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In 3 Big Slides, Here's Why Mary Meeker Is Optimistic About The Future Of American Healthcare

In it, she gives a bullish take on the future of the U.S. healthcare system, saying it looks like it may be at an "inflection point."<p>Meeker lists the challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system — still-high costs, lots of waste, and rising costs for both individuals and employers.<p>Some recent …

The best science and technology pictures of the week

The most impressive images this week from science, tech and health, including spectacular Texan lightning and a Chinese dust storm.<p><b>More galleries</b><p>Plane trails and tadpole stars<p>Volcanic plumes and home-made tanks<p>Foggy landings and robot tackles<p>Space suit test and peeking penguins<p>Ocean secrets and the …

'Heartbleed' bug could undermine years of work to build public trust

The "Heartbleed" software flaw that triggered alarm bells around the world could fundamentally undermine two decades' worth of efforts to persuade consumers they could trust the Web to securely handle such tasks as buying a pair of shoes and applying for a job.<p>The discovery of a gaping hole in a …

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علل شایع تپش قلب چیست

علل تپش قلب چیست –<br>تپش قلب احساسی است که به فرد دست می‌دهد که گویی قلبش دارد از جا کنده می‌شود و سرعت ضربان ان بالا رفته است.<p>تپش قلب احساسی است که به …

Cardiovascular Examination 1


<b>Introduction</b><p>Pneumoperitoneum refers to the presence of free gas within the peritoneal cavity. The plain films signs of pneumoperitoneum are both …


Vogue Launches on Flipboard

Inside Flipboard / February 4, 2014<p>Vogue, the most influential fashion magazine in the world, makes its debut on Flipboard today. Read by more than …


2 ATRIA , 2 VALVES, but only 1 VENTRICLE

how to locate COMMON BILE DUCT by ultrasound


Fuck yeah, medical stuff!

Avian Influenza (H5N1 Virus)<p>Bird flu is caused by a type of influenza virus that rarely infects humans. But when bird flu does strike humans, it’s …

Fuck yeah, medical stuff!

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)<p>What is Duchenne muscular dystrophy?<p>Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a rapidly progressive form of muscular …

Fuck yeah, medical stuff!

Dilated Cardiomyopathy.<p>Dilated cardiomyopathy is a disease of the heart muscle, primarily affecting your heart’s main pumping chamber (left …

Fuck yeah, medical stuff!

Osteoporosis.<p>Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by a decrease in the density of bone, decreasing its strength and resulting in fragile bones. …

Fuck yeah, medical stuff!

Porphyria.<p>Porphyria (poor-FEAR-ee-uh) refers to a group of disorders that result in a buildup of chemicals called porphyrins in your body. Although …


CARDIAC REVIEW The electrical conduction through the heart

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Carbon monoxide poisoning is very hard to correct. Carbon monoxide binds to the O2 receptors on the hemoglobin stronger than O2; preventing the delivery of O2 to the target tissues. Patients are in need of a facility with a hyperbaric chamber to correct the condition usually seen in decompression sickness.

Why is a heart attack that afflicts the left coronary artery called the "widowmaker"? The coronary arteries are the sole suppliers of clean arterial blood to the heart muscle itself. They deliver 200 -250 mL of blood to the myocardium per minute at rest.The left coronary artery carries about 85% of the blood supply to the heart, while the right coronary artery carries the remainder. The coronary arteries begin just above the aortic valve where the aorta exits the heart. The left main coronary artery supplies the left ventricle, interventricular septum, and parts of the right ventricle. The two main branches are the left anterior descending and the circumflex arteries. The right coronary artery supplies the right atrium & right ventricle. It supplies a small part of the left ventricle and the conduction system. It's two main branches are the right anterior descending and the marginal branch. In addition to the two main arteries many smaller connections between arterioles provides back-up circulation.