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Powerful Floods Tear Through Florida

U.S. Offers Help to Find Abducted Nigerian Girls

Following outrage over the shocking abduction of over 200 schoolgirls by terrorists in east Africa, the U.S. State Department on Thursday said they were working with Nigeria to help look for them.<p>"We have been engaged with the Nigerian government in discussions on what we might do to help support …


A new way to see: Why Oculus Rift and Google Glass are on a collision course

As a technology executive since the early ’90s, I’ve enjoyed a front-row seat to the digital revolution. I’ve observed the meteoric rise of the Internet, broadband, social media, and mobile and watched their consumer adoption soar from 9 percent to 90 percent. Today, we’re on the cusp of a similar …

Mobile Gamepad turns smartphones into motion-sensing game controller

Gaming on Android is quite versatile as it is, with thousands of games on Google Play, multiple gameplay options, and even add-on hardware that builds upon the gaming experience. But while the OUYA offers purely a console-game experience, and while accessories like the Samsung GamePad controller …

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