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By Richard Thompson | Astrophotography

Jupiter, Io, and Ganymede

Crescent moon and conjunction of Venus.

Philae Wakes Up! Historic Comet Lander Back In Action

New Spacecraft Photos Hint at a Rich and Complex Pluto : DNews

Three new observations captured on May 8th, 10th and 12th by NASA's New Horizons probe of the dwarf planet Pluto. At flyby in July, the resolution of …

Gamma Cygni Region Mosaic

20150516 11-18 Sun

Antares & Rho Ophiuchus Cloud Complex

New Horizons: Exploring Pluto and Beyond

This artist’s concept shows NASA's New Horizons spacecraft during its 2015 encounter with Pluto and its moon, Charon.
Credit: Southwest Research …


Oort Cloud: The Outer Solar System's Icy Shell

A giant shell of icy bodies known as the Oort Cloud encircles the solar system. When its inhabitants interact with passing stars, molecular clouds, …

Orion's Sword: M42, M43 and Runnning Man NGC 1977


Horsehead Nebula Region

20150213 Omega Centauri LRGB

Orionnebula1000mm russentonne eos 70 Full spectrum mto 11 ca maksutov

M42 or the Orion glory

Best Space Photos Of 2014 Bring You Across The Solar System

A raw shot from the front hazcam of NASA’s Opportunity rover taken on Sol 3757, on Aug. 19, 2014. Credit: NASA/JPL-CaltechFeel like visiting a dwarf …



Second IC434

The prevailing hypothesis today is that the Moon formed after a...


Epic mega-star merger spied by astronomers

The enigma surrounding the XXL versions of those tiny pinpricks which dot the night sky are about to be revealed for stargazers. As by observing the merging of twin monster stars, astronomers have confirmed the longstanding theory on how jumbo stars are born.

In a paper published in the journal of …


Hubble Space Telescope discovers fourteenth tiny moon orbiting Neptune

CHALK up one more moon for Neptune.

NASA announced the discovery of Neptune's 14th moon Monday. The Hubble Space Telescope captured the moon as a …

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is awake and almost ready to change our view of Pluto forever

2015 is going to be an exciting year in space exploration. On Dec. 6, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft woke up from hibernation more than 2.9 billion miles away from Earth. That puts it just over 162 million miles from Pluto, the focus of its mission -- the very last planet in our solar system to be …

Moon Missions

M31 - The Great Andromeda Galaxy - HII Area Enhanced

Andromeda Galaxy Black and White

Moon Clavius and surroundings

Sunspots 6th December 2014

Putting Our Solar System Into Perspective

This amazing graphic was created by Roberto Ziche and shows our solar system to scale. Roberto explains:

“At the Chabot Space and Science Center there …