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@ENews @wwwbigbaldhead My #HottieOfTheWeek Norman Reedus ! http://t.co/xcovSqEMVf

Praying there's a #ZiplineReedus shot RT@dangitspatty When I don't work DARYL #TWD rides the Zipline @wwwbigbaldhead http://t.co/bH5tCTUXX5

#charmer ❤ http://t.co/w9WdLunYlZ

I'm going with "best evening ever" for running into #VegasLeatherReedus #sopretty (brittanybuckles) @wwwbigbaldhead http://t.co/2ErkdvdmCX

Darlin @darylshadow @kristi1398 @brandywarren45 @TWDSAfrica @TWD_USA_ @TWDFamilyy @AliceEBurger @m__min99 http://t.co/S9ctsSzhUk

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Goodmorning @susanpayne26 have a little Reedus with your coffee http://t.co/p8QF4IsV09

@paulg189 @Willowwolf1 @thewalkingoscar @HunterAlsayyad @OnlyWdead @Vb34Becke @zombie_hel @PetraAsk TY Paul!! Hugs ❤️ http://t.co/1SYoE2NEeO

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Vegas Onesies @wwwbigbaldhead Goodnight, again. http://t.co/b69QYerAYD

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😘 http://t.co/Km53Gqtrh7

Where are the stickers !! 😱 http://t.co/W2MSyK8HSR

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My #HottieOfTheWeek and every week of course @wwwbigbaldhead No doubt ♥ 😆😆 http://t.co/Y4DFunF52p

!!! NANA !!! on Twitter: "@wwwbigbaldhead @ENews #HottieOfTheWeek No comment 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 http://t.co/LSad9qdNPg"

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Ekaterina on Twitter: "My #HottieOfTheWeek and every week of course @wwwbigbaldhead No doubt ♥ http://t.co/ZCLjgPt6Ds"

❤YouAreMyFlower❤ on Twitter: "Aww ❤ @wwwbigbaldhead #pookie http://t.co/tZcEzxh9Li"

Ekaterina on Twitter: "My #HottieOfTheWeek and every week of course @wwwbigbaldhead No doubt ♥ http://t.co/6uII96zE56"

❤YouAreMyFlower❤ on Twitter: "Vpte for NORMAN REEDUS as #HottieOfTheWeek and show some love !!! 1 tweet = 1 vote !!! @wwwbigbaldhead @ENews #HotMan http://t.co/de5VH9xPUK"

❤YouAreMyFlower❤ on Twitter: "My #HottieOfTheWeek is #NormanReedus @wwwbigbaldhead @ENews http://t.co/6i4h3pUBSh"

Kitty L on Twitter: "@ebutterfly0426 @ITIello @LinzWinn @walkingdeadbbc @kristi1398 @lcwilli1 @gothygirl72 ❤Hav a gr8 night #TWDFamily ❤💋x http://t.co/Cglz7N7JQC"

Jill Harris on Twitter: "I was wondering if Norman was going to ride that bike with a cowboy hat on. #Helmet @wwwbigbaldhead (wepleadthe2nd) http://t.co/dOtZYyb2xO"

!!! NANA !!! on Twitter: "#HottieOfTheWeek @wwwbigbaldhead @ENews Cowboy Reedus 🐂🐃🐂🐃🐂🐃🐂🐃🐎 http://t.co/aEqBy2ghGl"