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Silos can be cool, too.

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Capturing the Hauntingly Beautiful Atmosphere of the Dutch Woodlands

Nelleke Pieters’ photographs perfectly encapsulate the haunting beauty of the woods. Based in Holland, the amateur photographer manages to extract a certain poignant atmosphere from the trees and leaves in the forest where she shoots. From fleeting appearances of wildlife, to delicate light streams …


Wood replaces concrete in eco-friendly building projects – in pictures

Elon Musk talks climate change & carbon tax at the Sorbone (2015.12.2)

2 Degrees In Paris: The Global Warming Set To Dominate Climate Conversation

As world leaders gather in Paris to talk about climate change, one phrase that will dominate conversations is "two degrees."



Climate change is being addressed this week in Paris. World leaders will meet at the U.N. Climate Change Conference and work on policies aimed at …


High school love was when he would find my favorite color everything to present to me. College love was when I realized he would pick out my favorite dried strawberry flakes for me and eat the rest of the honey bunches of oats. Adult love is when I've realized that I'm perfectly capable of picking out what I don't like and knowing what I do like myself. #noredgummybearsforme #selflove #adulthood #relationshipadvice

Photos: Inside the toxic haze, a “crime against humanity” caused by Indonesia’s fires - Quartz

In Indonesia about half a million people are suffering from respiratory ailments, and at least 19 have died—most from breathing in smoke, some from fire-fighting accidents.

The cause: annual fires that are set to inexpensively clear land, making it more suitable for palm oil and pulp-and-paper …


Before-and-after pictures show how climate change is destroying the Earth

1882 photo taken by G.D. Hazard; 2005 photo taken by Bruce F. Molnia. Courtesy of the Glacier Photograph Collection, National Snow and Ice Data Center/World Data Center for Glaciology.

Almost all scientists now agree that global climate change is caused by humans.

In late September, the British …

Climate Change

How Marshall Islanders Navigated the Sea Using Only Sticks and Shells

Tallahassee, Florida

13 Jan 2016

Gainesville, Florida

13 Jan 2016

Morrisville, Pennsylvania

13 Jan 2016

Almaty, Kazakhstan

12 Jan 2016

Close your eyes and …

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Solar & Wind Reach a Big Renewables Turning Point : BNEF

Wind power is now the cheapest electricity to produce in both Germany and the U.K., even without government subsidies, according to a new analysis by …


Chernobyl proves that humans are a bigger threat to wildlife than even nuclear accidents - Quartz

The Chernobyl disaster in 1986 released 100 times more radiation than the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some 16,000 people were permanently evacuated from the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident—but what happened to the wildlife left behind?

According to a recent study, the …


Elon Musk-backed SolarCity claims to have built industry's most efficient solar panel

SolarCity — the leading installer of residential solar panels in the US — announced today in Times Square that the company has built the industry's most efficient solar panel, Reuters reports. The panel converts sunlight into electricity with a 22.04 percent efficiency, according to third-party …

Tech Dinghy

Tech Dinghy

Parts of the Laser, from laserinternational.org

The Laser Formula

The Laser Formula: A choice of rigs for different weight sailors = 3 boats in one

Are your children reaching the age when they want to go sailing in a …


Koos Eissen

Aston Martin Voyage 55 Boat Concept Sketch

Aston Martin

Lionheart Limited

Largest available accurate scale replica Limited Edition yacht models of the Lionheart

Highest Quality Craftsmanship and Details, including:

American …

Pedrazzini – Boat design that reflects glamorous sophistication

Despite the name of their most famous model, the Capri Super Deluxe, you do not have to travel to Capri to behold the magnificent sight of a …

Pedrazzini - Strictly handcrafted in Switzerland since 1914: Boote

Seit 100 Jahren fühlt sich Pedrazzini der Kunst des Bootsbaus verpflichtet. Die Mahagoni-Runabouts werden nach guter alter Manier von Hand gefertigt. …

17 Photos Of Classic Cars Next To Their Modern Version

Here's a roundup of some beautiful classic cars sitting next to their beautiful modern counterpart. It's amazing to see side-by-side.

Land Rover

DELFTship free

DELFTship™Free is a fully functional 3D hullform modeling program perfectly suited for students, home users or anyone else with an interest in ship …


After the fall… I have been taking time to make the build as safe as possible. Here is what I have been working on… Getting the boat back in place […]