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Maria By Fred Lefeuvre

The beauty and charm of lovely model, Maria, in this sexy outdoor series captured by the talented photographer Fred Lefeuvre, enjoy!<p><b>Credits:</b><p>Equipment: Nikon D750 and 50mm Sigma lens

Eva by Christian Kundisch

Emotive, sensual, loving… enjoy this fantastic black and white series captured by the great Göttingen, Germany based photographer, Christian Kundisch and starred by beautiful model Eva (instagram.com/evapechmarie).<p>“This is a little natural nude series without any retouch. Only the Model in her apartment and the light.”

Youthful Nostalgia

The talented Austin, Texas-based photographer, Dalton Campbell (instagram.com/daltoncampbellphotography), is back in the magazine with his ‘Youthful Nostalgia’ series, an emotive set starred by stunning models Torrie Blake (instagram.com/torrieblake) & Kristen Coleman (instagram.com/kristenncole), enjoy it!<p>“From a young age, the connection between women - mother to daughter, sister to sister, best friends - whether it be by blood or by choice it is an intimate sharing of rituals, curiosity, and …

Katie by Brett Phillips

Based in Boston, MA, the talented photographer, Brett Phillips, is back in the magazine to presents us this sexy series featuring charming Katie Blackburn (instagram.com/_katieblackburn), enjoy!<br>Know more about Brett at instagram.com/createawesomeness

Sura by Daniele Atzori

The beauty and elegance of lovely Sura Silverman (instagram.com/sura_silverman_) through the lenses of the talented Aachen, Germany based photographer, Daniele Atzori, enjoy!<br>Know more about Daniel at instagram.com/daniele_atzori_fotografie<p>See other features of Daniele here.

Sela by Cam Perry

Shot in Atlanta, GA, the talented photographer, Cam Perry, is back in the magazine with this sensual series featuring gorgeous model Sela Bay Miles (instagram.com/selabaymiles), enjoy!<p>“The natural lighting in this cozy loft was perfect for the vibe Sela and I wanted to go with.”<p>See other features of Cam here.

Manja by Jonas Davidsson

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, the talented photographer Jonas Davidsson, presents us this fantastic series featuring the beauty and charm of lovely Manja (instagram.com/manjacarina), enjoy!<br>Know more about Jonas at instagram.com/j_davidsson.photography<p>Equipment: Sony A7ii, 35mm / 50mm

Constanza by Aníbal Toro

Directly from Valparaíso, Chile, the inspiring and stylish photographer, Aníbal Toro, presents us this fantastic series featuring stunning model Constanza Mosqueira (instagram.com/coni_mosqueira)<br>Know more about Aníbal at instagram.com/anibaltoro

Nikolett By Roland Rab

The charm and sweetness of gorgeous Hungary based model, Nikolett, in this sexy indoor series captured by Roland Rab, enjoy!

Emma by Eric Tra

A lovely mix of sweetness and sensuality, enjoy this fantastic series captured by the talented photographer Eric Tra and starred by gorgeous Emma (instagram.com/efrancisx), enjoy!<br>Know more about Eirc at instagram.com/erictra

Alina by Dean Miocic

The talented Udine, Italy based photographer, Dean Miocic, is back in the magazine with this sensual indoor series featuring beautiful model Alina (instagram.com/alinadiaconubragatto), enjoy!<br>Know more about Dean at instagram.com/deanmiocic – www.deanmiocic.com<p>Equipment: Canon eos 6D, Sigma art 35<p>See other features of Dean here.

Belen by Sandra Blanquez

The beauty and sensuality of stunning Spanish model, Belen (instagram.com/belenxyy) through the lenses of the talented Barcelona based photographer, Sandra Blanquez, enjoy!<br>Know more about Sandra at instagram.com/sandrablanquez_ – www.sandrablanquez.com

Kate Ri by Christian Schneider

Enjoy this emotive and expressive series captured by the talented Berlin, Germany based photographer Christian Schneider and starred by gorgeous model Kate Ri (instagram.com/kaciaryna_ri)!<p>“Digitalization is a megatrend. It changes our daily routines, how we behave, how we think, how we feel, how we love. Others and ourselves.<br>That’s why we put this series together about feeling bond to digital self-love in an Instagram world.”<p>Shot on a 5D MK II.

Ilary by Enrico Donati

The talented Italian photographer, Enrico Donati, presents us “Interlude”, this sensual black and white indoor series featuring beautiful Ilary Cipon (instagram.com/ilary_cipon), enjoy!<br>Know more about Enrico at instagram.com/koorbnezziz<p>Equipment: Canon AE1 with 50mm and 35mm lenses + Ilford HP5 plus film pushed to 1600 ASA

Bri by Matt Schroeter

The beauty and sensuality of stunning model Bri Joy (instagram.com/cosmicdebris88), captured by the talented Vancouver, Canada based photographer, Matt Hanns Schroeter, enjoy!<p>“A relaxed indoor series using a minimal light on a rainy day.”

Sandra by Mateusz Smoczyński

Shot in Lodz, Poland, the talented photographer, Mateusz Smoczyński, is back in the magazine with this sexy indoor series featuring beautiful Sandra Rozwandowicz (instagram.com/sandrarozwandowicz), enjoy!<br>Know more about Mateusz at instagram.com/sm0ku12

Clara by Yoann Boyer

Based in Paris, France, the skillful photographer Yoann Boyer presents us this sensual series starred by charming Clara Rene (instagram.com/clara.rene), enjoy!<p>“Shoot realised in a cozy hotel room in Paris with Sony A7 Lens 50mm (1.8) & 28-70 (3.5)”

Niki by Fabio Bottiroli

Sexy and elegant… enjoy the new work of the talented Italian photographer Fabio Bottiroli and starred by stunning model Niki Szarvas (instagram.com/niki.szarvas), enjoy!<p>“I met the lovely Niki during a lazy Saturday morning in her apartment in Milan. …we talked a lot about music festivals and summer trips while shooting this intimate story and preparing some good food. I shot with a Canon 7D Mark II, using a 24-70 f2.8 lens.”<p>Agency: The One Models, Milan

Laura by Oscar Pieri

A fantastic black and white series captured by the talented Milan, Italy based photographer, Oscar Pieri and starred by gorgeous model Laura Tosi (instagram.com/_laurisot_), enjoy!<br>Know more about Oscar at instagram.com/oscar.pieri

Chiara by Rubén Cid

The talented Barcelona based photographer, Rubén Cid, is back in the magazine with this sensual lingerie set starred by beautiful model Chiara Bianchino (instagram.com/deadly_nightshade_photomodel – facebook.com/chiarabianchinomodel), enjoy!<br>Know more about Rubén at instagram.com/rubencidphoto – facebook.com/rubencidphoto

Buono by Colas Declercq

The talented Marseille, France photographer, Colas Declercq, presents us this sensual indoors series featuring gorgeous model Buono Lea (instagram.com/lea_buono), enjoy!<br>Know more about Colas at instagram.com/colas_declercq_photographie

Torrie by Dalton Campbell

Another fantastic outdoors series captured by the great photographer Dalton Campbell and starred by gorgeous model Torrie Blake (instagram.com/torrieblake), enjoy!<p>See other features of Dalton here.

Julia by Marcin Haczyk

The elegance and beauty of stunning model Julia Kraj, captured by the talented Poland based photographer Marcin Haczyk (instagram.com/_marteenez_), enjoy!<br>Know more about Julia at instagram.com/juliaakraj<p><b>Credits</b><br>Makeup Artist: Agnieszka Joachimiak instagram.com/aggie_hairstyles<br>Makeup Artist: Małgorzata Szuta instagram.com/rosalinee8

Natalie by Alan Guillen

Shot in Longview, Texas, the talented photographer, Alan Guillen, captures the beauty of stunning model Natalie Dirksen, enjoy!<br>Know more about Alan at instagram.com/shotbyalan<p>Equipment: Canon 5D mark II / 50mm lens 1.8f

Sazze by Antoine Tordjeman

Based in Paris, the skillful photographer, Antoine R. Tordjeman (50mm GEOMETRY), presents us this sensual set starred by beautiful model Sazze (instagram.com/sazzephotomodel), enjoy!<p>“This shoot came about when Sazze was visiting Paris, she rented a very Parisian flat, rococo furniture and mirrors everywhere, lush tapestry and curtains, a photographer’s dream.”

Hérodiade interview

An interview with the gorgeous Padua, Italy based model, Hérodiade and this sensual black and white series captured by the talented photographer Roberto Mannini (instagram.com/robertomanniniphoto), enjoy!<br>Know more about Hérodiade at instagram.com/herodiade_cn<p><b>How would you describe yourself in a few words?</b><br>“I am nobody”, after all. I’m a “cat lady”, animalist, bohemian artist, lover, athlete, fall in love with life. I’m free as a wind and the only owner of my body.<p><b>How long have you been a model?</b><br>I …

Irina by Pietro Sassanelli

Based in Sydney, Australia, the talented photographer Pietro Sassanelli presents us this sexy black and white series starred by stunning model Irina Shyshko (instagram.com/irinashyshko), enjoy!<p>“I wanted to recreate a soft feminine look, throughout the use of black and white photography, high contrast, and natural light. In this series were used only 2 lenses: an 85mm 1.4 and a 35-70 3.5 old Minolta, connected to my Sony A7.<br>Irina’s apartment has big windows, and the light falls greatly …

Leeloo by Céline Andrea

More of the sensual and passionate work of the talented Paris based photographer, Céline Andrea, this time featuring beautiful model Leeloo Jovich (www.leeloo-jovich.book.fr – instagram.com/leeloo_jovich)<br>Know more about Céline at www.celineandrea.com – instagram.com/c.andreaphotographe<p>Lingerie and accessories: Maison Close<p>See other features of Céline here.

Kitrysha by Frank Riederle

The talented German photographer, Frank Riederle, present us this great black and white series capturing the beauty and sensuality of stunning model Kitrysha (instagram.com/kitrysha), enjoy!<br>Know more about Frank at bpp.photography/portfolios/riederle-photography/ipq

Adlee Ray by Josh Miller

An outstanding black and white series captured by the talented photographer Josh Miller (instagram.com/chasingthefinalfrontier) and starred by gorgeous model Adlee Ray, enjoy!<br>Know more about Adlee at instagram.com/adleeray