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100 (Free) Ways To Learn to Speak Another Language

100 Resources To Learn to Speak Another Languageby TeachThought StaffEd note: This post was first published in 2012, and is in the process of being


Shortfilm: English as their third language • XbitGh | News At The Best

English as a Third Language is an excerpt from the novel international Student Part One: Journey to America,”
a comedy about an African student who …


007 - Mobile in the Classroom


In Episode 7 of the EdTechTV Podcast we discuss Mobile in the Classroom and reflectling on who your students are as individuals.


To …


How Technology Is Disrupting Work and Education Faster Than You Ever Imagined

Amidst a vigorous discussion about the need to rethink our 19th century factory model of education, I pressed Dintersmith on which investment areas CRV is most focused. His answer told me how leading venture capitalists - who get sneak peaks of what is just around the tech bend - see the future of …


Should all students learn First Nations languages?

Sure, Canadian students can learn their other official language at school. Knowing un peu de français might help a bilingual culture, but what about …

Education (Canada)

Scientists redraw traditional brain map of language comprehension

For 140 years, scientists' understanding of language comprehension in the brain came from individuals with stroke. Based on language impairments …

The Brain

We've Been Wrong About Where the Brain Processes Language for 141 Years

The map of where and how the brain processes speech has been modified again. Researchers from Northwestern University just published a paper in the journal Brain wherein they demonstrate that the famous Wernicke's area, thought to be the center of language comprehension, in fact is not.

In 1874, the …

The Brain

25 Smart Ways To Grow Your Twitter Following Fast

Have you ever wondered how to grow your Twitter following?I’m not talking about buying followers or any of that rubbish; I’m talking about growing


12 Pathways to Blended Learning Engagement

Teachers and parents are always looking for the right scenarios to promote blended learning engagement. We see the potential in creating forums and …


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Speaker Deck- A Good Presentation Tool for Teachers

June 23, 2015
Speaker Deck is an excellent web tool that allows you to easily share your presentations online. You simply upload your slides as PDF …


Why universities should get rid of PowerPoint and why they won't

Reading off a PowerPoint slide doesn't make you a teacher from you really believe that watching a lecturer read hundreds of …

Microsoft PowerPoint

The benefits of a bilingual brain - Mia Nacamulli | TED-Ed

The Brain

Survey: 93 Percent of Teachers Believe That Personal Devices Connect Students to Real-World Learning

Smart Classroom Technologies

A recent national survey from University of Phoenix College of Education found that 93 percent of K-12 teachers believe …


Free Online Event: Digital Literacy and the Modern Classroom

Ready to discover some innovative ways to increase your students' digital literacy?At this free online event, our experienced educators will explain …

Digital Literacy

40 Teacher-Reviewed EdTech Tools At ISTE 2015

Are you attending the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Philadelphia this year? There are nearly 600 educational …

Education Technology

Weekend Reader: ‘Spinglish: The Definitive Dictionary Of Deliberately Deceptive Language’

Spinglish is everywhere. It is the first language of press secretaries, PR reps, politicians, doctors breaking bad news, and much, much more. Anyone

Life of an Educator: Extend learning by NOT using grades

When a grade is given, the learning stops.

When specific feedback is provided and extending questions are asked, the learning goes deeper.

We've all …


Stand Still. Stay Silent - Language Family Tree print

Language Family Tree

Illustration of the Indo-European and Uralic language families, adapted from an infographic page from the comic Stand Still. Stay …


This is a transcript of one of my YouTube Videos – To keep up with my latest thoughts on language learning, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Hi there, …

Language Learning

Assess and Engage Students Easily with This Modern Tool

Teaching gets even better when supplemented with technology. Teachers are actively using online resources in classrooms for better understanding of …


Forty Educational Websites For Your Summer 2015 Toolkit, Part 1

Welcome to a post and the summer of 2015… at least in the USA. I have a real treat for you in the coming weeks. I will be sharing some of those


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 3 Must Watch TED Talks on The Power of Life Long Learning

June 19, 2015
Learning is , as educational philosopher Maxin Green argues, the hope that lights up the other end of the tunnel. Through learning, we …

TED Talks

Probing Question: Are there real benefits to being bilingual? | Penn State University

There's an old joke that asks, "If someone who speaks many languages is multilingual, and someone who speaks two languages is bilingual, what do you …


Smart Parents are Involved, Informed, Intentional, and Inspirational

Ask parents what they want for their kids and many will say, “We just want them to be happy.” The team curating the Smart Parents series wants …


How Teachers Use Ed Tech: 8 Research Studies You Need to Know

By Benjamin Herold

Thinking about spending million of dollars on educational technology for your school or district?

Take a deep breath: Mounds of …


Top 5 EdTech Tips: PowToon

If you are looking for an innovative way to create presentations that engage your students, PowToon is for you! This program allows you to easily …


What Twitter Says about the Education Policy Debate By Michael J. Petrilli

Twitter will turn 10 next year, meaning it’s been a long time since it was the Internet’s shiny new thing. We now take for granted that it’s an …


5 Simple Research Proven Hacks to Stop Wasting Time and Start Learning Fast

Do you dream of learning a new language, but then find you rarely take action towards making your dream a reality?I’ve said before that the biggest …


Proportional Map of the World's Largest Languages

Alberto Lucas LopézThere are 7 billion people on earth and about 7000 languages, but more than half of the world's population speaks one of just 23 …


7 truths about the mind you missed in psychology class

The longer you live, the more you realize that the difference between success and magnificent failure lies in how well you understand people. If you’re like many, that fact makes you regret not having studied psychology. I hate to be the one to tell you, but holding both a BSc. and an MSc. in …