Bicycle Things 7/14

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decided to throw this together instead of my original plans for that bike wip



(le tour de france 2014 | ムスメミユキから)


Never stop riding dreams


Oh Yeah !!!

Evening Rodeo mtb, sponsored by the color green.

Early morning ride.. 🚲💨😍 View from Mount San Michele, Gorizia. 😊✨ Happy weekend guys!! 👋😘

You could say I did a bit of #climbing today. Started down by the #columbiariver and ended at the top of #dallesmtroad. You can see #thedalles, the river, Mt. Hood and another mountain in the distance. #columbiarivergorge #thegorge #washington #oregon #fischerplumbingcyclingteam #fulcrumwheels #sidi #gravel #gravelisfun #derpsearch #feltbicycles #gohard #gobecauseyoucan #goplayoutside #outsideisfree #wymtm #castellicycling #pnw #upperleft #viewsofpnw

They are gone

They are gone



By @annefrogie: Fav part of last nights ride: all of it, BUT the ride home is always peaceful! I love a quiet bike path! July 02, 2014 at 08:35AM


nice view


Way up there, where the air is noticeably thinner…

Way up there, where the air is noticeably thinner…

Never give up!

Spraying the spray... British national Llangollen.. Stoked. Rad weekend, wild track, respect to all riders and the crowd, and the organiser: Si Paton. Hard to please everyone!


By @krasniakjulie: #queensofpain to myself and Martina for That day we rode from 4-7am, 10-2pm, 8-11pm in France and climbs everything single cols around Briancon and went down fast as hell. For our thousand hours at college spend sitting and learning. for the tour de l’Ardeche when she helps me close the gap with the front group in the last stage of 7 days stage race to keep my overall(we weren’t on the same team, just friend). For that world champ in Copenhagen where I finished crashing 30 …



Sexy robot on vintage bike or sexy road bike ridden by vintage robot?

This will be our slogan for #cyclocross season. Make Them Hurt in the summer. Smash Your Barriers in the winter. 👊

Cross is coming... #smashyourbarriers

Cyclocross is fun, messy, and loud, and our cx kit will apologize to nobody for being exactly that as well. Still WIP, but getting closer... #crossiscoming #smashyourbarriers

The back is coming along nicely... How many times have you broken through the course tape? We plead the 5th. @geoffreyk, @pchuckogram and @dfitzger, there is a nod to the #lunchride here... 💩

@con_r81 is riding in his basement next to a wall sized poster of beautiful mountains this morning. At least he has a friend to keep him company.