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#15 – Ghosts

Lac de Génos-Loudenvielle (Midi Pyrenees)

Genius: Charge Your Gadgets Just By Walking Around!

One of the most frustrating things in our “always on” world is getting caught somewhere without any battery left in your phone or gadget. Even if you bring your charger everywhere, chances are you might still be stuck somewhere without an outlet, meaning you’re plain out of luck. Until now. A new …

14 Fun Photos of Personality-Filled Frogs

Is that tiny frog holding a leaf like an umbrella, to shield himself from the rain? Yes, and it's just one of several amazing shots by photographers who feature the tailless amphibians in their photos. Photographer Penkdix Paime shot the tiny tree frog in his neighbor's backyard in Jember, East …


Colorizing The March On Washington

Sure, color film existed in 1963. And sure, there are probably color photos of this day in history. But the vast majority of the imagery we're used to seeing is black-and-white — such as, for example, the digitized photos in the Library of Congress (LOC).<p>But <i>what if</i> we could see them in color?<p>The …

Impressive Examples of How to Use Reflections in Photography to Add Depth

A reflection is an excellent way to instantly create an interesting composition in your photograph. It could involve an expanse of water, a mirror, …


Sport picture of the day: passion of a young football fan

First published on Thu 29 Aug 2013 08.18 EDT

The other side of Martin Luther King: images from the civil rights struggle

Amid the celebrations around the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's 'I had a dream' speech, a small but powerful photographic exhibition in central London contains some of the most evocative images I have encountered from that time.<p>Trolley Books are hosting the show Marching to the Freedom …

Pierdom by Simon Roberts – review

"Piers provide a walk on the sea without the disadvantage of being seasick," declared the poet of all things quintessentially English, John Betjeman, "and are havens of fresh air and freedom which we can ill afford to lose." Betjeman was one of the founders of the National Piers Society, an …

5 Landscape Photography Tips for Photographing Mountains

After graduating from photography school, I spent a good deal of my twenties photographing the cityscapes of New York. In my thirties, after I …

Landscape Photography

The weekend in pictures

A selection of the best photographs from around the world this weekend

Great summer photos: your best pictures

Inspired by our series How to take great summer photos, we invited readers to share a summer photo they were really proud of, that captured the moment perfectly. Here's a selection of our favourites

Photographer Father Photoshops His Son Into the Fantasy Worlds of His Imagination

Two years ago, photographer and musician David Niles was watching his son Nathan let his imagination run wild as he played with his favorite toys. It …