Black People on Learning Languages

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The Language of Race and Gender | Learn languages. Travel the world. See differently.

By Umar Alim Al-Junaid<p>One of the hardest things to be is an American citizen who speaks other languages, but being an African- American who speaks …

Language Learning

Why Aren’t Black People Learning Foreign Languages?

When it comes to Americans who can speak a foreign language, black representation in that category is slim. We are less likely to learn a new …

Language Learning

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'GMA' Hot List: Firefighters rescue a St. Bernard trapped on a roof<p>Modified game of Russian roulette suspected in teen's death<p>ICE allegedly takes …

Learn the language! Black woman makes video to take on blacks afraid to 'talk white'

“<b>Talking white”</b> and <b>“acting white</b>” are common phrases in black culture, but this woman wants to bring it to an end.<p>She made a <b>YouTube video</b> in response …

Parlez-vous français? How to Practice Your French, and Other Foreign Language Immersion Tips

I’ve been trying to prepare for the IFLA conference in Lyon, France for months. IFLA is the International Federation of Library Associations and …


Discussion about race, national origin and language learning

African American Linguists (AAL)

In western culture, African-Americans are vastly underrepresented in world languages. Historically, Africans have mastered tribal, local, and …


<b>Celebrate Languages</b><p><b>Visit the</b><b><br>ORGANIZATION OF</b><b><br>AFRICAN-AMERICAN LINGUISTS</b><b><br>A premier website to inform & empower African-Americans<br>& their communities with</b> …

Benefits from different languages and Cultures

Are black Americans unable to learn other languages?

fraz Sat May 29, 2010 4:46 pm GMT<p>Whenever you see a list of Americans who can speak foreign languages, black people are conspicuous by their absence. …

Embracing Black German Heritage

Black guy speaking awesome Korean Listmania!

Lack of bilingual ability could be hurting blacks in job market

When it comes to African-Americans in today’s job market, skin color or a black-sounding name could keep some people from landing a job. But so, too …

African American Linguists (AAL)

<b>2017 ACTFL Special Interest Group for Educators of African-American Students, Nashville, TN</b><p>Dr. Reginald Bess of South Carolina State University was …

Help me with my Russian and Turkish!!!

(Black New Yorker speaks Russian) Learn Slang 4 Russians

Me speaking Korean, and Japanese, and Chinese...OH MY!

Black People speak Chinese! 黑人会说中文!

American black New Yorker speak Chinese

A Black brother with the Japanese Osaka family

African American is Japan's Top Commercial Star

black girl speaks russian / chahailus

I'm "That" black guy speaking Chinese

El Negrito (black guy speaks spanish), How To Really Get The Hang Of Spanish

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