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35 People Reveal The Times They’ve Intentionally Lied To A Child For Laughs

What parent hasn’t had fun lying to their kid? I mean, come on. My dad lied to me about fire hydrants exploding randomly, which is why I walked …

50 Fun, Cheap Dates (That Aren’t Netflix)

1. Cheer on an amateur sports team in your city. It’s just as fun as supporting a Real Team but tickets are dirt cheap. My city’s non-pro baseball …

To Get The Hottest Job On Wall Street, You Have To Be Much More Than Good At Math

It seems like every young person on Wall Street wants to end up in private equity these days — great pay, interesting projects, and often smaller, more close knit companies are making the space very attractive.<p>This means fierce competition.<p>So what's going to set you apart in an interview? According …

Wall Street

>>>HEALTH & STYLE>>> HOME REMEDIES FOR BACK ACNE: 1.You just get rid of bacne the same way as you would any other acne on your body by treating it with any acne medication that has as Benzoyl Peroxideor Salicylic Acid the main ingredients and… You want to leave the acne medication on for at least 5 minutes before washing off and… 2. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR or even white vinegar gets rid of bacne by tightening up your pores, killing bacteria, reducing redness and swelling So to use apple cider vinegar to get rid of bacne… 3.Keep your back clean with skin care products like Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash or any other medicated body washes that already have salicylic acid in them or… 4.Use anti-bacterial soaps like Cetaphil that doesn't have chemicals that'll irritate your skin and… 5.Use a long handled soft bristled brush to exfoliate & clean your back area to remove all the dead skin & oil that gets trapped in your pores causing bacne. 6.After you exercise take off your dirty clothes and shower immediately to get rid of any bacteria and swear and… 7.Go to the beach. Have your back submerged within the salt water of the beach for about 10 minutes. Sit in the sun for 10-15 minutes. The sun will dry out the pimples. Do not do this for longer though because if you get burnt, it will make your acne a lot worse. Repeat this process a few times more and you will notice results within the first two days. 8.Change your laundry detergent. If you have sensitive skin, the laundry detergent you use may irritate your skin. Try switching to a brand that will be easier on your skin.

27 Unspoken Suit Rules Every Man Should Know

You can't expect to look all dapper and gentlemanly without knowing Suiting 101.


The Best Management Advice From 'The Art Of War'

AJancso / Shutterstock.com "The Art Of War" is one of the most famous books of all time, said to be written by the legendary Chinese general Sun Tzu around the fifth century B.C.<p>Some of the advice is pretty narrowly focused and dated (for instance, what generals should do when confronted with …



Yay or Nay? Esquire and Men's Wearhouse Team-Up For The Esquire Ultimate Shirt and Tie Collection

<i>Image Source: Esquire/Facebook</i><p>We don’t think that when <i>Esquire</i> was first published in October 1933 – “to become the common denominator of masculine …

NEW 15 min "PSYCHO ABS WORKOUT" How to get a six 6 pack and burn belly fat FAST (Big Brandon Carter)

>>>HEALTH & STYLE>>> HOME REMEDIES FOR WHITER TEETH: 1.Thoroughly brush and floss your teeth. This will help remove any build-up that will prevent your teeth from being whitened. Flossing your teeth will remove plaque in between your teeth and will ensure that this area is whitened as well. 2.Use hydrogen peroxide. Commercial whitening kits aren't cheap; for a cheaper solution, you might like to consider whitening your teeth at home using hydrogen peroxide for a similar effect. Bleaching teeth with hydrogen peroxide is acknowledged as a safe practice by the American Dental Association. 3.Brush your teeth with a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste once a week. This mixture will help keep your teeth looking white and clean. 4.Avoid foods or beverages that stain your teeth. Where possible, you may be able to prevent further staining by making some lifestyle changes. This includes stopping all smoking, and reducing your consumption of tannin-containing beverages –– soda, coffee, red wine and tea all contain tannins.[5] In some cases, you can help keep tannin drinks away from your teeth by drinking them with a straw (do not drink hot liquids through a straw). 5.Eat natural teeth helpers. Some foods can actually help you keep your teeth white. Here are a few of them:[4] Eat more apples, celery and carrots. They're like a fruit and veggie toothbrush for the teeth and they help increase the production of saliva in your mouth, removing plaque.[5] As an added bonus, their high levels of vitamin C help to kill off odor-causing bacteria and strengthen your gums. 6.Banana Peel Banana is a fruit with many essential nutrients for the body. Who says banana peels are a waste? Next time when you are about to throw those banana peels rub them on your teeth for two minutes. After 15 minutes, brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste. Repeat this process twice or thrice a week. After some time you will notice a visible difference. How can banana peel help to whiten teeth? Banana peel contains some essential mineral like potassium, manganese and magnesium that penetrates into the teeth and helps to whiten them. 7.Charcoal Charcoal is one of the best known home remedies for yellow teeth. Charcoal, has a powerful crystal based chemical which results in teeth whitening. Take some charcoal powder and mix it with your regular toothpaste and use it to gently brush your teeth. Do it twice daily to make your teeth sparkling white. Along with charcoal you can also use the ashes of burnt bread and burnt rosemary in order to make your teeth whiter.

27 Tips For Mastering Anything

In his new book, "Mastery," Robert Greene argues that humans are hardwired to succeed and overcome, and <b>with discipline and a number of concrete steps, anybody has the potential to become great</b>.<p>He looks through the biographies of historical geniuses, interviews contemporary masters, and draws from …


How to Pick Sunglasses for Men

The gratis MBA | Which MBA? | The Economist

NO ONE ever claimed an MBA was cheap. No one who has had to pay full whack to attend a prestigious business school, in any case. But, despite …

College & University

Happy Mondays Guys! Quit scrambling for breakfast ideas.. Here are a few we thought were pretty cool :) #F1RSTFinds #F1RSTBreakfast - http://www.buzzfeed.com/arielknutson/easy-breakfast-hacks-that-will-make-brighten-your-morning

Here's A Great Guide To Which Economic Indicators Actually Matter

DEFINITELY bookmark this.<p>Ed Conway has tweeted a neat table from the Bank of England which shows which economic indicators actually correspond nicely to global growth.<p>Stuff like PMI data is very useful for identifying actual global GDP growth. Air freight and Suez Canal data is also fairly useful. …

Suez Canal

How To Dress Like A Wall Street Hotshot Without Spending Cash Like One

It has come to our attention that while some of you out there would love to dress fresh to death at all times, you believe that achieving that goal is beyond your means.<p>It's not.<p>Affordable men's fashion is everywhere, and with a few key pieces, you can make your wardrobe look crisp and tidy. …


#Health Have a headache/migraine? Submerge your feet and hands in hot/warm water and put a bag of frozen peas at the base of your skull. The heat on your extremities pulls the blood from your head relieving some/all of your headache.

18 Everyday Products You've Been Using Wrong

Your life has been a lie.


Office Posture Matters: An Animated Guide

“Office Posture Matters: An Animated Guide” is an animation by Flikli to raise awareness about the importance of good posture.<p>Bad posture is the …

Radical Gains: Get Big And Strong With One Plan!

Given that you're on Bodybuilding.com, you aren't interested in getting big <i>or</i> strong; you want to get big <i>and</i> strong! As a beginner, you can tackle …


25 Best Free Android Apps

1. Carbon for Twitter<p>2. BaconReader<p>3. Gmail<p>4. Maps<p>5. Flipboard<p>6. Chrome<p>7. Drive<p>8. Dropbox<p>9. ES File Explorer<p>10. Pocket<p>11. Evernote<p>12. Goodreads<p>13. …

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The best universities for jobs in trading, M&A and risk

London School of Economics: nursery to bankers<p>Which university should you attend if you want to work for an investment bank in the City of London? …

How to fold a suit, pants and shirt to go in a suitcase without wrinkling

'Soft Skills' Can Help You Get Ahead

After working five years as a regional director at a large health insurer in Oakland, Calif., Daniel Eddleman felt ready to move up the ladder. So he found a mentor within the company who agreed with Mr. Eddleman that his performance and leadership ability merited the promotion.<p>But he'd need to …