Food and Health for IB DP Geography

By Richard Allaway | For all IB DP Geography students and educators! #ibgeog 11 - 'The Geography of Food and Health' + #ibgeog19 - 'Food and Health'

Sugar tax will be introduced on April 6

A new sugar tax is to be introduced on April 6 this year, to coincide with the introduction of a similar tax that will be introduced in the UK on the …

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Food insecurity: a third of poorest households skip meals, survey finds

Large families and jobless worst hit by rising costs and austerity, with 32% and 36% missing meals<p>A third of the UK’s poorest households are skipping meals because they cannot afford to put food on the table, according to a survey that highlights the extent to which austerity and rising food prices …

'Price of conflict is too high': hunger at crisis levels in eight countries

War driving up acute food insecurity on a vast scale, report finds, with Yemen, South Sudan and Syria worst affected<p>The number of hungry people living in conflict zones is rising, with eight countries recording crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity in at least a quarter of their people, …


Swiss dietary changes that could halve environmental damage and improve health

A new study in Switzerland shows the impact dietary choices have on the environment. Compared to current eating habits, three different diets all …

The true cost of a plate of food: $1 in New York, $320 in South Sudan

Research reveals the stark inequality that drives the global hunger crisis, with the poorest people paying more than they earn in a day for a single meal<p>The world’s poorest pay more than a day’s wages for a single plate of food, according to a report from the World Food Programme, which reveals …

World Food Program

'A danger to future generations': $640m pledged as third of world malnourished

Kofi Annan urges greater investment to tackle soaring rates of obesity and hunger as researchers find almost every country in the world is affected<p>Donors have pledged an extra $640m (£490m) to reduce the serious burden of malnutrition, which affects one in three people in the world.<p>The crisis …


‘My baby went to sleep and didn't wake up’: young lives lost to Ghana's silent killer

Malnutrition prevents almost a fifth of children in Ghana from growing properly. The problem is particularly acute in Bentum, Apprah and Nyanyano, rural communities with scant medical facilities, where pregnant women rarely get the right food and mothers have nowhere to turn<p>All photographs and …

West Africa

Invasion of maize-eating caterpillars worsens hunger crisis in Africa

Crops that feed 200 million people at risk from destructive march of fall armyworm, as agriculture experts call for urgent action<p>The crops that 200 million people rely on in Africa are under threat from a caterpillar that is spreading throughout the continent, agriculture experts have warned.<p>Urgent …


Typhoid vaccine set to have 'huge impact'

<b>A new vaccine that could prevent up to nine-in-10 cases of typhoid fever has been recommended by the World Health Organization.</b><p>Experts say it could have a "huge impact" on the 22 million cases, and 220,000 deaths, from typhoid each year.<p>Crucially it works in children, who are at high-risk of the …

Access to healthy food still a struggle, says Canada's health minister

Canada’s health minister says many Canadians still struggle to access healthy food, a problem which is contributing to a health crisis.<p>“The reality …

Child and teen obesity up tenfold since 1975 - WHO

The number of obese children and adolescents worldwide has jumped tenfold in the past 40 years and the rise is accelerating in low - and …


Child and teen obesity spreading across the globe

<b>Child and teenage obesity levels have risen ten-fold in the last four decades, meaning 124m boys and girls around the globe are too fat, according to new research.</b><p>The analysis in the Lancet is the largest of its kind and looks at obesity trends in over 200 countries.<p>In the UK, one in every 10 young …

Sugar tax for soft drinks to be introduced from April

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe has announced measures for a new sugar tax in his Budget speech.<p>Tax of 30 cent per litre on drinks with over …

Global cost of obesity-related illness to hit $1.2tn a year from 2025

Health bill will be ‘enormous burden’ without more preventative measures to check worsening epidemic, say experts<p>The cost of treating ill health caused by obesity around the world will top $1.2tn every year from 2025 unless more is done to check the rapidly worsening epidemic, according to new …


Will Africa’s Great Green Wall discourage migration to Europe?

By 2020, 60 million people from sub-Saharan Africa are expected to migrate because of desertification. The Great Green Wall is a $8bn project restoring degraded land. But will it encourage people to stay or earn the money to go?<p>The first thing you notice about the garden is how out of place it …


Supermarkets are creating an obesity crisis in African countries, experts warn

Middle-class no longer eating what they grow, contributing to rising numbers of overweight people and creating a ‘double burden of malnutrition’, say researchers<p>Changing dietary habits are creating an obesity crisis in African countries as middle-class people buy their food from supermarkets rather …

World Economy

Obesity Was Rising as Ghana Embraced Fast Food. Then Came KFC.

ACCRA, Ghana — After finishing high school a decade ago, Daniel Awaitey enrolled in computer courses, dropped out to work in a hotel, then settled into a well-paying job in the booming oil sector here.<p>He has an apartment, a car, a smartphone and a long-distance girlfriend he met on a dating …

Phnom Penh

Alarm as 'super malaria' spreads in South East Asia

<b>The rapid spread of "super malaria" in South East Asia is an alarming global threat, scientists are warning.</b><p>This dangerous form of the malaria parasite cannot be killed with the main anti-malaria drugs.<p>It emerged in Cambodia but has since spread through parts of Thailand, Laos and has arrived in …


One in five global deaths linked to diet - study

One in five deaths last year were linked to poor diet, according to new research published in The Lancet.<p>More than 1.6 million people in poor …

Surviving without thriving – but all is not lost for the world's 'stunted' children

About 159 million under-fives suffer impaired growth and brain development, but now a study is challenging the view that nothing can be done to help them<p>Stunting, an awkward term perhaps better suited to a bygone age, describes impaired growth and development from conception to the age of two. The …



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New fat findings show diet guidelines need overhaul

We have to stop clinging to a one-size-fits-all approach to dietary guidelines if we are to prevent obesity and cancer.


Let’s unpackage a few myths about recycling

Where should you dump clingfilm? How can we stop wasting so much food? And why can’t wrappers just say, Please put this in the green bin?.


Behind the Hype of 'Lab-Grown' Meat

Some folks have big plans for your future. They want you—a burger-eatin’, chicken-finger-dippin’ American—to buy their burgers and nuggets grown from …


Contaminated eggs scare grows as UK supermarkets pull products

Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda withdraw items as FSA says 700,000 contaminated eggs have reached Britain<p>Four supermarkets have withdrawn products from their shelves as it emerged that 700,000 eggs from Dutch farms implicated in a contamination scare had been distributed to Britain.<p>The …


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The 4 man-made famines threatening 20 million people