. Popping the top and dumping it in there will get you most of the way to beery …

Beer Experts Say These Are The 20 Best Beers In The World

Stanford University computer science post-doc Julian McAuley and assistant professor Jure Leskovec released a paper earlier this year outlining how our tastes change as we consume more products and gain more expertise.<p>Their theory was the more experience we have, the more we will like certain …

Beer 101: Which beer goes in which glass?

If you've ever been to a bar that focuses on craft beer, you've seen a variety of glassware for the various ales, lagers, Pilsners, Hefeweizens, and IPAs poured from bottles or on tap. These vessels are often the traditional shape of the beer glass in the region where a particular style of brew was …

The 25 Beers You Need to Drink This Fall

A good fall beer will guide you away from light, Summery suds and ease you into stuff with more flavor and character. A <i>great</i> fall beer is like 17.5% ABV and described as "daring & vulgar." And then there're all the ones in between. We rounded up beer experts from around the country to give their …

10 of the world's best beers for celebrating L.A. Beer Week

It’s<p>L.A. Beer Week<p>, and while the 10-day-long celebration is best observed with copious quantities of locally brewed beer, it's always a good idea to mix in some of the best beers from around the world to compare with our local suds.<p>Here are 10 of Earth's best beers in a variety of styles that …


A Massive Map of Beer For Obsessive Brew Snobs

There comes a time in life when the cheap, watery beer ubiquitous at youthful keg parties and in not-quite-legally-sourced 24-packs just <i>isn’t good</i> …

Government Shutdown May Have Great Impact On Beer Industry

0<p>SHARES<p>With the government shutdown and no deal in sight, the beer industry will see the impact of spending cuts, which took effect on Tuesday.<p>The …

Bill would require each beer pint have 16 ounces

Some Michigan lawmakers are working to make sure a pint of beer is really a pint of beer.<p>A bill introduced last week would amend the Liquor Control Act to require each pint of beer have at least 16 ounces. It would make it an offense to "advertise or sell any glass of beer as a pint in this state …

The Indie Beer Business Is About to Boom

After a popular American craft brewer sold out to the “devil,” some are wondering if more mergers and acquisitions will inevitably follow. And what …

Snake Venom, The World’s Strongest Beer

Scottish brewery Brewmeister released Snake Venom, which they describe as “the world’s strongest beer.” It boasts an impressive 67.5% ABV (alcohol by …

10 of the Weirdest Beers Ever Brewed

Now that the craft beer revolution is old news, a microbrewery can’t just make better-than-average beer to get noticed. They have to do something …


Who Actually Owns Your Favorite Beers

Thirsty? Nothing like an ice cold Leinenkugel or a Goose Island. Infinitely better than that watered-down Natty Light or, worse, Keystone.... right? …

15 Things To Get Super Excited About In 2014!

68<p>SHARES<p><b>CARS</b><p><b>2015 BMW M3/M4 - Spring</b><p>Having recently spent some QT with both an M5 and an M6, we can tell you with absolute certainty that there are …

Alfa Romeo

5 Boozy Coffee Drinks To Get You Buzzed In 2014

We hit up our favorite food groups - coffee, candy, liquor, and cream - to help wake your ass up in the new year.<p>0<p>SHARES<p><b>GIN AND ICED COFFEE</b><p>Worried …

How To Be Sexy (According To Science)

2<p>SHARES<p><b>Get A Hot Mom</b><p>A group of horny mice moms (shut up, that's totally a thing) recently gave new meaning to the term "I got it from my mama" when …


Science Says That Sex Makes You Smarter (And Kids Ruin Your Life)

9<p>SHARES<p>Let’s start with the good: New research has found that having sex can improve mental performance and increase the production of new neurons in …

Memory Loss