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Legion Custodes Tribune commission work in progress. #paintingforgeworld #paintingwarhammer #horusheresy #custodes #warhammer #spacemarines #warhammer30k #warhammer40k

This was my entry for the Horus Heresy Golden Demon at the weekend. It received the gold trophy in vehicle. I'll take more photos once I find a decent backdrop that I can use on a model this size! There will be an article coming soon with on how I painted it :)

I finished recording the painting of this miniature. But I have the flu and I'm too congested to record. I guess I'll take a break and continue when I get better.

Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, closeup. Model made by Forge World. "To admit defeat is to blaspheme against the Emperor!"

GENESTEALER CULT - Part 2, the update!

It has been a little while. I find it tough to get into a rhythm with my videos so this is just a quick one describing where I'm at and showing a few …

I wanted to start doing the voice-over but I still have a bit of a cold. I will do it tomorrow I hope. I've been working on this Ahriman this past week. Went for a true red color scheme.

Wip 2

Next Video coming up. It may take a while to render this one because I'm experimenting with a new mic that I'm waiting to arrive. It might be up tomorrow or the day after. Just so you know I'm working on something

A work in progress of everyone's favourite dreadnought variant! It's for my Heresy Death Guard army and will have plasma weapons when finished, which hopefully won't be take much longer.

Lion's Champion - Dark Angels Conversion Corner

When you call for the Dark Angels and this guy shows up you know some people are going to die! Checkout this champion of the Lion!<p>Checkout one sweet …


HERESY - Death Guard Moritat

It has taken me a little while to get him finished, but my DeathGuard Moritat is finally ready to take the field. I know that the "twin plasma pistol …

Looking back... and forward.

About his time last year I’d reconciled myself to a less productive 2015, at least in terms of the number of minis I’d get finished. I decided to …

Golden Demon 2016

I started basing my Plaguebearer unit with two weeks to go before The Golden Demons. ‘Plenty of time’ you might think and you’d be right. Except I …

Rubio wip from the weekender.

What do you use to prefer? True Metallic Metal or Non Metallic Metal?

Wrong neighborhood for a heretic... 😈

Russ! 😵😻

'Do not fail your Brothers. Though their bodies die, their spirit must return to the Chapter. That is your charge.' -Medic Credo Apothecary, favorite targets of Ork snipers. ;) ~Coa

God Emperor of Mankind Commission. And if you like what you see please comment, share and like - its a small thing but helps out immensely!

WARLORD - Stencils and airbrushing can really give you a better result!

The videos are coming thick and fast now as I'm feeling the pressure to have it all done in advance of AdeptiCon. Stencils and decals arrived on …

WARLORD - Part 18 - Starting to paint the base!

Some more painting on the Warlord. Despite my cold/cough, I forged ahead and laid down some paint on the base and did some more detail work on the …

Deathguard Contemptor Commission "Hazard"

Deathguard Contemptor Dreadnought designation 'Hazard'<p>The Deathguard, and especially their vehicles, offer us the opportunity to really go nuts with …

Another decal... joke! I mean freehand for the other shoulder pad of the knight lancer. The gear measures 1.5 cm in diameter

Finished blood angel chaplain :)

Painting Commodore Borgossa – part 3

As promised back in December here is a more detailed description of how I finished painting Commodore Borgossa. You can see the finished bust on …

WARLORD - Part 11 - Looking at the new magnets and pins and so on.

I grabbed a few minutes over the busy weekend and put together this video on how the almost-complete Warlord Titan is looking now! There are a few …