20 Literary Tumblrs That Are Killing It

Arianna Rebolini

For book nerds, by book nerds, with some beer, cats, and a few chickens thrown in. Chosen from among The Millions’ comprehensive literary tumblr selections..

1. Book And Beer

Via bookandbeer.tumblr.com

The blog that asks the most important questions: What book are you reading this week? What beer are you drinking tonight?

2. The Composites


Composite drawings of literary characters based on their in-text description— definitely cool, definitely the stuff of nightmares.

3. Writers And Kitties

Via writersandkitties.tumblr.com

Impossible to pick a favorite, but Herman Hesse crawling after his kitty is a front-runner for sure.

4. Matchbook

Via matchbook.nu

Pairing bathing suit patterns with book covers seems oddly specific and incredibly time-consuming, but you know what, yes, I’ll take one The Flame Alphabet in medium, please.

5. Awesome People Reading


The stars! They’re just like us!

6. Coverspy


The idea of Coverspy is that a “team of book nerds” is riding the NYC subway system and reporting on the books they see and the people who are reading them. The result is something that sounds like it’s just one step away from a great missed connection:

American Gods, Neil Gaiman (M, 30s, Trader Joe’s bags, backwards cap, Red Sox-esque beard, C train) [Me: F, 20s, down to eat those groceries and talk about modern mythology.]

7. The Lisa Simpson Book Club

blackbookmag.com / Via lisasimpsonbookclub.tumblr.com

Lisa gets it.

8. Bookshelf Porn


I will not rest until my walls are bookshelves, my tables are bookshelves, and I’m tripping down steps because my staircases are bookshelves.

9. Slaughterhouse90210


Maris Kreizman pairs literary quotes with images of pop culture and it is gold.

Every. Single. Time.

10. The Final Sentence



11. Writers No One Reads


Looking for something under the radar? Hit up Writers No One Reads, with all of its excerpts from writers who are “forgotten, neglected, abandoned, forsaken, unrecognized, unacknowledged, overshadowed, out-of-fashion, under-translated.”

(Just try not to get too bummed out when you find out that the book that’s described as “unlike anything seen before” is only available in Welsh.)

12. Chickens In Literature


Come for the passages, stay for the pictures.

13. The Books They Gave Me

Facebook: The-Books-They-Gave-Me

One of the few literary blogs that is creating good, meaty stories of its own, The Books They Gave me is a series of reflections about books that were given to the author, by a loved one. They range from long-form narratives to short-and-sweet recollections, and the whole thing makes you wonder if the act of gifting a book is more about the person giving it or the person getting it.

(Meta bonus: it’s now available as a book, which you can buy for someone else.)

14. Book Stalker


Don’t worry about trying to keep track of all of the readings going on in New York— the wonderful Julia Bartz is taking care of it for you.

15. Last Night’s Reading


Can’t make it to those readings? Kate Gavino’s got you covered.

16. You Chose Wrong


For anyone who thought the ends of the adventures were the best parts.

17. British Crime Writers, Glaring


I couldn’t possibly.

18. The Art Of Google Books


It’s a celebration of the imperfections in book digitization, from the spills to the glares to the accidental photos of an intern’s fingers.

19. Bookshelfies


Selfies, but better.

20. Neruda Cats



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