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Kevin Rose Just Lost His Co-Founder in North to Political App Brigade

Marc Hemeon, the former Google designer who co-founded the app incubator North, is moving on to a new project. He’s left his partner, Kevin Rose, the founder of the once popular news aggregator Digg, to join Sean Parker’s political causes app Brigade.

“I want to thank Kevin and Ben [Clymer] for an …

Kevin Rose

Twitter Sets Measurable Hiring Goals for Women and Minorities

A month ago, Twitter’s interim CEO Jack Dorsey told employees that diversity would soon be a company goal. Twitter was fresh off an embarrassing fraternity-themed party that only underscored Silicon Valley’s reputation as a place where women and minorities are often overlooked.

Today, Dorsey and …


CEO John Chen Says BlackBerry Devices Need More Apps, but Won’t Confirm Android Plans

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said his company’s handsets need more applications, but stopped short of confirming that the company’s next handsets will run a Google-sanctioned version of Android.

“It is a little more complex, which is why it is not done,” Chen said Friday during a talk at the Churchill …


CEO of Ashley Madison Parent Company Steps Down

The head of the parent company of Ashley Madison, the Canada-based site devoted to arranging extramarital trysts, is stepping down in the wake of a devastating hacking attack on its systems that has exposed hundreds of gigabytes of confidential business data on some 39 million people.

A statement …

Ashley Madison

Three Important Questions About Vine’s New Music Offering

Music is big on Vine, both for professional artists looking to promote their content and regular creators looking to use those songs as background music for their own videos.

If you’ve spent more than two minutes on the app over the past two years, you’ve likely come across a video with a musical …

New Music CEO: We May Have the Lowest Prices, but Many Shoppers Can’t Figure That Out may have the lowest prices on the Web, but a lot of people who visit the site still don’t realize it.

That is something CEO Marc Lore acknowledged when asked about confusion among people who hear about’s low prices but don’t see them displayed clearly when they visit a …


Apple Music Exec Ian Rogers Is Out

Ian Rogers, one of Apple’s top music executives, is leaving the company.

Rogers was the former CEO of Beats Music and joined Apple when it bought Beats in 2014. He was a key figure in Apple’s push to compete with Spotify in the streaming music business and oversaw its Beats1 online radio service.

The …

Apple Music

What to Expect At Apple’s September 9 Event

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We know that on September 9, Apple will unveil a revamped Apple TV and an iPhone 6S. We don't know exactly what those devices will offer, but we have a pretty good idea, courtesy of 9to5Mac reporter Mark Gurman: He says the new phone will have a camera that can record 4K video and a rose …

Is the Tech Market Hitting Middle Age?

A version of this essay was originally published at Tech.pinions, a website dedicated to informed opinions, insight and perspective on the tech industry.

First it was PCs. Now it’s tablets. And very soon, it will be smartphones.

Each of these markets has — or will — hit its peak in both revenue and …

Middle Age

Google Tells Developers How to Get Around Apple’s New Security Rules So They Can Keep Selling Ads

Apple says it cares a lot about privacy. Just ask Tim Cook.

Hence, its new iOS 9 operating system will boast a new feature, called App Transport Security, or ATS, which is supposed to require iPhone app developers to use an advanced security protocol. The idea is to keep the operating system lock …


HTC’s Virtual Reality Headset Has Been Delayed

The ambitious rollout plan for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset sounded too good to be true. Turns out, it was.

Although originally promised for a late-2015 consumer bow very soon after being unveiled in March, HTC’s software partner Valve said today that the Vive would instead see a staggered …

Virtual Reality

San Francisco Seeks Uber Data as Company Touts Commitment to Urban Transit

Today, Uber’s carpooling product UberPool hit its one-year anniversary, and the company released new stats on it to celebrate. At the same time, a San Francisco transit official called for Uber to share its data with local government, to help the city plan for its transit future.

In its celebratory …


You Probably Used Facebook on Monday, Didn’t You?

One billion people used Facebook on Monday.

Seriously. One billion people — or roughly one third of the entire Internet population — used the social network in a single day. It’s the first time Facebook has ever crossed that daily milestone, according to a post from CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The number is …


GitHub Taps Former Yahoo Executive as VP of Product

GitHub, the social repository site where software developers store and share their code, has named a former Yahoo executive as its VP for product management.

Kakul Srivastava, who was until earlier this year the chief product officer at WeWork, had spent a combined seven years and change at Yahoo, …


California Drone Bill, Fought by Tech Groups, Moves to Governor’s Desk

A California bill that would curtail the flight patterns of drones — legislation that several big Silicon Valley players, including GoPro and advocacy groups repping Amazon and Google, are feverishly opposing — moved closer to becoming law on Thursday. The bill passed in the state Senate by a vote …


Facebook Says It’s Finally Ready to Start Cracking Down on Video Pirates

A year after it started making a big push into video, Facebook is acknowledging it has a video piracy problem. And it says it’s going to start fixing it.

Facebook is rolling out a “video matching technology” that will let content owners tell Facebook that a video clip belongs to them, and take it …


The View From the Classroom: A Response to ‘The Ed-Tech Unicorn’

This letter is a rebuttal, or perhaps simply a different perspective, on Jacob Saperstein’s article, “Pursuing the Ed-Tech Unicorn,” which appeared on Re/code on Tuesday.

In his guest post, Saperstein seems to be making the argument that amazing technology is to come to the classroom, but only if the …


Vertical Photos Have Arrived! Instagram Waves Goodbye to Its Square-Only Photo Requirement.

Your days of awkward photo cropping are finally over — you can now post landscape and vertical photos and videos on Instagram.

Until now, Instagram photos always had to be cropped as a square, which didn’t make a lot of sense given most users take pictures and shoot video on a rectangular …


It Took a While but Uber Finally Closed Its $1 Billion China Fund

Uber has finished raising $1 billion to expand its efforts in China. The round was raised from Asia hedge fund Hillhouse Capital, China search engine Baidu, a Chinese investment bank conglomerate called Citic and other groups, according to Reuters.

The news comes two months after Uber formally …


Apple Will Unveil Revamped iPhone September 9

Yep, it’s that time again.

Apple will host a media event Wednesday, Sept. 9, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, where it is expected to unveil the latest version of its popular iPhone smartphone — and possibly an update to its Apple TV set-top box.

The invitation playfully winks at …


‘Re/code Decode’: Erica Baker Talks About Her Grand Google Salary Transparency Experiment

Growing up in Alaska, Erica Baker loved playing with computers. Her father was a mechanic in the military, and Baker was drawn to putting stuff together and taking it apart.

In 2006, when Baker went to work for Google in Atlanta, her analytical instincts made her a natural fit at a company famed for …


Google to EU: Antitrust Charges ‘Wrong as Matter of Fact, Law and Economics’

Four months after the European Union charged Google with violating antitrust laws, Google has responded. And the response, filed on Thursday in Brussels, is swift and clear: Google is going to fight.

“We’ve taken seriously the concerns in the European Commission’s Statement of Objections that our …


Apple Watch Debuts at No. 2, Behind Fitbit

The Apple Watch entered the wearables market just behind the established leader in fitness tracking, Fitbit, according to the latest research from International Data Corp.

Apple shipped a total of 3.6 million Apple Watches in the spring quarter, just behind the 4.4 million devices shipped by Fitbit, …

Apple Watch

Time to Rethink Those China Bets

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The rapid ascent of China over the last decade has powered the global economy, which means its economic woes are forcing businesses to rethink the next decade. Meanwhile, a computer glitch exacerbated by this week's sell-off is wreaking havoc on mutual funds.
[Keith Bradsher | The New York …


Tech Puts a Spin on Tennis at the US Open

Advances in sports technology and analytics are fueling the rise of tennis’s new star: The fan. This year’s US Open, which begins Aug. 31 in Flushing, NY, marks an influx of tech that enables spectators to experience the speed and power of world-class tennis like never before, and to improve their …

Grand Slam (Tennis)

Former Apple CEO, Beats Design Firm Team on Sleek, Low-Cost Android Phones for Developing World

John Sculley — now there’s a name you may not have heard in a while.

The former Apple CEO is back, and is teaming with a top San Francisco design firm on a $199 Android smartphone designed to bring high-end features and looks to the low-end smartphones increasingly popular in much of the world.

Sure, …

Android Phones

ServiceMax Closes $82 Million Round Led by Premji and GE

ServiceMax, a company that has built a cloud-based application that companies use to manage the process of servicing and maintaining equipment, said Wednesday it has closed an $82 million round of funding.

The Series F round was led by PremjiInvest, the investment firm known for overseeing the …

‘Puzzles Are Fun. Search On’: Google Cops to Secret Recruiting Tool Baked Inside Search

How does the world’s best search engine recruit programming whizzes? Through search, naturally.

On Tuesday, Max Rosett, a new Google employee, blogged on The Hustle about how he landed his new job at Google. Rosett, a data scientist with the rental marketplace Apartment List, was working on a …


Those Won’t Be the Last Murder Videos You’ll See on Twitter and Facebook

Americans are used to hearing about gun violence. What made Wednesday morning’s event different from other shootings was that it happened on live TV, as two reporters from Roanoke, Va., were broadcasting for the local CBS affiliate WDBJ7.

What was also new was that the shooter apparently filmed the …


Tech ‘Fear Mode’ Here to Stay Even After Stock Market Calms Down

The China-led global markets meltdown has triggered a wave of panic in Silicon Valley. The question on everyone’s minds: Will that fear persist in the tech funding market?

Founders and investors I spoke with think the answer is yes. They said that even before the stock market began tanking, investor …

Stock Markets