Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school season is (finally) upon us. While it may be a relief for some parents and students, we can't forget how much goes into getting kids (and adults) ready for the new school year. Check out our lists below of the best items that everyone needs before embarking to their new classroom. Affiliate links may be used below.

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Back-to-School Shopping
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    For Organization

    If you wish you could hire a pro organizer for your brain or you’re looking for a new way to flex your creativity, this practice might be right up your alley. The good news is anybody can do it—and you only need a few essentials to get started. Here’s what you need to know about bullet journaling and what you need to start your own.

    21 Cute Washi Tape Rolls for Nonstop Crafting

    21 Cute Washi Tape Rolls for Nonstop Crafting

    If you’ve been in a stationery store or you’ve recently gotten into bullet journaling, you’re probably familiar with washi tape, the colorful paper …

    For the Teachers

    We’ve collected some of the best teacher gifts, including everything from personalized classroom supplies to fancy coffee mugs and more! No matter which subject they teach or what your budget is, our list is here to help you find the perfect gift to thank the teacher in your life.

    For Homework

    A year of virtual learning made it clear that kids need a solid setup for learning and studying at home. Whether your child is using their space for distance learning, homeschooling, or homework and art projects, choosing the right study desk to meet your learner’s specific needs makes a huge difference when it’s time to study.

    Recommended Reading

    For early readers, you want to try to align their first books with their existing interests. Because early chapter books involve a bit more patience than picture books, it’s more effective to ease kids in slowly by introducing them to titles with princesses, dragons, cars, or whatever it is they already love.

    Other School Supplies

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