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Rexcrisanto Delson is the first Igorot author ever to write & publish a fiction novel of any kind. His book "Igorotdo: The Enlightened Warrior Within" is the first Fiction Novel ever written about the indigenous Igorots of the Philippines. Although living most of his life in America, Mr. Delson remains connected to his Igorot heritage and enjoys learning about other cultures. Mr. Delson’s background is a mélange of experiences spanning the financial services arena, business and project management, Japanese gardening, landscape architecture, Japanese Chanoyu, martial arts, coaching basketball, sushi chef, interreligious dialogue, and writing. When not writing, he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, sports, bicycling, and increasing his culinary skills, particularly when it comes to sushi. Learn more about his writing at www.rexcrisanto.com