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Fall in love with these gorgeous 8-bit GIFs of Japan


Harder than the North Face Solo

North Face

Leuchtturm Rotersand « Andi Graf aus dem Kanton Glarus in der Schweiz

Faszination Meer, Schifffahrt und Leuchttürme

Seit meinem ersten Kontakt mit Meer und der Schifffahrt war ich davon fasziniert. Neben den Schiffen …

The solar road in the Netherlands is working even better than expected

The Netherlands made headlines last year when it built the world's first solar road - an energy-harvesting bike path paved with glass-coated solar …

Renewable Energy

Alfredo Häberli Design Development | Spheres (Milan)

Spheres (Milan) 2015

Perspectives in Precision & Poetry for BMW

BMW, Germany

It all began with the request from BMW to develop a personal, completely …