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[The translation of Maimi's post: Peaceful warm…ε= ヾ(*~▽~) ノ] Good morning. It's Maimi. Thanks for your warm comments I have been loving team C-ute! It's so wonderful weather yesterday. So, when I went out from my home, I felt "It's Summerー! (・∀・)" The sky was so beautiful that I turned my cellphone upward walking to take a pic of the sky. Well, what a kind of pic did I takeー? (^-^) Ran Ran I was going to see it but i was in a so bright place that the display was pure black...…(;´д`) After that, I checked the pic when I had time.(  ̄▽ ̄) Then…(*´ω`) Two flying birds were in the pic. I know it's the case by chance… I felt happy somehow. Well, I had a shooting of "JUNON" July Number which is released on 23rd July with Nacky yesterday. We wore dresses! (Pic2) A lot of dresses made a line in a room. The atmosphere of the room was so cute and cute…ヽ(´ー`)ノ I felt as if I became a princess :D In the interview, I told about my girly points and boyish points. And Nacky and I , we feel partner's girly and boyish parts each other. In addition, We told other members's girly and boyish parts too. We analyzed the rate of member's boyish and girly points at our own discretion. and decided the ranking of who is the most girly member. I enjoyed the interview with Nacky. In addition, As Nacky wrote on her blog, we received souvenirs. We both were charmed the sweets! In addition, the staff we always met in the JUNON shooting knows that I love Blood Orange Juice and prepared it for the interview. I was glad it…(;_;) Both were delicious. Thanks so much. 『JUNON』 Please check it out when it's released. It's a pic I took on the way back (Pic 3) I love the kind of sun set light… I fall into a doze~ I can relax peacefully~ I feel as if time fly slowly at the time… Well, Let's work hard cheerfullyー See you until tomorrow's updating. □■□■□■□■□■□ DVD magazine vol.33 which is going to be released in our tomorrow's concert place Pacifico Yokohama has been uploaded on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF-xsqd5zgI It's a footage of perfect closely covering Sinseinaru Pentagram tour back stage. Please check it out. And, The pre-order of the tickets of ℃-ute Cutie LIVE 2013 summer~Queen Of OTODAMA~ at OTODAMA SEA STUDIO(Kanagawa Pref.) on 1st August for C-ute blog reader is close at 29th June(Sato) at 11:00. The URL is here http://pia.jp/sp/otdm2013-chp/ We are waiting for your application http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/669267185

[The translation of Maimi's Post: Graduation…] Good afternoon. It's Maimi. Tanaka Reina-san graduated from Morning Musume yesterday. Of course , we went to see Last Morning Musume in which Tanka-san was, in Budokan. In the moment when Mornig Musume's silhouette appeared, "Cool" I was excited so much. I have forget Tanaka-san's last concert as Morning Musume and just enjoyed the live in the beginnning of the live. ヽ(´ー`)ノ As ℃-ute's Budokan on 10th September was also decided, 『We five also perform here~』 or 『The members on the stage were looked like this from this seat~』 I saw thinking a lot. The glow sticks surrounding the stage were so beautiful that I was fascinated. Tanka-san kept her smile brightly from the beginning to the end. She looked like she enjoyed her last Morning Musume. When the stage was going to covered with sadness, she looked like she acted cheerfully on purpose. Such her figure was cool and I saw her thinking that it's Tanaka-san own style. She has a so fresh smile~… Tanka-san shined brighter… And her graduation ceremony started. The letter Tanaka-san read aloud… 『For a while after passing the audition, I was said "A bad girl has joined" or "Trouble maker has come!". "Actually I'm not... " So I kept my mind closed. But, When I joined in Otome Gumi, I felt my fans got increased. "There were people cheering for such Reina... I'll work hard only for the persons!! 』 When I heard it, I was going to cry. Saying frankly, Tanaka-san looked like she had a lot of difficulties alone and she kept stress…。 I have thought "Tanka-san is strong". It may be because she have struggled with a lot of problems by herself. In the middle of the live, she said that Finally now, she can talk a lot of things with her same generation member Michishige Sayumi-san. A lot of members joined in the group one after another. I'm sure Tanka-san and Michishige-san have supported each other. I was moved the bond of the same generation. In addition, I was moved the figure of Tanka-san who delivered message to each member after receiving flowers. She have watched each member warmly~… I touched Member's bond. I thought.... We each have our own life. We can't see them. but everyone are struggling with a lot of worries and walking on our life. When I saw the 11 members standing on the stage after hearing Tanks-san's message, I was thinking such a thing. and they each looked more charming. It's not only Idols, everybody too. A lot of things happen to you everyday, you may be worries some times. "Everybody lives struggling with a lot" Yaji likes to hear a lot of persons life. It may be because I can feel that "Everybody lives struggling with a lot" from their story. Lastly, They sang "SyabonDama" It's the first single after Tanaka-san joined Morning Musume. It's 10 years ago... I saw the audition in the TV~ Suddenly I brought back the day's Tanaka-san. Aa… When I recall yesterday's live, my heart become warm... Every audiences who gathered in Budokan put their arms around each other's shoulders So much Blue glow sticks filled with the venue… It's really emotional... I felt she was covered with beautiful people. Tanaka-san acts as "LoVendoЯ" from now. I'd like to see their Live… Tanaka-san, Congratulations on your graduation! Lastly, I'll attach pics of Tanka-san and I… (1) With Tanka-san, Michishige-san... (2) And.. Today, 22nd May is my important person's... Berryz Kobo Tokunaga Chinami-chan's birthday! (3) China has been 21! Same age! Same age (^-^) We talked each other via phone last night~ As I had so much things I had wanted to talk to her, our talk didn't know the end…(´・ω・`) LOL We talked 『Let's go travel together』… let's enjoy 21 each otherー. Please keep supporting Yaji from now on too. LOL Happy Birthday! □■□■□■□■□■□ YouTube program Hello! Station update today at 21 o'clock (JST) The footage of 『Hibiya Open air music Festival 90th anniversary project Hello!Project Yaon Premium LIVE~Soto Fes~』 Is broadcast in the program. We performed C-ute's new single "Adam to Eve no Dilemma" which is released on 10th July for the first time. You can see it on it. So please check it out! http://www.youtube.com/user/helloprojectstation

[The translation of Maimi's post: Music Video (' ∇')] Good evening It's Maimi. All of C-ute has a shooting of music video and the cover of our new single "Adam to Eve no Dilemma" which is one of double A single. yesterday. (Pic 1.2) Ah~ The stage setting and lighting was so wonderful that I was excited~ The members who shot our MV is the staff of "Crazy Kanzen na Otona"… They made a lot of efforts to make nice Music Video this time too. And, When we finished the shooting,, We danced our new song with the Staff-san as well as "Crazy Kanzen na Otona" The Staff-san watched us dancing so many times and remembered the choreography (゜o゜)/… Amazing,, Ah~ I'm looking forward to seeing the completed product. I hope as many people as possible will see it… Ah! yes yes! We received a lot of souvenirs. Sweets, Strawberries, candies... And Cherries! (3) Yum yum Yaji~(´ー`⊂) I was happy! All of Staff-san, Thanks so much! And tomorrow, we have a shooting of Msuic Video "Kanashiki Amefuri" one of double A single. How will the MV be? I'll work hard to make a nice Music Video. Ah! BTW, we had a recording of a coupling song today. A New category's song has added into C-ute's songs. The recording was different from usual. I'm happy you will feel new C-ute. Well, GJ, You have work hard today too. Have a nice dream! Good Night □■□■□■□■□■□ You can see a CM of 『℃-ute DVD magazine Vol.32』 which is released on 25th May on YouTube now. Please check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5FWB3hEF58 http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667636981

[The translation of Maimi's post: Birth °・( ノД`)・] Good evening. It's Maimi. We had a shooting of the cover and Music Video of our new song "Kanashiki Amefuri"which is one song of double A single, out 10th July. I feel both the cover and music video will be cool. Please check it out when it's completed. What! We perform the "Kanashiki Heaven" in C-ute live at Nippon Tokusyu Tougyou Shimin Kaikan Forest Hall (Nagoya) for the first time, tomorrow! My heart skips a beat Some daily tickets will be sold so please come to enjoy our live if you have time. We performed Live in Gotanda today. Live is fun as I expected. Did you also enjoy it? Actually, my best friends also came to the live today. They came to Nakano Sunplaza. However, they came to Gotanda too! I can see the second floor clearly. So I could find them out immediately! Their eyes were warm~(T^T) I appreciate itー… So, I can see second floors, end of the venue clearly ( ̄^ ̄) I was happy to see a lot of smiles today too… Everyone who came, everyone who cheered for us… Thank you so much. I was interviewed from "Top Yell" which is released on 6th June with Airi. We talked a lot about our Live . We talked our problem we have to overwhelm from now. In addition, The interviewer seems to heard some from our dance teachers. They gave some messages. We should never stop our steps and do our best to improve our abilities. (・∀・´) So, everyone, Keep your eyes on C-ute! BTW, Nacky, Chisato, Mai was interviewed the other day. So all of ℃-ute appear on the book. Please check it out when it's released. Well, it's announced on today's live. Chisato's brother has come to her family. Congratulations so muchー (≧∀≦) How wonderful it is… I was moved somehow…(T-T) Around 19 years younger brother~ In addition, fifth children… Ah~ It's great… I'm looking forward to how he will grow. I'd like to watch him from afar. …Above all, Birth of life is wonderful. Probably New life has been born somewhere now too~ Everybody welcome to the world. Okay!(・∀・´) I'll listen to "Campus Life -Umaretekite yokatta"in such a day. I say again, Everyone of Okai family! really congratulations! I wish it will be happy day tomorrow too… □■□■□■□■□■□ From now, I'll appear on TV tokyo "God Tongue" at 2:10~ Please check it out! http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667734598

[The translation of Maimi's post: Time Diary (^-^)] It's Maimi. I'll update time diary today! 7:52 Good morning. I am in a Shinkansen for Nagoya now. Next seat is Hagi-chan~ (Pic 1) Aww,…… I'm so sleepy…(っ_-) Okay! I'll sleep till we arrive at Nagoya. Good Night 9:37 We have arrived at Nagoyaー! I have completely slept during the travel~(/0 ̄) 10:09 in JOYSOUND Kanayama (Pioc 2) We drew graffiti on special big curtain on ℃-ute room.~ Please be sure to sing a lot of C-ute's song in the C-ute room. …BTW, you know, Joysound Kanayama's elevator has good smell XD 10:50 We have C-ute live in Nihon Tokusyu Togyou Forest Hall. When we are preparing for today's stage in our dress room, Chisato's regular TV show "Gogo Suma"-san suddenly came for the interview now! It's broadcast on 30th May. So please check it out! 11:19 I've finished setting of my hair style (  ̄▽ ̄) As I felt my bangs are long, I cut them. 11:23 C-ute is taking lunch now. Today's menu is "Kishimen Noodle"ー I'll eat it from now 11:33 I've eaten up! Thanks so much! It's so delicious! There were Chicken Teriyaki and deep fried Lotus roots in the lunch set~(´ー`⊂) They were so yummy. Well, I've got to prepare for two shot shootings. I'll change my outfits~ 12:10 We've finished two shot shootings. It has become a memorial pic this time too… Thanks so much. Okay! (・∀・´) I've changed to training wear. I'll go stretch and voice training before the stage. 13:52 I'm back from the rehearsal (^-^ゞ We perform "Kanashiki Amefuri" which is one of double-A single, out 10th July for the first time today~ヽ(≧▽≦)/ My hart is skipping a beat. I'll eat a flan we received from GogoSuma-san from now~('∇') Hu hu hu. Well, I'll update this blog now. I'm offー □■□■□■□■□■□ Finally, My, Yajima Maimi's art works "My Museum" is released tomorrow! Everybody, please go to neighboring book stores. http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667757034

[The translation of Maimi's post (*'-')] Good evening. It's Maimi. We had C-ute live in Nagoya yesterdayー The venue has four floors. I was quite happy that there were audiences in the fourth floor too~ Before, we couldn't fill even first floor with audiences in the venue… I couldn't expected that I would see lights of shining glow sticks in the upper floor. I should thanks to a lot of people… We performed "Kanashiki Ame furi" for the first time which is the one of the song of double-A single, out 10th July It is a painful regret song. But the dance has dynamic and wild parts. The dance of the refrain is easy to remember. So I'd like you to remember the choreography and dance with us. Usually, after our live, we change our outfits and put away our baggage. and lastly we go around to say thank you for all of staff. and we leave the venue. When we went to the stage to greeting. The stage setting who there were a little while ago disappeared. lights which were shined were turn off. Team C-ute in the seats also disappeared! I felt lonely somehow… The venue was bare, I felt 『Ee? The view I have seen a little while ago was just my dream? 』… But, Mai looked the staff-san working hard for putting away stage set and a lot of machinery and materials, and said. 『Nobdy can live alone~』 I really agree her words. Thanks to a lot of supports, we can stand on stages like this… I should appreciate a lot everyday! Everyone who came our live, who cheered for us thought you couldn't attend, thanks so much! We have three weeks to next live. We will work hard to deliver better live to everyone who will come. Well, I had a practice of my stage play "Takuramakan" which take place at HIgashi Ikebukuro Auru Spot on 10th June, at Osaka Sunkei Hall Bresse on 11th June. We did a full rehearsal with outfits... Actually, the performance day is four days later \(◎o◎)/ I couldn't participate the practice many times, I have troubled a lot of people. Some have told me some changing points. Some have acted as a substitute I was supported so many, so many times… Yaji should work harder for their help (・ー・´) Above all, we will work hard to deliver unforgettable stages to you. Please 『Takuramakan』 will be loved by audiences who will come… To change the subject... Have you checked Yajima Maimi artworks "My Museum" which is released today! As it's an art works, I decorated photo books with wool yarn, beads and etc... so much. BTW, the page which It took me for the longest time to decorate a page is the page of Yaji sleeping on a candy's bed. It took me eight hours to do only the page! I decorate each page with all my heart. So if you haven't seen it, please check it out! Because yaji will be glad it. ♪ヽ(´▽`)/ (LOL) Well, Everybody, Good Job today too. Have a nice dream each other! Good Night~ -Pic - (1) I'll show our outfits of our new song a little. (2) Godiva Ice cream we received the shooting of music video. (3) This is our encore outfits of this tour which we don't wear more after the first half of the tour. The shape of T-shirt was rearranged with the ideas we each suggestted. I loved the encore outfits. Thanks for working hard with me in the first half of our tour. http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667820950

[The translation of Maimi's post: Happy Birthday(*^.^*)] Good evening. It's Maimi. I had practiced my stage "TakuramaKan" all day today. Only three days to the performance day. Finally we have leaved from the practice studio... The stage setting taken apart... 『the practice studio is such wide like this…』 yep. As a lot of things go way and the place became empty. I felt something lonely The studio was so humidity because of heated atmosphere from all casts…… Probably (LOL) As I have been in the studio all time, I couldn't notice it. but some persons said. 『When I back from outside, here is filled with warm humidity』 Probably, Yaji's sweat do supported the humidity strongly.. I have sweated like this in the practice. But It's wonderful to play stage in such hot practice studio which is filled with energy like that.(・∀・´) I'll stand on the stage doing everything with all my heart to deliver such our energy to audiences. 31st May~10th June : Higashi Ikebukuro Auru Spot. 11st June: Osaka Sunkei Hall Bresse, You still can get the weekday's ticket. Please come to my stage if you have time. This is a pic in the practice studio today. (Pic1) Ikari Asami-san who played my role instead of me while I absented the practice. She often sent me modifications via text messages. She has her own role but she remembered my moving and my line. Really thanks so much. (Pic2) and Yokoyama Kazutoshi-san whose birthday is tomorrow! We celebrated his birth after the practice today. 『Takuramakan 』 is a stage with live performance of music. When we sang a birthday song, Pianist Tateishi Kazumi-san played the song. I met Yokoyama-san at the time of playing my former stage, Theater Company Hata-gumi's "Ran". I often played with him in a lot of stage play after that. He is really strong and gentle. It was the first "Ran".. As I'm shy of strangers, I was nervous in a practice studio filled with strangers. Yokoyama-san often talked to such me. He give us a sense of security. You can see Yokoyama-san's sharp and dynamic action in the "Takuramakan" too. if you blink, you will miss his action~(  ̄▽ ̄) Please gaze his action realizing that you may be dry eyes. (LOL) Speaking of birthday. It was Morning Musume。 Sayashi Riho-chan's birthday! Riho-chanー Happy birthday! When I went to Morning Musume。Budokan Live, I was charmed her sharp dance. 『Cool~~(*´д`*)』 When I feel so, it's Riho-Riho's dance. Not only dance, Her singing voice has become stronger and she got a lot of technique. Well... She is a really hard worker... I always watch her feeling that her spirits for her job is reliable. (・ー・| WALL| I was stimulated from her so, so much. Yaji should work harder! Riho-chan wishing your happy fifteen. Happy birthday! Well, I heard the rainy season seems to start from tomorrow… In the practice studio.. 『Ee (  ̄▽ ̄) Maimi-chan!(。-∀-)』 『I have been worried about this, this year too??…(  ̄▽ ̄)』 I'm scared of everyone's eyes ((((゜д゜;))))LOL Yep. Actually... I have played on theater company Hata-gumi's stage twice. A lot of days were rainy in the stages, first and second "Ran" …m(__)m It's useless but I hanged up TeruTeru Bouzu (a doll to which Japanese children pray for fine weather) in our dress room. Okay! I'll make one this year too (・∀・´) Not losing to the rain( quote from Miyazawa Kenji's poem), I'll work hard for "Takuramakan" Well then, everyone good job today too. Wishing your happy tomorrow! □■□■□■□■□■□ The acceptance of the tickets of Hello!Project Concert for blog readers has started! you reading this blog! you can order one before general release! Please please! Be sure to check it out! 《Accepting Term》 28th May(Tue)18:00~3rd July(Mon)18:00 《URL》 http://eplus.jp/hello-2013blog/(PC Mobile) http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667867956

[The translation of Maimi's post: Happy ( 〃~〃)] 【STAFF : This blog was written this morning.. I'm sorry for late updating 】 Good Morning. It's Maimi. It's rainy all over Japan today~(T^T) Actually, I have a plan to go to a little far place for a shooting… It's rainy…… Well, It can't helped it. Nobody can win weather. I'll work hard to have wonderful pics taken even in the rainy day. BTW… Now(; ̄▽ ̄) I have heard strange noises "Syaka Syaka Syaka"…(;¬_¬) So I've looked back . Then, my pet dog Cologne appeared having a ball in her mouth from under a sofa. "Hey!" I stretched out my hand. Then, She gave me a ball waving her tail. I threw the ball softly, she chased to ball happily. And now, As she asked me to lift her in my arms, I'm writing this blog. carrying her in my arms. She is still a baby…(〃▽〃) Phew…(*´д`*) But she is fluffy and comfortable. She soothed me from this morning (Pic 1) My heart has twinged (〃~〃) Reading your comments on my blog,, a lot of people wrote your impressions about Yajima Maimi Art Works "My Museum" which was released just two days ago. Thanks so much. BTW, Yaji's favorite page is... the page I'm wearing Edo era's courtesan taste costume . Yaji loves Japanese taste atmosphere. So When I wore the Kimono, I was excited so much! The Kimono was much heavy than usual Kimono (゜o゜)/ I haven't worn such kinds Kimono. In clouding the story, I told about my art works in "Monthly De☆View"-san, out 1st June. Please be sure to check one too. In addition, It seemed to be announced whether you could get the right to buy ticket of C-ute day's Budokan Live on 10th September for FC before general release. Surprisingly. a lot of comments on my blog "I couldn't get the chance this time". 『 I've lost and I have a lot of feelings now. Actually I feel sad. but at the same time I'm happy. Because it's the evidence that such so many people wanna participate Budokan Live』 I haven't know such a lot of people applied for it…°・(ノД`)・°・ I'd like to grant my dream "overcrowded Budoakn " Everyone who couldn't get the chance this time, there is the general release. I wish we will be able to spend C-ute's day together. Above all, Every fan club members, Thanks for a lot of entries. If you haven't joined FC yet, Please get the ticket after the general release starting. ℃-ute is waiting for meeting you in Budokan. Well, I'll arrive at a shooting place soon. It became long ago that I lifted Cologne in my arms. As I typed this little by little, it took me a long time to write up this. I feel the weather looks good ('∇') Please keep this weatherーO(><;)(;><)O That's why I'll be out cheerfully. Everybody, have a nice day… - Pics - (2) Smileage With Fukuda Kanon-chan (3) With Berryz Kobo Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan. http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667892221

[The translation of Maimi's post: Please (^^ゞ] Good evening It's Maimi. I went to Hayama for the shooting of the cover and front pages of "BASEBALL GAME MAGAZINE" Yesterday We can see the sea and there was a breeze too. It's pleasant place. (Pic 1.2) I wore four patterns outfits for it. I wore a lot of kinds outfits. I wore Baseball uniforms too! In the interview, I talked a lot about our double-A single "Kanashiki Amefuri" "Adam to Eve no Dilemma", out 10th July and C-ute's first oversea(France Paris) live and the day of C-ute Nippon Budokan Live on 10th September and Yajima Maimi Art Works "My Museum" which is now on sale. Please check it out. Ah, yes yes. Speaking of "My Museum"... My handshake event on 18th June has been decided. it takes a place in Fukuya Syoten Shinjyuku Subnard, Tokyo at 19:00~ I'll tell you the details later. After that, All of ℃-ute had a shooting for the goods of Summer Hello! Project Concert. It's DVD shooting. We had a blast XD Our talks never known the end. 『Please finish your talks soon~』 Staff wrote such a suggestion.(^∀^;) :P Please check this one too. Well, Finally I entered Higashi Ikebukuro Auruspot theater today. We rehearsed Theater Company "HataGumi"stage "TakuramaKan" which start tomorrow. We checked and adjust lighting, sounds, positioning,, timing of the coming and going. to the stage. 『A lot of audiences will be here tomorrow~…(゜o゜)』 I looked audience seat thinking so... My heat has been pounding ! I'll do everything what I can do before the performance, and do my best for the rise of the curtain. We all unit our powers and deliver 『Takuramakan』 to you. I hope as many people as possible will see it… Okay! I'll start with high spiritsー(・∀・´) I wish it will be happy tomorrow too… □■□■□■□■□■□ 6月1日 26:10~ テレビ東京の番組 『God Tongue』 is broadcast on TV Tokyo on 2nd June 2:10. (Pic3) Following last week, Comedian group Bananaman-san and staff-san surprise me f(^ー^; A lot of people seemed to see the previous episode too… Thanks so much. Please check out the program the day after tomorrow too~ …Actually, I'm a little scared to see it…(°∇°;) http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667954147

[The translation of Maimi's post: the rise of the curtain( つд`)] Good evening. It's Maimi. Finally the curtain of the stage has been risen. Theater company Hata Gumi's Stage vol.5 『Takuramakan 』 I've been relieved that we could start the first day with safety. I was happy that a lot of people came to my stage in spite of weekday. I was called back on stage for double encores As I haven't expected it, Yaji got flustered and did rambling talk O(><;)(;><)O Excuse me.. I felt the warm hand claps with all my body. Really thanks so much. Director and playwright Hata-san always say in his theater company HataGumi. "For actors, it's just one of a lot of stages. however, Audiences come to the stage remember the once stage as the stage" Yaji wanna deliver best stage for everyone who come. To tell the truth, I caught a cold around one week ago. The condition of my voice is not good… I couldn't control my voice well and felt frustration. Owing to my voice, I've made trouble for a lot of people. It frustrated me too. "important thing is my heart" I thought that, I could feel a little easy. ℃-ute members sent text messages for me before the performance and were worried about the condition of my throat and encouraged me. Nacky said to me. 『A heroine Nacky went to see a stage was also so husky. but I was moved! Voice is not big points for the result of stages. Most important thing is actor's heart. I felt so. So please leader, do your best so that audiences will think so too.!" (Pic1) I had been depressed. however, Okay(・ー・´) I'll fight with my heartー I could feel refreshed! They are my wonderful friends…, aren't they? I really appreciate members! I can't write all here but I was moved all of member's messages and received a lot of powers from them(/_;) Ah, BTW This is a pic Mai attached with her text message. (Pic2) I was happy(>_<。) Airi's message also attached a pic but staff-san appeared on it… So I'll monopolize her cute expression (  ̄▽ ̄) Grin. Members, Thanks so much °・(ノД`)・°・ That's why I could stand on the first day's stage with high spirits. I'll take care of my throat properly to always deliver best performance from today to the closing day with every members of the theater company. "Takuramakan" I'd like to as many people as possible will come to see our stage. Lastly, with the leaflet of Takuramakan. Click! (Pic 3) I was moved Hata-san's comments on the first page after open it. I didn't know Hata-san's first stage was "Takuramakan" I appreciate again that I can appear on his important stage like this. Um, (・ー・´) I'll work hard tomorrow too. Make a nice day! Good Night~ □■□■□■□■□■□ Morning Musume。Iikubo Haruna-chan and I appear on NHK Sogo live broadcasting "Souhoukou Quiz Tenka TouItsu" 8th June (Sat) 00:10~(7日 midnight) All of viewers choose favorite team (Home) and can participate the quiz. The acceptance has been already started. Please join the program from Data-broadcasting or smart phone site. HP→ http://nhk.jp/tenka In addition, Cheki Polarold events (BOXset)&Individual Handshake events of ℃-ute double-A single "Kanashiki Ame furi/Adam to Eve no Dilemma」 which is released on 10th July has been decided ・Cheki Polaroid event(BO Set) Sony Music Shop Event http://event.sonymusicshop.jp/ ・Individual handshake event Chara-Ani・Chance. http://ch.chara-ani.com/ Please check out this one too. There are more information! Some pics of my art works "My Museum" on a magazine 『FRIDAY』 which is now on sale In addition, Today has become tomorrow. There are some pics of "My Museum" on "Monthly De☆View』 which is released today. I told about some secret stories during making it. Please check it out. It's last information. I appear on TV Tokyo "God Tongue" Tonight 2:10~ Yaji was a target of surprise... Please check it out. I've written a long blog, Thanks for reading all. Have a nice dream…☆ Good night http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/668015706

[the translation of Maimi's post: Hu hu(〃▽〃)] Good evening. It's Maimi. It's so fine weather today~ it's hot like summer. I felt from morning 『Hot~(~ー~@) Hot~』… Such today was the second day of our stage "Takuramakan". It's two stages but really a lot of people came to our stages daytime and night too. I'm happy… Everyone who came Higashi Ikebukuro AuruSpot, everyone who cheered for me, really thanks so much. Well~ I perform with all my heart in each stage. So when we finished the stage, all of us were exhausted… All casts used up their stamina. So It's really hot stage!, I think so! I'll work hard to deliver this hot passions to you. I'll talk about some stories in our dress room of "Takuramakan". This morning,, co-star Yoshikawa Asami-san gave me "It's good for your throat. Please receive this if you want" (Pic 1・2) Co-star Konno Takami-san cooked hot stews for us during daytime stage and night stage. (Pic 3) It's so delicious. I refilled one. Yoshikawa-san, Konnno-san, Thanks so much. All of cast are so gentle… BTW, today, Juice=Juice's Miyamoto Karin-chan came to the daytime stage and Smileage Takuchi Akari-chan came to the night stage. Except for them, a lot of persons who performed my previous Hata-gumi stage "Ran" with me came to see the stages. I was moved to meet them after so long! Okay(・∀・´) I'll work hard two stages tomorrow too. Wishing it will be a nice day tomorrow too. □■□■□■□■□■□ Today, TV Tokyo "God Tongue" is broadcast soon, at 2:10~ Please check the end that a comedian group Banana-man-san surprised me. Don't miss it.. And, The pre-order of Summer Hello! Project concert for blog readers is already started. Period: 28th May(Tue)18:00~3rd June(Mon)18:00 URL:http://eplus.jp/hello-2013blog/(PC、Mobile) Please check this one too. http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/668063813

[The translation of Maimi's post: Yummyー( 〃▽〃)] Good afternoon. It's Maimi. Look Look! (Pic 1) Ta-da--! Oku Hanako-san's best album ヽ(≧▽≦)/ I received it from a director of FM-Port 『℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My Me Maimi~』 (〃▽〃) I was too happy~ I told 『I love Oku Hanako-san's songs so much…』 on the radio. 『Ah, I have her best album in my home』… Yeah! ヽ(´ー`)ノ I'd like to take my time to listen to the songs. As June has started, there were a lot of e-mails about this month message theme. Thanks so much. It's broadcast on every Friday at 22:00~. So please listen to it. Well, I'll attach some pics of the backstage of "Takuramakan"~ First… (Pic2) Okuyama Hirobumi-san, yesterday was his birthday. From left, Ikari Asami-san, Okuyama-san, and I. I say again Happy birthday. Strawberry cake! Yaji ate it too. It's so yummy (〃▽〃) (Pic 3) It's ChankoNabe Kondo Nobuhiro-san cooked. Noodles with the remained soup was also yummy. In addition, He made an apple pie for us today. It's yummy tooー He is …as if he is all of cast's mother LOL Thanks as always, always. Hu Hu Hu(*´ω`) Today's my blog is filled with "Yummy" f(^_^) Well, today's stage start from 19:00~ I've finished sword action's rehearsal and have returned to our dress room. Okay,(・∀・´) I'll work hard with high spirits! Well, I'll prepare for the stageー. See you until tomorrow's updating~ http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/668140905

[The translation of Maimi's post: Thank you…(* ´д`*)] Good Morning. It's Maimi. Aww…(T^T) I was going to update my blog… However, before I knew, I had slept while typing …O(><;)(;><)O Everyone who kept waiting for updating, I'm sorry. I had our stage play "Takuramakan" yesterday too. Yesterday we finished five stages since the first day. Every stages were overcrowded. I'm so happy that such many people saw the stages. I think a lot of people can't come to our stage because weekday has started from today, but if you have time, please come to the theater Auru Spot at Higashi Ikebukuro. Today's stage start from 19:00~. Actually, the last scene was a little changed yesterday. We all are working hard for delivering best stage of "Takuramakan"to audiences in each stage, each stage. We are doing our best for making better stage in spite of performance period too. No matter how many times you watch our stage, you must be moved with the stage. So that a lot of people will think so, we will unite our powers and do our best till the end (・~・´) In addition. Yesterday was a casts of Okuyaka Hirobumi-san's birthday. We all celebrated his birthday. Okuyama-san, Happy Birthday. Please keep in touch from today too. I'll attach some backstage pics later. In addition. Morning Musume's Ikuta Erina-chan, Suzuki Kanon-chan came to see our stage yesterday. (Pic1) I'm happy/ Speaking of Ikuta-chan, she is a famous as a Big fan of Niigaki-san. When Niigaki-san's received a telephone call in our dress room, I could hear a high tone voice from the phone in her next seat. And I can easily guess from the high tone voice and Niigaki-san's reaction, 『Aa~(^ー^) It's Ikuta-chan…(  ̄▽ ̄)σ』 …(LOL) According to her, Niigaki-san's daily photo which was sold in the venue was already sold out… She was very disappointed…(‥、)ヾ(^^ ) She is a really funny girl ヽ(≧▽≦)/ Ikuta-chan and Kanon-chan seemed to go Disney Land together the day before yesterday. They gave us souvenirs. Thanks both! so much! Speaking of the person who came to see our stage, This girl also came. (/_・、) We had a final rehearsal named "GenePro" before the first day's performance, What! MItsui Aika-chan also came to see the GenePro. Aika came to see our full rehearsal before. However, she came again~(;_;) I was so happy. She gave her impression mail and souvenirs.… Aika, really thank you so much… (Pic2) I appreciate a lot of members of H!P came to our stage. Well, between matinee (daytime stage) and soiree(night stage), I join adventitiously a live corner of Junon-san's Girls contest at Shibuya Hikarie. o(^o^)o As I arrived the venue 10 minutes before the performance, I was flustered. But the sense of security I felt at the time of meeting C-ute members was incredible strong (*´д`*) While we are moving to the stage, they said to me 『Anyway, Please depend on me in MC(・∀・´)』 and 『Let's be relaxed !』… If I were usual me, I would get so nervous and be in panic (°∇°;) However, I could stand on the stage with cool more coolly than usualヽ(´ー`)ノ I said to myself. 『Relax~, I can do, I can do!!』 Members asked me "anything you worried? (*'-')" and checked the parts together in the day before the performance day. I thank to C-ute members from the bottom of my heart. How wonderful friends are! I thought I really love ℃-uteー°・(ノД`)・°・ (Pic 3) I was happy your encourage voiced when I appeared on the stage~(T-T) It's girls contest. So a lot of persons may saw C-ute for the first time. The kinds people also watched us smiling. I became so happy. Thanks so much. Okay(・∀・´) well then, I'll make a wonderful day today too. I'll update later~(^-^)/ http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/668130061

[The translation of Maimi's post: Relaxed (* ´д`*)] Good Morning. It's Maimi. Hu hu hu (*´ω`) After my stage "Takuramakan", I came home after so long. I've stayed a hotel in Tokyo these several days. When I home, my pet dogs ran up to me and asked me 『lift me up, lift me up!』…(*´д`*) Ha~… They sooth me… When I went to my bed at the night. 『Okay, I'll sleep』 I was going to sleep. then, I heard sounds of steps. *trudge* … The shadow of my pet dog Cologne appeared in the darkness… 『Oh! She wanna comes to me? 』 I called her 『Cologne~』 Then, I saw she stopped there waving her tail. *trudge* *trudge*… She comes to my room but immediately, she turned back and leaved from my room~σ(^_^;)? …Ee?… feint…?? Then, she slept stooping down on the passage. Fluffy dogs feel hot in summer~ Probably the cool passage was comfortable for her.… She lay down on the passage having a ball in her mouth. So I teased her fluffy body in spite of herself. Hey hey hey~ヽ(≧▽≦)/ I had eaten my mother's handmade cooking for breakfast. It's yummyー. My home is pleasant and I can be relaxed as I expected. Just looking my family's faces, I can get powers! I could relax my body and soul. Recently, I've heard a lot of voices that you are worried about my health. Yaji is Okay! I'm sorry for making you worry and thanks for your concern. I've been get massage just now~ I've relaxed more! BTW, I was a little worried about "Takuramakan" yesterday. How many people will come to our stage in weekday... As we work hard together for making the stage, I wanna as many people as possible to see it… When the lights of the audience seats turned on, much people than I expected was there. I was quite happy. Really thanks so much! And everyone who cheered for me though you couldn't come, thanks so much too… I'll work hard for "Takuramakan" at HIgashi Ikebukuro Auru Spot from 19:00~ today too! See you tomorrow~ ーPicsー (1) This morning's my pet dog Rookie-kun He show me his face a little(・ω・| He saw me off. (2) The backstage of 『Takuramakan』 From left, Konno Takami-san, Mochizuki Atsushi-san, Okuyama HIrobumi-san. and I. The wear Takuramakan T-shirt and carried me on their back. XD (Maimi is printed on the back of each T-shirt) (3) With Yoshikawa Asami-san. Yoshikawa-san also wore a Takuramakan T-shirt. She said to me 『I'll work hard carrying Maimi-chan on my back today~』 http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/668176564

[The translation of Maimi's post: Whoa~~≡ヽ( ´ー`)ノ] Good morning. It's Maimi. Yesterday was the fifth day of our stage "Takuramakan". We have been playing the stage till 11th June. So, It's a middle day of the stages today. For yesterday's performance, What! Airi and Mai (Pic 1) And Mano Erina-chan came to see our stage. (Pic 2) I was glad so much~ After the stage, I noticed them. Whoa~~~ Are you coming! ≡ヽ(´ー`)ノ I promised to go eating with Mano-chan, when I have free time. Listen, I returened with C-ute members. They told me a lot of kinds their impressions. In addition, They gave me text messages after we said Bye bye each other. They were so wonderful messages that I was going to cry. They wrote wonderful comments on their blog. too. I read them thinking "Aa…(*´д`*) Thank you I'm happy』 Thank you so much. I got big powers from them 『I'll work hard from tomorrow too!(・∀・´)』 ** (Airi's comments for Maimi http://j.mp/11DRcgq ) ** (Mai's comments for Maimi http://j.mp/13EDzk7 ) Except for them, A lot of persons concerned came to our stage yesterday. Really.. I'm happy~ Some gave Yaji's favorite Blookd Orange and Some gave refresh goods as they were worried about my health. I was so happy they considered for me~……! BTW, Airi gave me Cherries and Blue Berries. Mai gave mille-feuille! I'll eat them with all of casts today… I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart that a lot of people came to the stage in spite of weekday. Everyone who cheered for me, thanks so much too. We have two stages today We perform at Higashi Ikebukuro AuruSpot at14:00~ and at 19:00~ Please come ot our stage if you have time. Well, Japan is excited!ヽ(≧▽≦)/ Zakk Japan national football theam! Some members were wearing the team's uniform during the practice of "Takuramakan" yesterday too. All over Japan got hot, didn't it? Japan national football team is qualified for the world cup Yaji is also happy. Let's cheer for them in W-Cup too. Well then, I wish we happiness today too… See you tomorrow~ p.s. 4th June was Nakanishi Kana-chan's birthday. (Pic3) From right, Nakanishi Kana-chan, Tamura Meimi-chan. Kananan, Happy Birthday~ I listened to Kananan's confession part of their new song "YattaaruChan", I thought Osaka dialect was cute. Lucky her! I wish I would have dialect too.. Please stay friendly and funny you are, have a wonderful 16th year too. □■□■□■□■□■□ Our performance of "Kanashiki Amefuri" in 『℃-ute Concert tourー2013 Spring ~Treasure Box~』 at Nihon Tokusyu Togyou Shimin Kaikan Forest Hall is open to the public on 『Hello! Station #18』 today at 21:00. http://www.youtube.com/helloprojectstation Please check it out. Please look forward to the updating at 21:00~ http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/668225863

[The translation of Maimi's post: meeting again (T-T)] Good evening! It's Maimi. The rainy season has begun! However, We have no rain! Yaji is performing on the Theater company Hata Gumi's stage "Takuramakan" However. we have no rain! What happened to me a.k.a Ame onna Rainy bringer??? ((((Rainy ゜д゜;Girl)))) All of Staff around me said to me "What happened to youー(゜o゜)" (  ̄▽ ̄) Well, look, look at this scriptー (Pic1) Staff-san made a lot of AmeOnna (rainy bringer) stickers and said to me 『Hey it's yours.』…( ̄∇ ̄;) I am teased so much in Takuramakan … Yesterday's two stages were recorded for DVD. Daytime stage in weekday. I thought probably a lot of persons can't come by some reasons. However, the audience seats were filled with a lot of audiences. I was surprised. I was really glad it…(/_;) And, the night stage was overcrowded. Σ( ゜Д゜) Aa… Really really thanks so much. Berryz Kobo Shimizu Saki-chan came to see our daytime stage. (Pic2) After the stage she came saying 『Mii~Ta~N』…(*´д`*) Saki~ Well~ I felt it when C-ute members came too. Looking her, the strength I've been exerted was give way suddenly~ Yep.Probably they relieved me.…(´ー`) I was glad her coming. After that, We talked with her that we'd like to play Hata-san's stage together someday via text messages. I'd like to take our time to talk each other. Saki. Thank you…(^з^)/ And in the night stage, almost all of successive C-ute manager-san came to see my stage! I was too happy~(TOT) Woman manager-san I haven't met since she leaved from the role of C-ute manager wept her eyes out. and when she met Yaji, immediately, she hugged me tight ヽ(´ー`)ノ Warm... Except for them. It's in the daytime stage. A former C-ute manager-san, He already quit our company, came to see my stage secretly °・(ノД`)・°・ Hata-san seemed to meet him. Hata-san taught me that he said "She has grown, more than her who I had known. and etc..." (;_;) I'm happy... Yaji also wanna meet him~… In addition, A former C-ute manager-san, now she is a manager of H!P trainee and Juice=Juice, came to see my stage the other day. After a few days, she sent a present and a letter to me. The contents of letter was so deep. I was moved. I'm really glad that we have still linked each other like this. BTW, The day of organization of C-ute is Takuramakan's final day 11th June. Eight years has almost passed~… It's deeply emotive… Thus, Yaji realized again that I was surrounded with a lot of warm persons. Owing to their support, Yaji can work hard. I really appreciate it. The second half of "Takuramakan" start from tomorrow. I'm sure I'll miss my role Kei (My role) after finishing all of the stages. So I'll live today I can play Kei ,with all my heart. I'm off and do my best! (Pic3) This is a pic of I and Hirayama Yuuko I took the pic before . Well, see you tomorrow. Bye Bye(^з^)/ □■□■□■□■□■□ Yesterday, I told you "Hello!Station #18". We had a plan to upload it yesterday's 21:00. However, it's uploaded in midnight 1:30. Excuse us everyone who kept waiting for it. It's already uploaded. So please check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM-TXkMA6PU In addition, tomorrow's midnight 0:10~ Morning Musume's Iikubo Haruna-chan and I appear on NHK Sogo Live broadcasting 『Souhoukou Quiz TenkaTouitsu (Interactive Quiz unification of the whole country 』 Each casts and viewers make a team and battle with Quiz in the TV program The program's HP is here↓↓ HP→ http://nhk.jp/tenka Everybody, please give me your powers to Yaji and Iikubo-chan. http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/668278754

[The translation of Maimi's post: I was moved °・( ノД`)・°・] Good Morning. It's Maimi. I had theater company HataGumi's stage vol.5 "Takuramakan" yesterday too. A lot of people came the theater. Everyone who came to my stage, everyone who cheered for me... Thanks so much. Listen, There was a surprise yesterday! What! A legendary playwright Tsuka Kouhei-san's daughter. former Takarazuka Revue member, Aihara Mika-san came to see the stage. She said after the stage. "I'd like to meet Kei (My role)" As I didn't know that, I was changing my outfits peacefully… And I was surprised to hear the news from Staff-san, and I changed my outfits in haste. and I greeted her. My character is completely different from my role's character. so she saw me in the backstage and said "Ee? You are different from on the stage~( ^∀^)"…!! 『Aha, Actually yes i am. Usually, I'm such a person (^^;)』… We talked like that. (LOL) I was moved she gave me a lot of happy words! I couldn't believe it somehow. Thanks so much. Well, Morning Musume's Ikuta Erina-chan came to see "Takuramakan" yesterday. It's the second time for her to come to our stage. She was wearing a HataGumi T-shirt. After the stage, She couldn't met Niigaki Risa-san who play Yan on the stage and cried! XD She cried and made a telephone call for Niigakisan. "I wish I could meet you~(T^T)" She seems to like Niigaki-san so muchー I heard Niigaki-san's gentle voice from her telephone. 『Don't cry~(*~O~)』 LOL Eripon gave me a souvenirs too. "Please, if you want". Thanks for coming twice! After that I had another job. I met Beryz Kobo's Tokunaga Chinami-chan. China said to me. 『I wanna go to see the stage playーヽ(≧▽≦)/』 °・(ノД`)・°・ She opened her schedule notebook and sought the day she would be able to come to my stage. My stages seemed to conflict with her jobs. However, she asked to her manager-san "Can I make time to see her stage~?" Yaji was already happy enough.(/_;) Owing to I meet China after so long, I got a power~( ^▽^)σ)~O~) (Pic1) Ra Ran (´ー`⊂) A lot of people have been cheering for me. So I can work hard today too. Okay(・∀・´) Let's make a wonderful day today too. ー Pic ー A shot of our dress room in 『Takuramakan』. (Pic2) From left, Tsukiyama Maumi, Taki Kahoko-san, Niigaki-san and I. These members use a dress room together. (Pic3) Thanks for wonderful flowers. I'm happy…(〃▽〃) □■□■□■□■□■□ 『Top Yell』. It's released yesterday. C-ute appear on the cover. In addition, A report of our live in Nakano Sunplaza on 28th April. Please check it out. And tonight 0:10~ I appear on a live broadcasting TV show NHK『Souhoukou Quiz TenkaTouitsu (Interactive Quiz the World unification』 with Morning Musume's Iikubo Haruna-chan. You can participate the quiz by using your TV remote controller. Viewers chose a team they wanna support. and answer questions with us. Please please, make a group with Harunan&Yaji and give your powers. Let's work hard for World Unification! http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/668316075

[The translation of Maimi's post: Serial Event (*^_^*) ] Good Morning. It's Maimi. It's "Children's Day"~ Carp streamers known as "Koinobori" was swimming cheerfullyー Now, around five-year boy and his dad is in the train. I wonder they will go somewhere~ヽ(´ー`)ノ It's a heart warming scene somehow. Such today's breakfast was cod roe French bread and bun with soybean flour. and my favorite Tapioca milk teaー I drank it after so long. It's yummy as I expected. Well then, We had our serial event of our new song "Crazy Kanzen na Otona" at Shinagawa Stella Bowl. There were three stages yesterday too. However it's over like a flash. It's the evidence I enjoyed the events so much. I hope everyone who attended the events also enjoyed them… Yes, yes. There were a lot of persons who came to our event for the first time in the serial events (T^T) Some said "I came to the event for a long time~". In addition, There were some who came from really afar ( ; ゜Д゜) I was happy so much (´д⊂) I received a lot of smiles from you who came. Everyone who couldn't come, thanks for cheering for us! Well, I'll attach some yesterday's pics. (Pic 1・2) Well, we have photo events to commemorate the release of 『Crazy Kanzen na Otona』 It's remains forever, So I'll do my best smile in the shooting! (*´∇`*) Smileー □■□■□■□■□■□ Yajima Maimi Art works "My Museum" which is released on 27 May. (Pic3) Did you already order it? Yaji decorated my photo books with beads, felts, woolen yarn. for the art works by myself. I like such details works and I usually do it. I concentrate on it once, before I knew, I have done it for eight hours. Yaji lost myself to do it like this. I haven't expected that such my favorite time become my job~ I could enjoy making it and I said a lot of my opinions in the meeting for start the project. So I have strong feelings for this art works. The size is smaller than usual photobook. and it's easy to carry about it with you. So please, I'd like as many people as possible to see it. Please pre-order from here http://shop.wani.co.jp/ In addition, My special DVD including the making of the artworks is now on sale on e-LineUp in the limited period... It close tomorrow. Our meeting, shooting , shopping for the decoration of the photos, and my figure decorating them in my office, in my home, every time was recorded by camera. So please check it too. If you haven't ordered it yet, please do it soon. http://www.e-lineup.com/shopdetail/003000000189/ The digest is already uploaded on YouTube. So please check it out if you want. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X288dSqmLw In addition, I have one more announcement. < Information of lot event for purchaser who buy both of Yajima Maimi Art Works &DVD > If you order Yajima Maimi DVD 『My Museum Special DVD』 which is now on sale on e-LineUP! by 15th May and order my art works 『My museum』 from "Wani Books on-line Store", you can attend the event by lot. We have a plan to hold the event in Tokyo on 30th June. I display the original pics I decorated. I'm happy that it looks Yajima Maimi personal art exhibition. It's different from the art works. you can see the three‐ dimensional original. In addition, I'd like to talk some back stories in the shooting and the time of decorating it~ So Everybody please attend the event. Okay! I'll make a wonderful day today too(・∀・´) Well, see you until tomorrow's updating~ http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/666805776

[The translation of Maimi's post: We are burning ( ノ`△´) ノ] Good morning. It's Maimi. It's Sooo fine day! We had Polaroid events to commemorate the release of our new song "Crazy Kanzen Na Otoan" (Pic 1・2・3) Everyone who attended the events are the persons who bought the box set of all version's "Crazy Kanzen na Otona" Thanks so much. I was happy that I could take pics with you all. I really thank to you all who have always cheered for us even though they couldn't participate, too. Some persons said to us yesterday, Actually seven years ago today, C-ute released our first indies CD "Massara Blue Jeans"(T^T) Seven Years... Deeply moving. I had a difficult time with the recording of the song. I couldn't find out what to do in the shooting of music video and I was bewildered. I still remember the days~… Since the days we have sung the song so many times, as some opening acts, at some shopping mall in all over Japan so that as many people as possible would know us. I have a lot of memories about the song. I'd like to remember our original intentions forever (・∀・´) As Airi wrote on her blog the other day, Manager-san and C-ute gathered and told a lot each other. After reading Berryz Captain Shimizu Saki's expression of her determination on her blog, I talked with her via text messages. (** Captain celebrate C-ute live in Budokan but she was regret. Why Berryz can't do it? Then, She expressed her determination "Berryz will stand on Bodokan this year or next year" ) As Chisato, Berryz Kobo Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan also wrote on their blog. Now, Berryz and ℃-ute have produced a synergistic effect, and we have been burning so much(・∀・´) Having dream is wonderful Thanks to it, we can be burning ourselves and unite each other more tight/ In addition, we could notice gratitude for all, again. Berryz Kobo has set their one dream Budoakn.... ℃-ute also had had the dream for a long time. As I joined Hello!Project at a same time, I wish they will grant their dream. Actually, When I read Berryz Kobo's determination, I was flustered. (** According to Nacky on her radio... Berryz is already cool. however, they dared to express their determination. They were seriously afraid C-ute will fall behind them. ) But we could think it's good for us to feel worried that we will fall behind them. "We never lost C-ute own style, and more strongly have a spirits "Never fall behind any group" and will improve our abilities." We talked that each other. ℃-ute give ourselves for my dream. I was so happy that Berryz Kobo members said to us 『Congratulation on decision of C-ute Budokan Live』 『I'd like to see ℃-ute's Budokan Live』 That's why C-ute compete with them but we cheer for their dream. Let's grant our dream of Budokan! When it become real, definitely C-ute will go to see there. Oops… He He He…f(^∇^;) I've become hot hot Yaji-san today too…(^~^;) There is one more reason which makes me such hot. It's because C-ute has live in Sendai after so long today. I was so happy when I heard "we can go Sendai for our tour". We haven't been able to go Sendai for our tour since we went three years ago. I was really looking forward to see team C-ute in Seindai City(つд`) Excuse us, we haven't come by today. ℃-ute still has a lot of place we haven't been. Going for our live or events in 47 prefectures is also C-ute's dream. Everybody, please wait for us. Definitely we will also make the dream come true~(`・ロ・´) BTW, As we haven't come to Sendai City for a long time, a lot of persons may meet C-ute after so long. I'll deliver good lives so that they will feel "I wanna cheer for C-ute from now on too". I also say thank to you all who will come to Sendai from afar. Let's enjoy wonderful time together. Well, I hope you all have a happy day in the last day of Golden Week. □■□■□■□■□■□ The closing day of the Special DVD including Making of Yajima Maimi art works 『My Museum』(←it is released on 27/5) which is made individually to order on e-LineUP! is today at 23:59. If you haven't ordered one, please get one! ( http://www.e-lineup.com/shopdetail/003000000189/ ) In addition, My comments appear in an article that Base ball player Nagashima Shigeo-san and Matsui Hideki-san received National Honor Award on a sports paper "Spots Nippon" All my family were fan of a baseball team Yomiuri Giants. We have been to see their game in Tokyo Dome so many many times since my childhood. The awards ceremony took a place in the Tokyo Dome. I couldn't see it in real time. I saw it in a TV show this morning. Nagashima-san stood on the batter box and Matsui-san threw a ball. I was impressed their figure. My borthers and I have received a lot of emotions and dreams from baseball games. I say such my gratitude for Nagashima-san and Matsui-san. National Honor Award, really congratulations. http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/666872312

[The translation of Maimi's post: Seindai ヽ(´ー`)ノ] I'm sorry for late updating(>_<) It's Maimi. We had live in Sendai city yesterday. It's the first time to perform live for the three years. I felt a lot of people who couldn't come to our live usually came to it. I felt such atmosphere of audience seats and It's quite fresh feeling. Because, According to a staff around PA table in the audience seats. First, a person in front of me just looked our stage. 『What to do to enjoy the live~』 but, on the second half, his body started swing gradually... Lastly, we turn towels in our recent live... 『Oops! (゜Д゜) I don't have towel~, Okay, I don't mind it, I'll turn my handヽ(≧▽≦)/』 He seemed to turn his arm cheerfully. I was so happy to hear thatー Except for it, Staff-san taught us. 『Really a lot of girls came to the venue in Sendai, A lot of persons has bought your past DVD. Probably, they became fans these days and they wanna know C-ute's old songs too』 I really appreciate it…(>_<。) We haven't come for three years. I'm really glad that finally we came for our live in Sendai. We still couldn't fill the venue with audiences. When we live in Sendai next time, We will sell out the ticketsー(・∀・´) To do so, we should always deliver good stage so that audiences will think 『I wanna come again』 『I wonder to ask my friends or family for this live』 (>_<) ℃-ute will work harderー Ah, yes yes. There is a corner that we decide a singer and a song by lot in this live. Yajima has gotten the chance in every places. Who will win? We get nervous each time. Fans of other C-ute members also shout for my song. Oi!! Oi!!ヾ(・▽・*) I was so happy. Thank so much. I ate ox tongue box lunch in the returning Shinkansen express. It's yummy~(´ー`⊂) Now Yaji's body is Jyuwa Jyuwa. XD ↑When I said the same thing on my blog before, a lot of comments "I can't understand the expression" arrived at me. (^。^;) Umm…What should I express it… The feeling is similar with our legs after waling around Disney Land all day. Juwa is the feeling's full body version. :D The fatigue teaches me I've done Live Everyone who came, are you okay? Please take a good rest. Everyone who cheered for us though you couldn't come, thanks so much too. Everybody, could you enjoy the last day of the spring long holidays? Almost person started their jobs, school from today. Let's work hard enjoying from tomorrow too~ p.s. Today is the birthday of Morning Musume Sato Masaki-chan. Fourteen~ Youngー It's my age we released 『Massara Blue Jeans』ー In my image, Maa-chan is really as artless as a child, such a baby, and is always tagging along after somebody. Such her figure is so cute that she is like our young sister. Please soothe all with Maa-chan own way in 14 too. Happy Birthday. □■□■□■□■□■□ The DVD and Blu-ray of our precious tour 『℃-ute concert tour 2012-2013 winter ~Shisei naru Pentagram~』is released on 15th May. I'd like everyone who couldn't come and everyone who came to see it. Of course, we performed with full power of C-ute at the days. but I'd like you to see it again several years later and check our growth. C-ute will grow more and more!! Everybody, please cheer for us! BTW, The order of special DVD including the footage of making Yajima Maimi art woks "My museum" which is released on 27th May was closed yesterday. Thanks for a lot of orders. Please look forward to arriving at your home. http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/666942762

[The translation of Maimi's post: Live in Yokosuka ヾ(^ ▽^)ノ] Good evening. It's Maimi. We had C-ute lives in Yokosuka yesterday. A lot of people came to our lives. The tickets were sold out! There were standees too. Awwー(>_<。) I'm too happy…°・(ノД`)・°・ Looking up the venue, the venue was filled with team C-ute, even fifth floor too…(〃▽〃) It's really happy time. Yes yes. As the title of this tour is 『C-ute Concert tour 2013 Spring - Trasure Box - 』, there is a corner which we introduce each member's treasure. Yesterday was Yaji's turn. I introduced a communication notebook on which the conversations between mother and a nursery school teacher were written when I was 1 or two year. I introduced a episode that you could easily understand I have been a tomboy. Except for it, a lot of funny episodes were written on the notebook. As I introduced it as my treasure this time, I read all before the tour. It's easy to lose track of time when I read such books. you too? …(*/□\*) As I wrote on this blog yesterday, I was an 『Ultra-Super-Mama's girl』. I'll introduce such an episode of Mama's girl. I turned my cheek saying 『Kiss me!』 Then, My mother seemed to 『peck』 me on my cheek. Then, I ran away saying 『Bohhiiiー』 it's written on the book… ……What is Bohhiiー??…… and, when my brother have to go out with a box lunch, Did I fee jealous of him? I brought my lunch box to my mother and 『This one』 『Mai's box lunch day is the day after tomorrow! 』 Then, 『No way!』 I said so and seemed to get sulky …┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏ I haven't completely remembered them…( ̄~ ̄;) Children's acts are so funny as I expected. XD I could understand well from the book that I was really selfish, and I was such a baby, such a wild girl. BTW, I have already prepared much treasure, such as special footage I couldn't stop laughing, my precious items. I don't know where I will introduce them because it's decided by lot. If you come to our live after this, please look forward to the corner too! Everyone who came, everyone who cheered for us, thanks so much. I had a really good time yesterday Well, I'll attach some pics of yesterday! (Pic 1) with Tasaki Asahi-chan who appeared as an opening act. She appeared with our tour goods Yaji-towel on her neck in the night stage (*´д`*) Thank you so muchー (Pic2) I took a pic with Hello! Project trainee boost our tour with us, too. From left, Yoshihashi Kurumi-chan. Tanabe Nanami-chan, I Murota Mizuki-chan, Kaga Kaede-chan. (PIc3) Sweets we received as souvenirs. Sweets after stages is best! I thought so many times during eating them. 『Too happy~』 When I came home, I ate a slice of water melon! It made me feel summer! BTW, My way to eat watermelon is with salt(  ̄▽ ̄) It's the first time to eat one this year. It's juicy and It's yummy~ Well, I had an orange after breakfast this morning. Yaji, really loves fruits. Fruits Bravo \(^-^)/ Well, let's work hard from now on tooー(^o^) See you later~ p.s. There are only three days to the closing day of the pre-order of 10th September C-ute's day at Nippon Budokan for Fan Club members. If you haven't apply it, please check it out. I wish we will be able to see overcrowded Budokan with you there. According to the comments on my blog, it seems that there are a lot of people will be unable to come though they have cheered for us so much because of distance, study, some kinds reasons. If we grant the dream of overcrowded Budokan, we will work hard to go to meet the people in their town. I really hoped to go all over Japan, 47 prefecture…(´・ω・`) Please cheer for ℃-ute from now on too. http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667192539

[The translation of Maimi's post: A lot of information f(^_^)] Good evening. It's Maimi. Excuse me for late updating m(__)m Today I went practice of Theater company Hata-Gumi Vol.5 "Takuramakan" whis start from 31ー We perform with live music in the stage "Takuramakan". When I went to the studio, there were a lot of instruments. the players were also there. The members I performed with in previous, and the time before last hata-gumi-san's stage "Ran". Tateishi Kazumi-san( Compose& Piano) Koyama Yutaka-san (Tsugaru Shyamisen) Yamaguchi Milko-san(Sax& clarinet) And I couldn't meet him today, It's the first time to play with him together. Kanza Ko-san(Drum&percussion) Those four perform songs in the theater. Ah~… Owing to their live Music, the stage get better so much! Fun scenes became more fun! Painful scenes became more painful. Playwright・Director Hata Takehiko-san said "I wanna this kind sound in this timing" during the practice. 『Well, How about this?』 Wonderful melodies were born in a flash. (゜o゜)/ I was surprised it when I saw the scene in "Ran". However, I was moved again. Well, I did fitting of the outfits of the stage today. I am feeling that the performance day is getting closer day by day.(゜o゜)/ We do the stage at Higashi Ikebukuro Auru Spot from 31st May to 10th June and we do at Osaka Sunkei Hall brese on 11th June! I hope as many people as possible will come to see the stage. After that, All of C-ute did the rehearsal of 『Hibiya Yaon, 90th anniversary project Yaon Premium Live~soto Fes~supported by Hellosmile』 We rehearsed for the event that it takes a place on 19th May. It's also soon(゜o゜)/ Hello! Project consists of a lot of groups. Each group has their fans. So that they will think 『Wow(゜o゜)℃-ute is also good. I'll cheer for ℃-ute too』, C-ute should work harder! We will go ahead with high motivationsー(・∀・´) Well...…( ̄~ ̄;) I've heard the probability of rain is 50% in the day……(-_-;) NOーーWayーー°・(ノД`)・°・ As it's an open air stage, you will be also wetー( ̄□ ̄;)!! Every sunny bringers all over Japan, Please gave us your power!((○(>_<)○)) I wish the day will be sunny…(>_<) BTW, The acceptance of the pre-order of the ticket of Nippon Budokan Live on 10th September, C-ute's day for fan club is closed If you haven't ordered the tickets yet, Please soon. In addition, Yajima Maimi art works "My musum", its special pre-order with 2L photo card will be closed tomorrow. For the art works, I decorated my photos. Specially, I'll attach a pic at the time of making the art works. (Pic1) I decorated so much except for this. So I'd like you to see all works. And and! The DVD & Blu-ray of previous solo tour 『℃-ute Concert tourー2012~2013Winter~Shinsei nru Penagram~』 is released tomorrow! Everyone who participate the tour, everyone who couldn't attend unfortunately. Please check it out. Well, There were a lot of information today. Thanks for reading this blog by here. Lastly… I'll talk about today's happy event... Nacky brought cheese cake for us again! I didn't put makeup at the time...(=_=;) Ah, Okay, I don't mind. I'll attach the pic!! (>_<) *Attach* (*/□\*) (Pic 2) I was excited too much. In addition, it's incredibly yummy~°・(ノД`)・°・ She is a wonderful girl! Thanks as always! Well, Lastly, I'll attach a pic of Nacky and I which we took the other day. (PIc3) Let's make a nice day tomorrow too See you until tomorrow's updating~ Good night. Have a nice dream http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667251968

[The translation of Maimi's post: I'll not defeated by the hot summer ( ・~] Good evening. It's Maimi. I had the practice of my stage "Takuramakan" which start on 31st May today too. (Pic1) We practiced sword action in the first half. and we practiced each scene's detail in the second half. We went to a Soba restaurant near our studio for dinner. As the restaurant is only a little way from our studio, naturally, staff of "Takuramakan" gathered in the restaurant. It's almost reserved XD As we are a lot of members, old man and old woman cook dishes looked so busy.…(^ー^;A Thank you so much. As my body was hot after exercise, "I wanna eat something coldーい(>_<)" "I ordered Chilled Soba noodles with deep-fried tofu pocketsー Ah, it's yummy. There were chilled Chinese noodles too! I felt summer (; ゜Д゜) Yaji is sensitive to heat~ I'm scared of summerー. I should take care of my health not to get summer heat fatigue. Ah, there are salt-candies in our practice studio. We can take salt. I like Salt candies. As I sweat so much, It's a good product. Well, I have an announcement. Space Shower TV Plus "C-ute famous scenes special which were chosen by members" is broadcast this month, 19th at 19:00~20:00, Each ℃-ute member talked about Live emotionaly. Looking back our past, actually there are a lot of memories.… My eyes filled with tears some times…(ノ_・。) Members were always with me. That's why we could overwhelmed everything. Lastly, Something Surprise happened to us! …Σ( ̄□ ̄)! Ahー, when we go eating together, we talk about our past some times Thus, I could know that member's feelings at the days. I could talk about my feelings. I think It's a good time. As ℃-ute likes Live…, I'd like as many people as possible to know our passion for the Live. http://www.spaceshowertvplus.com/program/special/1305cute.html Well, I have the full rehearsal of "Takuramakan" tomorrow! I'll do my best with high spiritsー(・∀・´) Everybody, please make a nice day! Good night! p.s. These pics of Chisa-Mai and I were taken the other days. (Pic2) With Chisato~ (Pic 3) with Hagi~ http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667285531

[The translation of Maimi's post: Has completed] Good evening. It's Maimi. This daytime was so fine weather but, it rained lot from evening. Our live in Osaka seems to be a rainy day... (; ゜Д゜) Ah, I feel sorry.. m(´・ω・` I'm a rainy girl )m Let's pray for sunny day!(*´^`) I had a recording of FM-Port"C-ute Yajima Maimi no I My Me Maimi" which is broadcast every Friday at 22:00 ,today. I read a lot of letters. I introduced my favorite artist's songs too. Please check it out! After that, I had a lunch alone after so long. As I ate too much, my stomach was going to pop…(>_<) After finishing the lunch, I regret it. I should order more pretty smaller lunch…(TロT) If I were the person I used to be, I could eat such the quantity easily and might think 『I can eat more(・∀・´)』 ~…┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏ I should not order with my past feelings~… Anyway, I could participate the rehearsal of my stage "Takuramakan" with full energy! When we started the rehearsal, It’s starting to rain. Then, A stage director Itano-san told me. 『It's starting to rain~…You've fired up yourself so much~(。-∀-)』 After the rehearsal... I have a lot of adjusting points and problems I have to solve yet. Two weeks to the performance day... I'll have been working hard to deliver better stage to you! We performe as follows. 31st May~10th June : 東池袋あうるすぽっと 11st June:Oska Sankei Breese. Please come to see us! BTW, Today, Yajima Maimi Art Works "My Museum" , out 27th May, has completed~♪ヽ(´▽`)/ So.. Hu Hu Hu(*´ω`) I've received! (1) Wowー(T-T) I'm moved somehow~・゜・(つД`)・゜・ I decorated my photo book for the art works. I've participated the meeting since it's still just a plan. Finally it's completed. So I have stronger feelings than usual. Members were around me and they said. 『Show me please~』 『I'd like to this! Give me please~』 …(;∀;) I took my time to make each page. So I was happy that they said that. Thanks you! I'll be glad that as many people as possible to see one. Well, I have an announcement for you in Fukuoka. 5月18日 12:00~15:00 LOVEFM「AFTERNOON DELIGHT」 13:00~16:30 RKB「THE☆HIt Jyouhou」 Nacky, Mai and I appear on the show. Please check it out. In addition, Everyone, Have you seen the music video "KonoMachi" made with a lot of your entries from 47 prefecture? You can see it on YouTube ℃-ute Channel. We are planning to attach a lot of footage on C-ute Channel from now on too. Everybody, please check it out! www.youtube.com/user/ocutechannel …well, Everyone worked hard today too. I wish we will have nice dreams tonight… Good night~ ーPicsー (2) My pet dog Rookie-kun who saw me off this morning. (3) It's a shot I took with Chisato before our Live. http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667332141

[The translation of Maimi's post: (・∀・) Something I'd been searching for.] Good Morning. It's Maimi. Hu hu hu… Rain gone away. It's so pleasant weather! BTW, I ate cherries last night for the first time this year. it's Yaji's favorite!ヽ(´ー`)ノ I love Cherries best in all of fruit. When I bit one, its Juice overflowed into my mouth at the moment, They were really fresh ~(o^_^o) BTW, Before leaving from my house, I ate them this morning too (´ー`⊂) Summer is hot, makes me get a tan. In addition, mosquito bite me. So it's the hard season for Yaji. But I look forward to summer because of cherries. Well, What is others I have looking forward in summer…? (・∀・) I like the coolness and atmosphere of summer night. Ah! there are fireworks festivals, and summer festivals! I went to Nagaoka Festival Big Fireworks Festival with my mother last year~(*'-') It had tremendous powers! They were so big that I couldn't see whole fireworks!! It's the first time to see fireworks such up-close, The ashes of fireworks was seen gonna fly to me~ To change the subject completely, Recently I have often found something I'd been searching for. There is a hair band like a Magic Tape. I was going to use it the other day. However, I couldn't find it. It's so convenience that I often used it… I couldn't find it anywhere. 『I might leave it somewhere…』 I gave up.. But one day (It's around two days ago) ... I sweat so much in the practice of sword action of my stage "Takuramakan". I was going to wipe the sweat and slung a towel around my neck. Then... 『Um (・o・)?』 There was a hard part in the towel. What is this…? (・ー・?) I checked the part. What! the Magic Tape hair band stuck to the towel ( ̄□ ̄;)!! 『 I've found it!ー Here it is…(;´д`)』 it's a red hair band and the towel is also red. So it's difficult to notice it…. I used the towel in the last day when I used the hair band. Probably, it's rolled in a washing machine, and was clipped with clothespins, and was dried and slept for a long days in a towel box.…( ̄~ ̄;) It stuck to the towel strongly. I ripped the hair band, only the part became tattered. oh my God!(;゜ロ゜) (*** <- Miami's English) Anyway, I'm really glad to find it out. Except for it, Somethings I've been disappointed to lose appeared casually That's why Yaji has been happy these days. Well then, I'll work hard happily today too! See you until tomorrow's updating. ーToday's pics ー (1) I drank this one... What was the name? …(°∇°;) I've forgotten it but It's declicious ~ (2) A pic I took with Nacky the other day's live. (3) A cute flower I found at a road side in one day spring had come. □■□■□■□■□■□ This week YoutTube program 『Hello! Station #15』. Hagi-chan's hair arrangement is open to the public on it. http://youtu.be/MQc5Qq4ytLY What will Yaji do if Yaji do it? Yaji'd like to show my hair style in the corner someday... http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/667347126

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