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100+ Artists Try To Show What Depression Looks Like And Some Results Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Life is not always easy. Sometimes it's crushing, dark and sad. Take a look at 100+ artworks by various artists and see how they feel or imagine …

Artwork: Arbor Hills Red Sky

Artwork: Lone Tree At Arbor Hills


Artwork: My Blue Period


Artwork: Ramel Graffiti


Artist Makes A Vase Entirely Of Pencils

Vases are usually made from glass or clay, but Nick from NZ Woodturning decided to create one using pencils. “I like to be different,” the artist …


Artist Found An Amazing Way To Preserve Origami By Using Glass Bell Jars

Origami is beautiful yet fragile, but Floriane Touitou found a way to "preserve" her paper foldings. Floriane protects her intricate origami animals …


Illustrator Uses Clever 3D Tricks To Bring His Cartoons To Life

Danish artist, HuskMitNavn, has taken his playful black-and-white drawings of things as simple as opening a can of food, or as frustrating as running …

Badass Face Art By Vanessa Davis

Source: YouTube<p>Vanessa Davis is a makeup artist who’s work might intimidate some people, but her skill will impress probably everyone. Vanessa is …

7 Deadly Sins That I Portrayed In All Their Dirty Glory

Following the Inktober illness series, I wanted to tackle another taboo series.<p>The cardinal sins, in all their dirty, grimy …

Gay Pride

I Quit My Job To Paint Stuffed Animals That Bring Back Childhood Joy

Hello Pandas! My name is Brent Estabrook, I live in Los Angeles, and I gave up my 9-5 job to do what I love: ART!<p>All my art inspiration comes from my …

Los Angeles

I Use Newspapers And Magazines To Create Sculptures Of People I Meet

I take candid shots of people and animals that evoke an emotional response. I make my sculptures out of newspaper. It is not paper mach’, but rather …

Incredible Makeup Illusion By Mirjana Kika Milosevic

Source: Youtube<p>Mirjana Kika Milosevic is an incredibly skilled Serbian makeup artist, and her ‘Wooden puppet doll’ project is probably her best so …

World’s First Street Art In The Amazonian Rainforest

Philippe Echaroux created this Street Art 2.0, a way of doing street art that replaces bomb sprays by technology.<p>He just realized the world’s first …

Artwork: The Path to Your Future


Artwork: Outlook: Arbor Hills Nature Preserve


Artwork: Sunflower Glare: Arbor Hills Nature Preserve


Artwork: Deep Ellum Wall Art

Wall Art

Artwork: Rio’s Chicken & Fish


Artwork: Deep Ellum Sign


Artwork: Dallas Living

I’ve lived in Dallas now since 2006 and I’ve seen some really beautiful apartment complexes; mine being one of them! (smile)<p>#Dallas #Art #City Living


Artwork: Traveling Man-Deep Ellum


Artwork: Cane Rosso


Artwork: Dallas County Community College


Artwork: Homewood Suites By Hilton