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Why the iPhone Can't Be Made in the US


Asia's glaciers to shrink by a third by 2100, threatening water supply of millions

High mountains of Asia hold biggest store of frozen water outside the poles and feed many of the world’s great rivers, including the Ganges<p>Asia’s mountain glaciers will lose at least a third of their mass through global warming by the century’s end, with dire consequences for millions of people who …

Climate Change

Most Female and Male Occupations, Since 1950

Decades ago, men went to work and women stayed at home to take care of the home and children. This of course changed a lot. In 1950, a bit over 30 …


Why is Bulgaria's population falling off a cliff?

BBC News<p><b>Bulgaria is projected to have the fastest-shrinking population in the world. It's already lost a fifth of its population since the 1990s. But what does this mean for those who remain?</b><p>Deep in the Bulgarian countryside, in the western province of Pernik, I make a rare discovery.<p>It's not …


Cod and haddock go north due to warming UK seas, as foreign fish arrive

Our seafood diet must adapt, say scientists, as climate change forces some favourites to colder waters and threatens others<p>Britain must prepare itself for invasions of growing numbers of foreign sea creatures attracted by our warming waters, a new report has warned. Some newcomers could have …

Climate Change

Why is Bulgaria's population falling off a cliff?

<b>Bulgaria is projected to have the fastest-shrinking population in the world. It's already lost a fifth of its population since the 1990s. But what does this mean for those who remain?</b><p>Deep in the Bulgarian countryside, in the western province of Pernik, I make a rare discovery.<p>It's not Stoyan …


Circular economy isn't a magical fix for our environmental woes

Solving our ecological crises means diluting the power of global corporations – not propping them up<p>The circular economy’s June jamboree in Finland, attended by around 1,500 experts and policymakers, showed just how much momentum the concept has gained in recent years.<p>Little wonder. The circular …


Life expectancy rises 'grinding to halt' in England

Health correspondent<p><b>Rising rates of life expectancy are grinding to a halt in England after more than 100 years of continuous progress, says a leading health expert.</b><p>University College London expert Sir Michael Marmot said he was "deeply concerned" by the situation, calling it "historically highly …


Profiting from loss in Japan

Drive-through funeral parlours and virtual gravestones are examples of how bereavement is being transformed.


Food and drink giants help to drive switch to biogas

article<p>http://www.e-pages.dk/irishtimes/1265/article/623005/15/1/external/?token=ac94af81de78848a424e283044a8edf7<p>The Irish Times Aug 28. …


The city that just can't stop growing

<b>Thirty years from now the population of Nigeria will have doubled. How can Lagos - Africa's largest city - cope with its spiralling numbers?</b>


Canada government giving migrants 'false hope'

<b>A Canadian opposition MP has accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of "giving false hope to people crossing the border".</b><p>MP Michelle Rempel said on Wednesday that a refugee-friendly message is misleading asylum seekers about how welcoming the country is to claimants.<p>More than 11,300 people have …


Migrant crisis: Spain rescues 600 people in busiest day

<b>Spain's coastguard says it has rescued 600 migrants crossing from Morocco in a 24-hour period, amid a spike in the number of migrant arrivals.</b><p>The rescued migrants were in 15 vessels including toy paddleboats and a jet ski and included 35 children and a baby.<p>The UN says more than 9,000 people have …

More than 3 planets needed if we all lived like Swiss residents

If every one the world’s 7.5 billion people lived like the residents of Switzerland we would need 3.1 planets to live sustainably according to …


Migrant crisis: Spain arrivals triple compared with 2016

<b>Three times as many migrants have arrived in Spain so far this year compared to the same period in 2016, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) says.</b><p>It means the number of sea arrivals in Spain - at 8,385 - could overtake Greece, which has had 11,713 people.<p>The shift may be because …

Melting glaciers in Swiss Alps could reveal hundreds of mummified corpses

Frozen bodies of couple who vanished 75 years ago among those uncovered recently as global warming forces ice to retreat<p>Swiss police say hundreds of bodies of mountaineers who have gone missing in the Alps in the past century could emerge in coming years as global warming forces the country’s …

Swiss Alps

These are the countries with the best paternity policies in the world

As the US still struggles to secure basic maternity leave policy, some countries have already moved on to improving time off just for fathers.<p>it's …

How Ikea adapts its catalogues for different countries

Ikea released 203million copies of its 324-page catalogue at the end of July, with 72 different region-specific editions.

Petronas cancels $11.4-billion LNG project near Prince Rupert

<b>BY SCOTT BROWN AND GORDON HOEKSTRA</b><p>Malaysian state-controlled energy giant Petronas has pulled the plug on the proposed $11.4-billion Pacific …

Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040

Plans follow French commitment to take polluting vehicles off the road owing to effect of poor air quality on people’s health<p>Britain is to ban all new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040 amid fears that rising levels of nitrogen oxide pose a major risk to public health.<p>The commitment, which …


Cheap flights help fuel rise in older travel

article<p>http://www.e-pages.dk/irishtimes/1234/article/607835/4/3/external/?token=3bedea80913136159693fb62a1501abc<p>The Irish Times Jul 24. 2017<p>Ireland …


Plastic pollution risks 'near permanent contamination of natural environment'

First global analysis of all mass–produced plastics has found humans have produced 8.3bn tonnes since the 1950s with the majority ending up in landfill or oceans<p>Humans have produced 8.3bn tonnes of plastic since the 1950s with the majority ending up in landfill or polluting the world’s continents …


The rising tide of plastics in the oceans

La Daana Kanhai says we need to reduce our use of single-use items such as water bottles, cutlery and shopping bags.

You don’t need a scientist to know what’s causing the sixth mass extinction

It’s simple. It’s us. The more people there are, the more habitats we destroy. Human civilisation can only survive if the population begins to shrink<p>• Paul R Ehrlich is a professor of population studies at Stanford University and the author of The Population Bomb (1968)<p>One should not need to be a …


Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children

Next best actions are selling your car, avoiding flights and going vegetarian, according to study into true impacts of different green lifestyle choices<p>The greatest impact individuals can have in fighting climate change is to have one fewer child, according to a new study that identifies the most …


Paid leave for dads wins broad public support

Swiss voters will have the chance to overturn parliament’s rejection of paid paternity leave after campaigners fighting to introduce the benefit …

Paternity Leave

Paternity leave initiative in Swiss parliament’s hands

Supporters of a popular initiative to give fathers four weeks paternity leave were jubilant yesterday as they lodged the initiative with parliament.

Paternity Leave

Why a population of, say, 15 million makes sense for Australia

Population growth has profound impacts and sorting myths from facts can be difficult. In a new series, the Conversation looks at the issue<p>Neither of Australia’s two main political parties believes population is an issue worth discussion, and neither now has a policy about it. The Greens think …

Australian Universities