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5 Running Mistakes Beginners Always Make

Summertime is the perfect season to start a running program. With the sun shining, there's simply no reason tonot lace up your sneaks and hit the road. But before you get started, learn the five mistakes every beginning runner makes. And skip them!

Starting too fast

The most common mistake new …


TDF2015 Tech: Team Sky’s Pinarellos, and the winner is…

Team Sky proved to not just have the best support cars, but also the best rider. Fending off plenty of attacks and surviving the final stage rolling …

Chris Froome

Bicycling Nutrition, Training, and Fitness

Refreshing rides, cooling gear, and other smart strategies to prevent summer cycling meltdowns.

Morning vs. Evening
Avoiding the midday sun is an obvious way to duck the heat. But should you ride closer to when it rises or sets? You decide.

Air Temperature
Morning: Lowest after sunrise, but the day's …


Virtual Desktop Startup Workspot Scores $5M To Target The World’s Biggest Companies

Workspot, an aptly-named virtual desktop startup, is planning to improve its tech and expand its enterprise sales team after raising $5 million in new funding led by Helion Ventures, with participation from Translink Capital and Qualcomm Ventures.

The Cupertino-based company’s new funding allows it …


Adonit's Jot Touch and Jot Script 2 make a strong case for the stylus

I've never been a big fan of the stylus. Sure, I don't really have a choice when I'm using Wacom's Cintiq pen displays, but other than that, I don't care much for styli. Adonit has a pair of them -- the Jot Touch and Jot Script 2 -- and they promise a more pen-like feel, so now seemed like as good …


How to view and restore specific files using Time Machine

Time Machine is very useful, because not only does it allow you to back up all of your user data, but it also allows you to selectively view and …

Time Travel

How the Simple ‘1-2-3 Method’ Can Make You Stronger Than Ever

Maximize your strength and blast through plateaus with this easy-to-follow rep scheme

Some things are too complicated to possibly understand: taxes, space travel, women. But building strength doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be as easy as 1-2-3.

A long-time favorite of coaches and trainers, the …


How to Customize Apple TV to Show Only the Channels You Use

We've been waiting for the fourth-generation Apple TV for at least two years now, and we've been teased with vague comments, leaks from the supply chain, and analyst predictions for several years running. We thought we’d get a look at it this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference, but Apple …


How to Treat Road Rash and Prevent Scarring

Follow these steps to safely tend to your wounds and avoid long-lasting scars

Crashes happen. You can do your best to prevent doing down, but sometimes, it's unavoidable. In those cases, how you treat your wounds—especially road rash—can mean the difference between a quick and safe recovery or …


Easily view your tablet in the car by mounting it on the Universal Tablet Dashboard Mount from Satechi. You won’t require any additional tools to mount it

Easily view your tablet in the car by mounting it on the Universal Tablet Dashboard Mount from Satechi. You won’t require any additional tools to …


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With 6 Ingredient Raw Candy Bars - Women's Running

Photo: Running On Veggies

*Courtesy of Running On Veggies

Whenever I’m creating a new dish or dessert, I usually need some sort of inspiration to …


Infographic: What 25 Grams of Protein Looks Like

Health trends come and go, and if you’re seeing protein counts plastered more prominently on foods than ever before, it’s not just you. Protein is …


6 Ways Evernote Embraces Handwriting

There is just something about putting pen to paper. Whether it’s born from a sense of nostalgia for our childhood or a love for that feeling of …


4 Hip-Strengthening Exercises to Help You Run Strong

Alex Kurt November 16, 2014 LIKE TWEET COMMENTS 324

Trunk muscles—including your hips and glutes—are arguably the most important part of your running …

I have seen the future of reading on the internet, and it is glorious

Aesthetically, I prefer print to most digital text. The Kindle's screen is crap at displaying photographs or charts, and while its e-ink text is …


9 Tiny Tweaks That'll Make Your LinkedIn Profile Top-Notch

Lily is a writer, editor, and social media manager, as well as co-founder of The Prospect, the world’s largest student-run college access …


Everything Apple Tried to Kill Today at WWDC 2015


7 Pre-Workout Activation Routines for Better Performance

Saturday, May 30, 2015 | By Jim Vance

Have you ever stumbled out of bed and wondered why it takes so long for you to gain your balance or be able to …

3 secret Amazon shopping tricks that will save you money

Amazon doesn’t always have the lowest prices, but it does put a lot of effort into making you think it always has the lowest prices. With this in …


One Day of Core a Week Is All You Need

Study shows a single weekly session boosts ab strength as effectively as multiple workouts

Something is better than nothing. We’ve all said it. But when it comes to exercise—especially strength training—few of us actually believe it. Now a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and …

How sugar affects the brain - Nicole Avena | TED-Ed

5 Multiple Choice &
3 Open Answer Questions


1 Guided Discussions &
30 Open Discussions

Create and share a new lesson based on this one.

About …

The Brain

The Triathlete Problem. Balancing Work, Life and Training – The Life of a Travelling Triathlete

We all wish we had more time to train. How often have you heard someone say “If I didn’t need to work I could definitely go pro!” it seems to be one …

How To Make a Table in Evernote - Evernote Blog

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 21 May 2015

Evernote has a multitude of features to keep you organized and productive. One we really like for …


Zwift wheels its virtual bicycle racing platform into open beta

Zwift, which calls itself an “online fitness entertainment gaming platform,” has finally opened up its virtual roads for anyone with a bicycle on a trainer to ride.

The virtual bicycle racing platform lets riders hook their two-wheelers up to their computers (Mac or PC). Then they receive real-time …

6 Steps to Injury-Free Running

Sports doc Jordan Metzl’s get-stronger, run-better plan.

This is adapted from Running Strong: The Sports Doctor's Complete Guide to Injury-Free Running for Life, by Jordan Metzl, M.D.

Why do you run? Because it feels good. Because it relieves stress. Because it fills you with energy. Because it makes …


Is There an Ideal Running Form? - Competitor.com

Making a few small changes in the way you run can make you faster, more efficient and possibly less injury-prone. But how do you know which changes …


7 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have - Business Opportunities

That smartphone that you have in your pocket isn’t just for playing games and checking your social media accounts. You can also use it for your …

5 Drills to Make You a Better Runner

Become more mindful of your running form and gain greater speed with less injury risk.

The following drills will improve your running form in many ways—by strengthening key running muscles, by improving your range of motion via exaggerating some aspects of the running gait, by improving the …


Weight Loss

9 rules for creating killer product videos

Whether you’re selling a product or service, the ubiquitous product video can be the make-or-break moment for your potential customers. A truly great product video both informs and inspires viewers to give you their attention (and their wallets).

At Vimeo, we’ve seen our fair share of product videos …