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Back to Basics: 12 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Aside from diamonds, we're pretty sure shoes are a woman's best friend. With seemingly endless options each season, it's hard not to amass a collection of pumps in a rainbow of colors, or more than 10 pairs of black boots. So, if you're looking to make a major investment this season, or spring …

Operatic Beauty of Modern Singapore Mansion

Cooling pools top a first floor in the latest glorious Singapore dwelling from the always brilliant Guz Architects.

The luxurious three story house …

How to Pull Off Gold Lipstick - Best Gold Lipsticks

When faced with the lipstick choices at the cosmetics counter, gold likely isn't your first—or your fifth—pick. Pretty, you think, but definitely something only Rihanna can pull off, so you go with a safe red, pink or nude. But get this: Gold lipstick is actually the safe bet—and in fact, most …

9 Ways To Make Your Home Look Expensive

New York-based home stager, Cheryl Eisen, shares her best ideas for creating stylish interiors. After years of designing spaces for high-end real estate companies, she's spilling the beans on how you can spruce up your home decor without draining your wallet.

Via GoodHousekeeping.com

Create an …

#theLIST: 10 Ways to Winterize Your Wardrobe

Technically, winter doesn't start until late December—but we're already bundling up as the temps begin to drop. Prep your closet accordingly with cozy-chic coats, sumptuous knits and the essential extras of the season. Bring on the big chill.

2) On the Cape

Arguably the most coveted look from the …

11 Must-Have Beauty Apps - Best Free Beauty Apps To Download

1) The Glam App

Founded by celebrity hair and make-up artist, Joey Maalouf (whose clients include the likes of Rachel Zoe and Molly Sims) and actress/blogger Cara Santana, this beauty on-demand app is the latest to add to your queue. The Glam App works with a variety of freelance stylists and artists …

Fashion Hacks - How to Get Rid Of Clothing Stains

1. Stop your sweaters from shedding by sticking them in the freezer overnight.

If you have a cashmere or wool sweater that won't stop shedding, toss it in the freezer before each wear.

2. Toss your jeans in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer at night to remove bad odors.

The freezer will kill …

15 passive aggressive holiday gifts to confuse your friends

There's no time like the holidays to make you want to lovingly strangle someone.

Before you lose your mind trying to plan holiday shopping for the irritating people in your life, try passive aggressively addressing their flaws with a gift.

Because nothing says "happy holidays" like a pile of fake …

Mark Bittman

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Fingers Cleverly Joined into Animal Illustrations by Javier Pérez

Javier Pérez has a knack for creating delightfully whimsical illustrations via Instagram. In the past, we’ve admired his simple line drawings combined with everyday objects; we’re now happy to share works that incorporate this same kind of play. But, instead of using fruit or Scrabble tiles, Pérez …


22 Eyeliner Hacks To Transform Your Beauty Routine - Makeup Hacks

1) Make your eye makeup last longer by setting your eyeliner with a matching eye shadow.

First, line your eyes with a pencil liner, and then lightly dust eye shadow in the same shade on top to hold the liner in place.

2) Use a pencil liner as a guide for tricky liquid liners.

If your hand isn't steady …

#TheLIST: 10 Best Haircuts for Winter

How to look hot in the cold.

Whether you're looking for a total transformation or just a little layering, these are the celebrity cuts to request before 2015 is over.

Königstrasse by StefanKoeder on Flickr


How To Get Shiny Hair - Skip Hair Washing

It happens all the time: You tell your co-worker her hair looks amazing and she proudly reveals that her bouncy blowout is days old and she hasn't washed her perfectly tousled hair in a week—and counting. Suddenly, having hair that appears freshly washed sans shampoo and pushing the life of a pro …

Charting: 10 Best Drugstore Lipsticks

Here's the easiest decision you'll make all day: For $65, you could splurge on two luxury lipsticks—or you could stock up on all 10 of our favorite drugstore picks to carry you through the season. Click through to check out the best trendy brights, classic nudes and vampy darks of the moment.

Pinky …

Minimalist-Style Tattoos Lovingly Created in Exchange for Thoughtful Acts

Most tattoo artists accept money in exchange for permanently adorning a client’s skin, but Stanislava Pinchuck, aka Miso, prefers the bartering system. The multidisciplinary artist draws minimalist-style tattoos while working in Tokyo and Melbourne. However, they aren’t something that just anyone …


The Most Flattering Denim Length for Every Body Type

We may have said goodbye to shorts weather, but ‘tis the season to show off your ankles before socks and boots get the better of you. And, as we’re officially over the hump of the workweek, it’s time to talk about denim. There is little more beloved than denim, in any wash, style, or cut, but we’ve …


3 Fresh Ways to Tie a Scarf

Donni Charm's founder Alyssa Wasko had been working at Chanel when she began designing her own scarves. Often while in the elevator, fellow employees would compliment her on her neck-wear and request the wraps for themselves. Consider it foreshadowing from some ladies with good taste. Wasko set out …

The Perfect Apartment For Breaking Up

These micro-apartments can be reconfigured as tenants' needs change.

As urban populations swell and housing costs skyrocket, many big cities are changing building codes to allow tinier and tinier apartments. While cities have different ideas about what micro-housing really means (in Boston, studios …


Sleeping Beauty: 4 Products for Your Best Rest

It turns out a good night's sleep comes in chic bottles and jars. Put down your phone and get ready to unwind in glamour with these products.

The main ingredients in this herbal mist—lavender and thyme—have been clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress and imbalance naturally. Spray it around …

The Hottest Hair Trends For Fall 2014

From loose, textured waves, to perfect center parts, every take on a pony and glamorous 60's inspired styles, here are the prettiest hair trends that you can take from runway to real life.

Off-Duty Ballerina

Roberto Cavalli


NEXTHollywood's Beauty Pros Share Their Must-Haves

Charting: 10 Best New Lipsticks for Fall

This season, pay homage to the beauty icons of the '90s with shades of burnt sienna, brick red, vampy violet and more. Click through to see our 10 must-haves.

Brick Red

NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in VIP Red, $27, narscosmetics.com.


NEXT#TheLIST: '80s Beauty Icons

7 Whimsical Residences That Bring Your Childhood House Drawings to Life

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Lady in red. 💃 @ Bangkok, Thailand

When to Wash Your Hair - When to Get a Hair Cut

We've mapped out every time you should wash, cut, color, and moisturize. You're welcome!

Everybody's schedule is different depending on a bunch of factors; from workout schedule to production of sebum. But, there are a few things that are essentially true for everyone. We tapped hair stylist …


Just In: São Paulo Street Style

See all of the style from Fashion Week by way of Brazil, lensed by Craig Arend.

NEXT15 Stylish Planners for 2015

20 Concealer Hacks Every Woman Should Know - Concealer Makeup Hacks

1) If you use foundation, apply it first, and then apply your concealer.

If you apply your foundation first, you'll find that you don't need to use as much concealer. If you apply concealer first, however, you'll remove most of it while applying your foundation.

Related: The Best New Foundations For