Extreme Environments for IB DP Geography

By Richard Allaway | For all IB DP Geography students and educators! #ibgeog11 and #ibgeog19 'Extreme Environments'.

Analysis: ‘Losing all the glaciers in Switzerland is not that far away’

A child born in Switzerland today will likely live to see the turn of the 22nd century. If scientists are right, the views they’ll see will have …


World's steepest funicular rail line to open in Switzerland

Schwyz-Stoos funicular, hailed as triumph of engineering, goes into service on Sunday<p>Swiss engineering and technology have reached new heights with the opening of the world’s steepest funicular rail line.<p>The €44.6m Schwyz-Stoos funicular (Standseilbahn Schwyz-Stoos in German), which goes into …

Swiss Fact: Switzerland’s longest glacier has shrunk 1.3 kilometres

The longest, largest glacier in Europe is the Aletsch, in Switzerland’s canton Valais.<p>© Reinhardt | Dreamstime<p>The glacier is currently about 23 km. …

Why Lost Ice Means Lost Hope for an Inuit Village

The only road to Rigolet, Labrador, is the ice. But climate change is making that ice vanish, and the mental health impact runs deep.


How long can our glaciers hold out?

'If the land isn't worked, it decays': Tunisia's battle to keep the desert at bay

With social tensions high and unemployment rife, agriculture offers Tunisians a vital lifeline. But as vast swaths of countryside turn to desert, the race is on to ensure there is land left to cultivate<p>The dusty Peugeot rumbles along the road, parallel to the ancient aqueduct that once delivered …


Swiss glaciers suffered 'extreme' melting in the past year

Swiss glaciers have lost three percent of their volume in the past year, say experts, the third biggest loss in any one year since the beginning of …

Climate Change

Most glaciers in central Switzerland to disappear by 2090

The vast majority of glaciers in central Switzerland will have totally disappeared by the end of the 21st century, a study by Fribourg University has …

Climate Change

Melting permafrost in the Arctic is unlocking diseases and warping the landscape

The consequences of climate change can be weird and apocalyptic.<p>You can find evidence of a changing climate everywhere on Earth. But nowhere are the changes more dramatic than in the Arctic.<p>Our world’s northern polar region is warming twice as fast as the global average. And the consequences are …

Climate Change

Swiss glaciers lost 3 to 4 percent ice in the last year alone

The volume of ice in glaciers was heavily reduced during the hydrological year 2016/2017.

Climate Change

Glacier collapses near Swiss ski resort


Swiss glacier collapses after hundreds evacuated

Part of the Swiss alpine glacier Trift in the country's south collapsed on Sunday, but caused no damage or casualties and residents evacuated from …

Swiss Alps

How Do Glaciers Move?

Russian tanker sails through Arctic without icebreaker for first time

Climate change has thawed Arctic enough for $300m gas tanker to travel at record speed through northern sea route<p>A Russian tanker has travelled through the northern sea route in record speed and without an icebreaker escort for the first time, highlighting how climate change is opening up the high …

Climate Change

Animation Shows Disappearing Arctic Sea Ice

Warming Arctic spurs battles for riches, shipping routes

LANCASTER SOUND, Nunavut (AP) — From a distance, the northern shores of Baffin Island in the Arctic appear barren — a craggy world of snow-capped peaks and glaciers surrounded by a sea of floating ice even in the midst of summer.<p>Yet beneath the forbidding surface of the world's fifth largest island …


Melting glaciers in Swiss Alps could reveal hundreds of mummified corpses

Frozen bodies of couple who vanished 75 years ago among those uncovered recently as global warming forces ice to retreat<p>Swiss police say hundreds of bodies of mountaineers who have gone missing in the Alps in the past century could emerge in coming years as global warming forces the country’s …

Iceberg twice size of Luxembourg breaks off Antarctic ice shelf

Satellite data confirms ‘calving’ of trillion-tonne, 5,800 sq km iceberg from the Larsen C ice shelf, dramatically altering the landscape<p>A giant iceberg twice the size of Luxembourg has broken off an ice shelf on the Antarctic peninsula and is now adrift in the Weddell Sea.<p>Reported to be “hanging …

Climate Change

How human error could have created the Sahara desert

Once upon a time, the Sahara was green. There were vast lakes. Hippos and giraffe lived there, and large human populations of fishers foraged for …


Earth - There are diseases hidden in ice, and they are waking up

Throughout history, humans have existed side-by-side with bacteria and viruses. From the bubonic plague to smallpox, we have evolved to resist them, and in response they have developed new ways of infecting us.<p>We have had antibiotics for almost a century, ever since Alexander Fleming discovered …


Why the Northernmost Town in America Exists


The three-minute story of 800,000 years of climate change with a sting in the tail

There are those who say the climate has always changed, and that carbon dioxide levels have always fluctuated. That’s true. But it’s also true that …

Climate Change

The faces of climate change: How a rapidly warming Arctic is destroying a way of life

It isn't 'just about polar bears, it's about the people,' Inuit environmental activist says<p>There is no shortage of alarming climate change stories. …

Climate Change

Sherpas show how the human body can thrive in extreme environments

Mount Everest is a grueling, deadly place for many adventurers. Beyond the steep terrain, bone-chilling temperatures, and fierce weather, the air is …


NASA Discovers a New Mode of Ice Loss in Greenland

A new NASA study finds that during Greenland's hottest summers on record, 2010 and 2012, the ice in Rink Glacier on the island's west coast didn't …

Global Warming

Norway to boost protection of Arctic seed vault from climate change

<b>Norway is boosting the flood defences of its Global Seed Vault on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard after water entered the entrance tunnel last year.</b><p>The storage facility, deep inside a mountain, is designed to preserve the world's crops from future disasters.<p>Unseasonably high temperatures last …

Climate Change

Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts

No seeds were lost but the ability of the rock vault to provide failsafe protection against all disasters is now threatened by climate change<p>It was designed as an impregnable deep-freeze to protect the world’s most precious seeds from any global disaster and ensure humanity’s food supply forever. …

Climate Change

The ‘ancient carbon’ of Alaska’s tundra is being released, speeding up global warming

“This is ancient carbon, thousands of years old.” It’s being released “much earlier than we thought.”<p>The Alaskan tundra is warming so quickly it has …

Climate Change

Into the Deep