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GoPro: Dunes - Sand Skiing in Peru

Abrebocas 2017: proyectos a fuego alto

Tras levantar la mesa del 2016, la gastronomía peruana extiende ahora un mantel grande y nuevo para recibir los proyectos del 2017, año que resumimos …

Extreme Makeover: Machu Picchu edition

Machu Picchu is getting a makeover. Oh, you haven’t heard?<p>In March 2014, <i>Peruvian Times</i> published an article describing the “drastic new measures” …

Local Experts

A photographer with a natural flair for detail renovated his 1940s townhouse to create Atemporal, a nine-room hotelito in residential Miraflores.... …

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Peru in Motion

How to Drink Pisco Like a Peruvian

The 38 Essential Lima Restaurants

Like Paris or Tokyo, Lima is one of the world's great dining destinations. From streetside vendors grilling <i>anticuchos</i> (beef heart kebabs) to fine-dining chefs who are seeking out diverse new ingredients in the Andes and Amazon, there's something incredible and unique to eat at every price point. …

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Chifa Titi -

¿Qué es el Chifa?<p>La comida china es muy popular en el Perú y es <b>resultado de la integración cultural entre peruanos y chinos</b>. La expresión <i>CHIFA</i> es …

"Modern day Machu Picchu" hailed world's best new building

Likened to a modern-day Machu Picchu by RIBA, UTEC is located on the edge of a ravine in the Barranco district of Peru's capital Lima, and serves as …

Machu Picchu

Explora Valle Sagrado – Peru's hot new hotel

The Explora group was the trailblazer for immersive off-grid experiences in remote landscapes. Now its first hotel for almost a decade has landed in …

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World's Leading Culinary Destination 2016