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By Samara Freemark and Stephen Smith, American RadioWorks

For decades, psychologists cautioned against raising children bilingual. They warned parents …

The Brain

Can Foreign Language Immersion Be Taught Effectively Online?

Learning to speak a second language often starts with memorizing words and phrases like colors, numbers and salutations. Soon teachers introduce …


Why does Africa have so many languages?

With more than 2,000 distinct languages, Africa has a third of the world's languages with less than a seventh of the world's population. By …


BYOD Is Shaping Education in the 21st Century

It’s important for education systems to provide students and staff with the tools they need to build proper skills for the 21st century. Perhaps one …


7 year old speaks 5 languages

Meet my friend Yukine.

She’s 7 years old and speaks 5 languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German and Sign Language.

When I visited the Canary Islands …

Sign Language

Culturally Responsive Teaching Starts With Students

Culturally Responsive Teaching Starts With Students

by Dr. Matthew Lynch, Dean of the School of Education, Psychology, & Interdisciplinary Studies at …


Devices or divisive: Mobile technology in the classroom

Apr. 17, 2015 — Scientists describe how an accurate statistical description of heterogeneous particulate materials, which is used within statistical …

Mobile Technology

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 50 Great EdTech Tools for Teachers and Educators

April, 2015
Looking for some powerful EdTech tools to try out in your class or probably use for your professional development? This Symbaloo web mix …


The skills agenda: Preparing students for the future

(Cross-posted on The Google for Work blog)

Editor's note: During Education on Air, Google’s free online conference May 8-9, we'll be discussing how we

21st Century Skills

The 7 characteristics of a digitally competent teacher

The 7 characteristics of a digitally competent teacher

June 6, 2014

Being a proper digitally competent teacher is not as simple as picking up an iPhone …

Digital Citizen

Tips for Educational Technology Coaches

In order to be successful, school-based educational technology coaches must wear many hats and continually iterate on professional development plans …


Call for Proposals 2015

The 2015 K12 Online Conference organizer team is pleased to announce the theme for this year’s conference: Virtually Unstoppable.Please consider …


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Everything Teachers Need to Know about Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

April 8, 2015
Bloom's Taxonomy is one of the major themes here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. We have been extensively sharing …


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Some Very Good Tools to Help You Create A Website or Blog for Your Class

April 10, 2015
When it comes to creating a classroom website or blog, the first thing you would have to consider is the technical features supported …



By Courtney Pepe

When many of today’s teachers who grew up in Generation X are asked to reflect on traditional learning objects from their classrooms …

Augmented Reality

Where Flipped Learning Research Is Going

Flipped Classroom

While most agree that the flipped classroom model benefits learning, researchers are delving into the details and exploring the many …


Letter: Start foreign-language instruction early and often

I believe that education systems in the United States should institute learning programs for various world languages at a young age to provide …


Only learning one language isn't enough

Kelsey Harding | The Breeze

| Updated 15 hours ago

After living in Europe for over two months, I’m officially annoyed at America for only teaching me …

Language Learning

15 Awesome Reasons to Start Learning a Foreign Language Right Now

If you’re not already learning a language, you’re running late.

You should have started yesterday!

But why should you learn a foreign language?

A better


Virtual Classrooms at Miami's iPrep Academy

From the outside it looks pretty much like any other high school. Inside? Maybe not. WSJ's Stephanie Simon reports on iPrep Academy, Miami's newest …


How this Seattle-area school district became a model for using technology in schools

Thanks to an internationally-recognized one-to-one program, the Kent School District provides laptops to more than 13,000 students every school year. …

School Districts

The Allure of Technology for Young Learners

As children look around their environment today, they are seeing not only the natural world, but also an increasingly technological world. For adults, this new world of technology makes possible instant connections between people, information, and ideas. But for parents of young children, who are …


Flip your classroom with instructional screencasts

“Sometimes I wish I could record myself teaching in September, then play it back to students in March so they can remember all the things they …


TED-Ed Blog» Blog Archive » Why I taught myself 20 languages — and what I learned about myself in the process

• 16 April, 2015 //
• Education, General //
• Posted By Timothy Doner

During the past few years, I’ve been referred to in the media as “The World’s …


American teachers, more demoralized than ever, are quitting in droves

A slew of policies and technologies promising to dramatically revolutionize teaching and education over the past decade has not only failed to produce desired results, it has also led to a decline in teacher morale, with large numbers leaving the profession.

A recent report for the Alliance for …


Real Crisis in Education: "Reformers" Refuse to Learn

By John Thompson.

The Education Post is a school reform site that claims to seek a “better conversation, better education.” It supposedly wants to …


Your Local Public School Is Failing at Addressing Racism – Here Are 3 Ways How

Why study race? Ask students from various racial backgrounds, and they'll give you compelling reasons. And for those who teach about issues of race, …

Race & Ethnicity

Qualities of an Effective Teacher #gesf

What are the qualities of an effective teacher? This was one of the main questions that one of the panels at the 2015 Global Education and Skills …

Primary Education


With just a bit of practice children will come away from this quick but sweeping linguistic look-see able to exchange greetings and a “How are you …


Foreign Languages | Study-Hack

• Always read out loud! Focus on pronounciation and accuracy. You may sound better in your head than in real life, and without practice you won’t …