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Sexy is a State of Mind

How to rock more confidence from the inside out<p>Here is some breaking news that could halt your self-trash-talking. Research shows that harping on your imperfections is a surprisingly unhealthy habit, one that can actually alter your physical appearance. In fact, a new study found that normal-weight …


10 Answers to Your Biggest Fitness Questions

Celebrity fitness trainer Simone De La Rue answered your questions in a live Facebook chat. Here's what she had to say.<p>Got questions about fitness? Allow our <i>WH</i> Fit Club celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue to help. We chatted with the celebrity fitness guru in a live Facebook chat, and she was …


The Strange Reason You're Exhausted

It has nothing to do with what you did last night<p>Even if you're dragging at 5pm, you may want to avoid that late-afternoon latte. Consuming caffeine even six hours before bedtime can lead to significant sleep disturbances, according to a new study in the <i>Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine</i>.<p>In this …


3 Moves That Are Secretly Amazing for Your Abs

Bored with planks and all crunched out? Try these little known core exercises<p>When it comes to sculpting strong, tight abs, there's a lot more you can do other than planks, sit-ups, and crunches. Personal trainer Rachel Cosgrove, the genius creator of the <i>Women's Health</i> Spartacus 4.0 Workout in the</i> …


15 Fitness Habits You Need to Establish In Your 20s

Your future self will thank you


The Exercise Move That Works Your Belly, Butt, and Hips

Trainers, yoga teachers, and pilates instructors love it—and you will too.<p>Even if you don’t know the Bridge by name, we bet you’re familiar with the pose. This resistance move is super popular with fitness trainers as well as yoga and pilates instructors because it’s simple yet strengthens your …


10 Fascinating Things That Happen to Your Body When You're in Love

Those butterflies in your stomach aren't the only way your bod responds when you're head-over-heels


The Weird Sign You're Perfect For Each Other

We guarantee you'll be thinking about this on your next date<p>Forget a mutual love of <i>How I Met Your Mother</i> or your eerily similar workout playlists; new research suggests that there's a better way to determine if you're soul mates, and it has to do with the way you speak. People who use the same …


10 Weird Things That Destroy Your Immunity

Nix these bad habits, and the cold and flu will be no match against your immune system


How Often Should You Really Wash Your Hair?

<b>Q:</b> <b>How often should I shampoo my hair? I've heard that washing every day is bad, but my hair falls flat by day two.</b><p><b>A:</b> "You really want to cleanse the scalp about three times per week," says stylist Patrick Melville of Patrick Melville Salon. "Obviously, this depends on the individual. If you tend to …

How to De-Stress in Just 10 Minutes

For all the times you need to cool down fast<p>We've all had intensely stressful moments in life where you find yourself wishing that wine came in those convenient six-packs of juice boxes with the pop-in straws. As genius as that may sound, getting sloshed before an important meeting or moment in …


The 6 Veggies with the Most Protein

Fill up on these to increase your intake of the essential nutrient.<p>Vegetables aren't typically known for being a great source of protein, but there are some sneaky ones out there that contain a decent amount—so we asked Emily Gilbert, R.D., for the best plant-based ways to get this essential …

Healthy Eating

The 3 Stretches You Need to Do Every Day

Don't scam on these—they're important!<p>Stretching is kinda like drinking enough water during the day: You know you need to do it, but chances are, you probably don't do enough of it. Well, to make things as easy as possible for you, we checked in with stretching expert Beret Kirkeby, orthopedic …


The Ultimate Boot-Camp Workout

Get toned fast—military-style<p>Tired of your usual gym routine? Us too. So we talked to Stacy Berman, certified trainer and head of Stacy’s Boot Camp in New York City. The result? A six-week workout plan from the new <i>WH</i> book, <i>The Big Book of Exercises</i>. It'll whip you into shape--guaranteed! <b>Week …


The Ultra-Intense Workout Move That Burns Fat Fast

The burpee has a goofy name, but the fat-burning benefits are nothing to laugh at<p>Imagine an exercise that offers big cardio benefits, works every major muscle group, and torches mucho calories. That’s a burpee (aka, a squat thrust) in a nutshell. Developed in the 1930s and used by the military to …