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Best Apple Watch accessories

Treat the Apple Watch lover in your life to some sweet gifts this holiday season.<p><i>Cult of Mac</i> can help you pick out the finest accessories money can buy for Apple Watch fanatics. We have everything from swanky straps to chic charging stands in our best Apple Watch accessories roundup.<p>Apple famously …


Apple Watch Series 3 (non-LTE) review: third time’s the charm

You don’t need LTE<p>I like watches. I wear one every single day, without fail, and have since I was in elementary school. I also like gadgets a lot, which means that a smartwatch is something that I’ve always been intrigued by and wanted in my life.<p>But despite being both a watch wearer and a fan of …


Screen recording in #iOS11 is everything! Here’s how to make a CCTV video in 1 minute 32 seconds using @explainevrythng! #AppleRTC #ADE2017 #ADE2017 #ClassroomClips

How to use your Apple Watch without your iPhone nearby

Hi #ADEchat friends. I made this list of 40 All About Me project ideas inspired by our great discussion! Thanks for contributing to this list of ideas to engage our learners! Hope it inspires you to try something new this week! #fortheloveoflearning @AppleEDU

The best laptop ever made

I’m Marco Arment: a programmer, writer, podcaster, geek, and coffee enthusiast.<p>Apple has made many great laptops, but the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro …


How to turn any song into a ringtone with GarageBand for iOS

There are very few iOS tasks that still require a Mac. One of those is getting your own ringtones onto your iPhone. You can buy them, but you can’t add a downloaded ringtone onto your iPhone without hooking up to iTunes. Or can you? GarageBand on iOS lets you save your own creations as ringtones, …


The Apple Watch can accurately detect hypertension and sleep apnea, a new study suggests

A new study out from health startup Cardiogram and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) suggests wearables like the Apple Watch, Fitbit and others are able to accurately detect common but serious conditions like hypertension and sleep apnea.<p>Cardiogram and UCSF previously demonstrated …


How to turn your iPad into the best digital photo frame

You can easily spend between $100 and $200 on a Wi-Fi digital photo frame, but these often have clunky interfaces for syncing photos and the displays can be quite poor. A better solution may be repurposing an old iPad or putting your current iPad in photo frame mode for special occasions.<p>Apple used …


​The 10 Best AR Apps for Classrooms Using Apple’s New ARKit

Community<p>​The 10 Best AR Apps for Classrooms Using Apple’s New ARKit<p>By Jaime Donally     Nov 9, 2017<p>Qlone<p>The recent popularity of augmented reality …

Augmented Reality

Can’t Raise iPhone Ringer Volume? Here’s Why

iOS 11 brought a ton of great features What's New in iOS 11? The New Features Coming to Your iPhone What's New in iOS 11? The New Features Coming to …

IOS 11

25 Apps and Sites for Gifted and Talented Kids


Apple Pay Cash Preview: A Look at Apple's New Peer-to-Peer Payments Service

Apple Pay Cash, Apple's promised peer-to-peer payments service, is finally here. As of yesterday, U.S. public beta testers and developers running the latest beta of iOS 11.2 are able to use the Apple Pay Cash feature ahead of its official release.<p>With Apple Pay Cash now available for testing, we …


How to Manage Apple Pay Cash Account on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Sponsored Links<p>Apple Pay Cash is available with iOS 11.2 or later. Also known as “Peer-to-Peer” money transfer, it lets you easily send or receive …

Listen to the exclusive iPhone X ringtone

Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo has managed to extract a cute new ringtone just for iPhone X from the iOS 11.1 code and share it on Twitter, with …


How to create a ringtone or text tone in GarageBand

Between purchasing ready-made ringtones for your iPhone on iTunes and converting songs on your computer, GarageBand on iOS is the least talked about …


How to Avoid Accidentally Deleting Mail with iOS 11 on iPhone

We’ve all been there: we get swipe happy while checking our email and accidentally delete an email we needed to read. Shake to undo on the iPhone is helpful in this situation, but if you’re chronically deleting emails you needed to read, consider turning on a feature that asks you if you’re sure …


You can now change your Apple ID from a third-party email to an Apple domain

Apple today has made a notable update to the process of changing the email address associated with your Apple ID. Starting today, you can change your Apple ID from a third-party email service such as Gmail or Yahoo to an Apple domain…<p>Previously, Apple only allowed users to change their Apple ID …


How to instantly share files with AirDrop in iOS 11

If you're wondering what iOS 11 has in store for AirDrop, you've come to the right place.AirDrop is a great way to instantly share files with other …


Googler proves any iPhone app with camera permission can spy on you

This is pretty disturbing. Google engineer Felix Krause has detailed an alarming privacy setting in Apple’s iOS that enables iPhone apps with camera permission to surreptitiously take photos and videos of you – without your knowledge.<p><i>Clarification: Krause has since contacted TNW to clarify that he</i> …

Internet Explorer

Stupid iPhone Tricks: Hide The Dock And The Secret iOS 11 'Dark Mode'

It’s been a quiet week, so I’ve been occupying myself by doing what every good tech reporter does in their downtime.<p>Trying to make their devices do things they’re not supposed to do.<p><b>Hide the Dock</b><p>On the iPad, you can activate the Dock from within apps with a swipe, which means the code is there for …


How to add any audio file to iPhone’s Music app

It’s 2017, and yet you still can’t add music to the Music app on your iPhone. If you have an MP3 file that somebody sent you, that you downloaded, or that you created with one of the zillions of powerful apps on iOS, you can’t just add it to your library. Instead, you must add it to iTunes on your …


You Should Get an Apple Watch

The other day, over drinks, a friend of mine asked me what my favorite piece of technology was. I tried to suppress a groan. Not because it’s a bad …


What’s new in watchOS 4.1 beta 2? Hands-on with new changes and features [Video]

The initial watchOS 4.1 beta brought some notable changes and features to the Apple Watch. A brand new Radio app appeared for the first time, allowing Beats 1 and other radio stations to be streamed right from your wrist. Most notably, however, was a fundamental change to the Music app, allowing …


There’s a new feature added to iPad’s onscreen keyboard in iOS 11. The keyboard now has a gray character above each letter. For example, there’s a gray 5 above the letter T key. To type a 5, simply flick down on the T. Or, to type an @ symbol, flick down on the A key. This a little faster than tapping the “.?123” key to switch to the number/symbol keyboard and then selecting the 5 or the @ symbol.