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Spectacular Views Inside and Out: 6 Nordic Cabins

The Nordic countries are known for their ability to build wondrous wildness cabins (and make anything beautiful out of birch). From perennially snowbound to handsomely patina'd over time, we've compiled a collection of six Nordic Cabins that are never short of a spectacular view.

Juvet Landscape


A decade of observing Earth from space has given us these breathtaking views

The European Space Agency may never have had the glamor of the Apollo missions or space shuttle launches, but they've quietly launched some of the most advanced Earth observation satellites around.

The ESA's Envistat satellite was the largest Earth observation satellite ever built.

Since 2002, it has …


Offshore wind is already cheaper than gas or nuclear power

Team 'green energy' recently scored another goal in the ongoing match for power affordability supremacy, when a recent analysis showed wind energy is …


Trash Is Nothing More Than a Design Error

When I look at almost any packaged product, I see waste. Likewise, when I visit a landfill, I see brands. And in the countries where I work, the …


Karen O - The Moon Song

Removed Snowden Statue Replaced with Snowden Hologram

Two groups of artists worked hard to keep a tribute to the whistle-blower in Brooklyn.

Early on Monday morning, a group of artists erected a monument to N.S.A. whistle-blower Edward Snowden in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park. The 100-pound statue was promptly shrouded and removed by authorities, but that …

New York

Waternest 100 – Ecological Floating Habitat Recyclable Up To 98%

WaterNest 100 is an awesome, eco-friendly floating home. Designed by Giancarlo Zema for EcoFloLife, this green architecture design consists of 100sqm …


Chesa Wazzau: A Restored Farmhouse Near St. Moritz

After years of sneaking in visits to see Architecture on our family holidays, my sons are now onto us and wary of our ways. ("Do we really need to see another cathedral?)" Next trip, I’m going stealth with a ski vacation at Chesa Wazzau, a renovated 17th-century Engadine farmhouse in the Swiss …


Better traffic signals can cut greenhouse gas emissions

Sitting in traffic during rush hour is not just frustrating for drivers; it also adds unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.

Now a …


Europe's Tallest Skyscraper Is Coming... To the Swiss Alps?

Ski bunnies and abominable snowpeople, maybe, but high up in the Alps the last thing you might expect to encounter is Europe's tallest skyscraper. The 7132 Tower by Morphosis Architects is an ultra-thin hotel to be completed on a mountain in Vals, Switzerland come 2019. Its 107 guest rooms, …